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As Sony PSN Not Back Online Panic Sets In

May 11, 2022 | Debbie Turner

The Sony PlayStation Network hacking and outage saga goes on and we know from the response to our previous stories how many of you are angry and disappointed about what’s happened. What’s more it seems that Sony’s failure to get the PSN back online is leading to panic setting in among the millions of gamers concerned.

Just in the last day or so we’ve told about a restoration timeline, free Xbox live while the PSN is down, the possible effects of the hacking on cloud computing and the response to the fiasco from a U.S. Senator. What really is concerning our readers most though is the lack of any specific date for when they can expect gaming services to be resumed. Instead the vague statements mentioning “a few more days” fail to give people the reassurance they are looking for and is causing alarm for regular gamers.

Some of the insecurities among enthusiasts stem from the fact that Sony still does not seem to have an idea on who was responsible for the hacking and also the fact that previous timelines for getting the service back online have been missed. This makes it look like Sony is really having problems getting to grips with making the service secure.

Over on the International Business Times an insightful article asks three questions which will need answering before people will be assured. One addresses the issue of why security seems to have been such a low priority before? Another points to the fact that if Sony missed previous deadlines, how can gamers be sure that the May 31 date that’s being touted, won’t also be missed? Also Sony has made a lot of its “welcome back package” but what use is that with the network still down?

Other gamers may be panicking about the security breach and the compromise of their personal data and credit card information and if you want to know what steps you should take to protect yourself then check out an article on PC Mag that tells what you should be doing now, soon and later. What are your thoughts about the alarm that’s setting in among the millions of PSN users? Do you, think panic is too strong a word and people need to be more patient or maybe you think Sony could and should have handled the whole situation better? Let us know what you think by sending your comments.

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  1. Calmdownguyz says:

    I think everyone should just calm down. I mean Sony are doing what they can to solve it, its annoying and inconvenient but its not like Sony are lying to us any more and we are getting benefits for staying on.

  2. FFS!!!! says:

    jus come back online already ffs takin da piss

  3. Circa says:

    To be honest, Sony are trying their hardest. sure, they should have been more honest with us, and yes, it has been irritating not having PSN but, as some people have pointed out, Sony are rebuilding an ENTIRE Network. They haven't done that since PSN first started out, so the timescale is going to be a relative unknown. So long as they do get it fixed, I won't mind the wait. It's the idiotic twits who decided to hack it that irritate me- if it was criminals, then i disliked them anyway, but if it was Anonymous, then i have lost any and all respect for them.

  4. glenn says:

    well am waiting for it to come back because playstation is better !! but please give us free new map pack for black ops "escalation" and triple or double xp weekend and other downloadable content we are waiting soo long soooooo please !!! hurry up and get it back on

  5. dyay says:

    just watch some porn off ur ps3

  6. ps3 win says:

    i think that this is a ridiculous ludacris a damn outrage that psn isnt back online and that we dont even have a estimated date when it will be back on if u ask me psn doesnt really give a damn about its costumers being us becuase it would have been on by now

  7. mick says:

    hope its back by the weekend aye enjoy my ps3 a give a beep the peaple are swiching over to xbox ps3 till aye die plaese sony take your time

  8. FatBuds says:

    I think I have earned the right to be a little peeved. My xbox live account was hacked twice and money taken from my bank account by someone else for services not authorised by myself. After discussing this with xbox / Microsoft I was only granted PART refund so as I was unhappy with the outcome sold my 360, PC and windows phone and vowed to never buy Microsoft hardware again. I bought a PS3 and within a week playstation network gets hacked and there’s no online service at all ….

    But in the end I have come to this conclusion, life is too short to worry about gaming. As PSN is a free service I don’t care how long it takes to come back as long as the security is improved!

  9. Enforcer says:

    Sony has handled this the same way the Japanese government handled the radiation leaks at Fukishima, first they tried to hide it now they don't know anything and can't give any answers. By trying to save face they actually lost it.

    We all understand it's just a game but I bought it to play online content exclusively and my ps3 has sat virtually idle for 3 weeks now.

    I just wish they would hurry up and if the real date is 31/5 bloody well say so.


  10. HAMROS says:

    I just really hope they bring it back as soon as possible especially before may,31 the moment i bought my new game (Mortal Kombat) PSN was hacked DARN suck luck plus I really hate hackers thumbs up if you do

  11. ghg says:

    i had to restore me ps3 seven times beacause of the hackers

  12. michael says:

    im going to xbox fuck this shite
    man its taking way too long i love playstation but normal gaming just sucks games are only good online and we all know it and the developers know it

  13. GrandHustle says:

    I think why and when psn comes back online you will have to pay for the online service just like xbox. Do i think psn was hacked yes…hacked by sony to become a pay service.

  14. ghost898 says:

    i don't see what everyone is so surprised about Sony has a shit customer service record and if there is ever a problem they do as little as they can to fix it and i doubt this time will be any different they will give us some shit games in the welcome back package and the servers will still be as shit as ever and i will be surprised if there is not 16 hundred problems with the new updated just like the old ones they are never gonna change they will just keep coming back saying sorry il fix that problem and it will be left untouched till they have to fix it and that will just be done by using a half assed patch, just admit it this is gong to be no different

  15. doug says:

    Rule 1; big business dont give a **** about anyone one.

  16. matt ps3 rules says:

    ps3 is the best like some of the people says its not sonys fault as long as they give us something for our wait i dont care. PS3 FOREVER.

  17. jason says:

    Sony hav'nt screwed-up or handled this wrong, how long is a piece of string? Nobody knows and Sony does'nt know how long this hack-attack is going to take to fix…..give em a break people. Be patient and let them build something so strong and perfect every xpox user will envy. I personally am more worried about these butthead-hackers who will definately try to ruin our fun again. Why??? are they working for microsoft?? Hope sony and the F.B.I. have laid traps for them and catch them in the act….with 77million enemies these hackers better be worried…if just one of their faces or names gets posted they will be hunted down like the scum they are. Grab your torches and pitchforks i say…!!! Seriously people the hackers caused this threat and delay to our fun and passtime…they are the one to be angry at….not Sony.

  18. Chris says:

    I’d rather Sony take there time and get things right and point rushing it back on then getting hacked again in the near future. I’m surprised all this hadn’t happened sooner to be honest with something as big as psn

  19. Shane says:

    I'm pissed!!
    And getting more angrier by the day, I already had to cancel two credit cards I used on PSN.
    The communication from Sony is vague at best & this whole situation is one big cluster f***.
    Now I hear that some game companys are reluctant to realease & develop new games for PS3.
    None of which knows what the longterm effects of this will impact.
    My confidence is shaken.
    If I were able to afford it I would probably buy an X-Box now.

  20. keegan attkinson says:

    i have been playing cod for ages now and i will wait till the network is online because i like to play cod but if it doesent come on at the 31st of may i wont wait any longer this is taking the mic now

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