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iPhone 5 NFC Inclusion: Imperative

May 11, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Rumors of the new forthcoming iPhone 5 from Apple have been rife for quite some time, and although there is still no official word as to when the phone will release, the news just keeps on coming. In recent months we have brought you reports of the possible specs that may and may not make an appearance on the new phone, how it may look in terms of size, if it will have a complete name change, price and so on. But one such feature, that of Near Field Communication (NFC) and its inclusion, seems to keep on cropping up.

If we cast our minds back to March, the Independent reported that the feature would not be seen until 2012 on the iPhone 6. This was then quashed by news that the 5 would incorporate it. Today over at, Brett King has given an interesting insight into why Apple should indeed use it.

For Apple to stand any chance of beating off rival companies such as Google and its Nexus S which currently has an NFC chip, LG, Nokia and Samsung, it seems to be imperative that Steve Jobs includes the feature sooner rather than later. News of the iPhone 5 and its release has changed somewhat and now suggestion has it, that it will be sometime in September. In terms of mobile payments and its merchants, one of the biggie’s Visa was announced recently as acquiring a stake in Square, a company already accepting credit card payments anywhere with an iPhone and Android phone.

Currently as Brett pointed out, the release of a new NFC service in America is all well and good, but what happens when you take your device to other countries such as Asia? This is when Apple may be able to get a foot in the door as it were. It seems Steve Jobs and Apple may have a little more thinking to do before the NFC can be included on the iPhone 5. The crux of it, is that Apple will either need to bring out their own network enabling customers to pay, perhaps in and around the iTunes service or they will need to explore other alternatives such as integrating with existing payment services such as Visa.

Tell us what you think about the inclusion of NFC? Will it be a big selling point to the iPhone 5 or not really? Let us know what Apple should do?

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  1. Gabe G says:

    In my view Apple should allow NFC tag interactions through the regular API access and Secure Element access through the MFI program.

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