Facebook Spam/Virus Warning: Verify My Account Spreading

When it comes to Facebook warnings and malware we have reported on a few in recent times to try and raise the awareness that you simply shouldn’t just click anything. These people rely on world events and your feelings such as compassion to lure you in normally to earn money for the crooks.

Some of the ones we have reported on include the Twilight game, the Bin Laden malware and another claiming to be able to see who’s looking at your profile. Now we have another Facebook spam/virus warning to give you, there’s one spreading that says “Verify My Account” and this one is perhaps a little more convincing than the others.

We first learned of it through allfacebook.com’s where Nick O’Neill has added an article talking about what to look out for. Like all of the other spam posts we see once you click on it you will spam all of your friends with similar messages to those that you first encountered but we are hearing that it perhaps exploits some kind of Facebook loophole in the security as you don’t need to accept it.

The authors over at Facecrooks.com are also reporting that this scam has also spread to mobile devices such as the iPhone. We would advise that if you have already clicked on the “Verify Your Account” that you follow this link for a set of instructions to clean up your page and the others that you have spammed and then go ahead and just run a quick virus scan to be sure. Also learn from this experience, you shouldn’t ever see anything telling you to verify your account in a wall posting. We would urge you to share this information with your friends to try and prevent it from spreading.

Have you already been a victim of this? Let us know your experience with it in the comments section below.

  • Isalys112

    I keep getting ” confirm your account ” and about 5 invites from people at Facebook. Funny thing is I don’t even HAVE a Facebook page OR account!