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Google +1 Nearing Launch: Facebook Like Rival?

May 11, 2022 | Tim Ollason

When you look at the different companies that has now taken on board social media you realize that any that haven’t are making a mistake. Big companies and brands have started all their own marketing campaigns as well as using it to get a bit closer to their target audiences.

Facebook and the Like button has been revolutionary in the way people perceive and take note of various articles. These days if you see something that has been liked by a lot of people then you are more inclined to read it. Now we can report that the Google +1 (Plus 1) is nearing its launch and we are wondering if it will be a Facebook Like Rival or not?

People have really warmed to Facebook Liking and Google are hoping that people will do the same for the +1 service that is coming soon. We learned of this through Mashable’s Ben Parr where he says that at the Google I/O developer conference there was a preview of the new functionality from the search engine giants.

As tweeted by @googleio “the +1 button will be available in the coming weeks for publishers”. This addition could be especially useful for those of you who are publishing things that feed into Google as there’s a heap of analytics that goes with it which if used carefully can increase your presence on the world’s most popular seamless search engine. Check out this link for the seven different designs of the Google +1 button.

What do you think of the Google +1 button? Do you see it having a bright future and do you think it will be bigger than the Facebook Like button? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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