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Appreciate The PSN Is Not Back Up Online

May 11, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

As the Sony PSN outage continues with no official date as to when the service will be resumed, many gamers have been left disappointed and unhappy as to the way in which Sony have dealt with the situation. Since the service went down on the 20th April, we have had a huge response from our readers as to their thoughts on it, gamers reactions on Twitter, whether you would want to pay for a more secure network, if the delays can indeed by justified, how and if the outage will affect Sony’s brand and so on.

Today we found an interesting article from who has said that we “should appreciate the PSN downtime” and its this that we wanted to take a look at. Straight away I thought the author “Wolfgang” was indeed referring to the outage downtime as being a good thing, as it means more quality time can be spent with family and the pursuit of other activities. But strangely enough it wasn’t!

As much as the PSN outage is upsetting, Sony and other companies within the tech industry should be giving their thanks. I have to say I was a little confused by this but on reading the article all became clear. The downtime could have affected the way in which customers perceive “cloud computing providers.” Along with this, to date there has been no real hard evidence to say that credit card fraud has indeed happened, but was the PSN attacked purely to “get back” at Sony, “embarrass them.” Yes Sony are at fault as the hackers managed to find a flaw on their servers, and its this very item that the IT industry should be taking note of, along with finding ways of making services more secure and protecting us as customers.

Wolfgang spoke about how the tech world and cloud computing will completely affect our lives. In the long-term, everything we do be it, emails, phone calls and so on will all be stored in the cloud, and its this, that will be affected yet again if security is not tightened up. The effects next time could be catastrophic. Alongside this, customers will now need to be vigilant in future as to what personal information they are willing to give up across the internet.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you been affected? Do you agree that although, you the user has lost valuable gaming time, in the long run lessons will be learnt from Sony’s PSN outage? What would you like to now see in the future?

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  1. What a load of Tosh. Customers should not have to suffer the inconvenience of downtime of a service that they subscribe to in the hope that future services/providers will take note.

    It should be the case that security is paramount for any online service and designed, tested and evolved throughout the lifetime of any such service. Ongoing penetration testing via external security consultants is critical. The point is though that all of this should already have been in place.

    I take your point that hopefully lessons will be learnt, but they shouldn't need to be.

  2. ricardo says:

    all good points, but I wanna Play GTA online and shoot some kid from Kentucky in the face!!!!

  3. david c says:

    Well, all eyes are now on Sony, so they have to ensure that there Network is 100% watertight, unfortunately, there is no such thing when you connect a network to an outside source like the internet, and still be able to provide a service.

    So, whats the next step, increase user security screening, requiring more info to be disclosed to verify the user?, Total Lockdown of incoming data from users without a security key, I dont know what they intend to do, but any extra measures could seriously effect the speed of access.

  4. Ridiculous says:

    Like I'm a patient person but the wait has been ridiculous

  5. Brody says:

    it goes to show how bad sony are at coding, never again will i trust sony
    1. they got hacked like by anon on a whim
    2. they dont even know how to correct their own system and are flustered, like wtf seriously, sony are out of their depth when it comes to the internet, their retard system is just torn to pieces, theyre taking so long because they know itll be done again… easily…. unless they create a whole new console.
    3. Xbox know how to code and are boss when it comes to electronics.

  6. Dave V Lately says:

    Sony have to look to offer more to the customers than 2 free movies and 2 free games. They should be any games and any movies not the junk that noone wants !! I want compensation !!!!

    • sac says:

      Compensation for what? The network is free, so explain to me how to compensate you on something you don't pay for?

  7. lee says:

    yessi im getting the new xbox

  8. hmmm if it was me listen to hackers and listen to the hardcore gamers.

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