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Sony Restoration Timeline Update For PSN To Be Back Online

May 10, 2022 | Tim Ollason

As you are all aware the Sony PSN has now been down for quite some time and with people growing more and more frustrated by the day there are many people making the switch from Sony to Microsoft hardware, the opposing games console in the Xbox 360.

OSM’s very own Debbie Turner brought us an article about the outage and the original restoration update where Sony are asking for our trust and we were asking do they have it? This has prompted a mixed response with people saying they have already made the switch, others planning to and people standing by Sony’s side. Well now Sony has released another restoration timeline update for the PSN to be back online.

The update from Sony is rather special; I would liken it to the first week of downtime where Sony told us absolutely nothing. Patrick Seybold, the Sr.Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media has given us an update to say that he can’t give us an exact time and date as it’s likely to be a few more days and again he apologizes for the inconvenience. You can see the full update on this link and in an image format below.

This is beginning to make it look like predictions of May 31st to be correct as it’s anybody’s guess as to how long a ‘Sony few days’ is however at least they are communicating now. Hopefully the internal testing is being completed so that we can start playing some Call of Duty and preparing for the new Zombie Maps.

Have you made the switch to Microsoft and the Xbox 360? Are you fed up with Sony? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. jeremy says:

    Sony is truly got a good gaming system but to lead us on and on and on is clearly something to thank about i just wish they could try to comfort us psn fans not scare us away the ps3 is getting left behind and the 360 is getting spot light i will not get rid of my ps3 for i wait to see how they pull a rabbit out of not a hat but a dragons stomic.

  2. peter phipps says:

    I agree that Sony hav not handledthis well at all,I am a big gt5 fan so will not b getin rid of my ps3 & i will not b buyin an xbox because they break so often its a joke,I only play online so I’m as pi**ed off as anyone about it but its not the end of the world & it will come back online at some point.

  3. Steve says:

    Nothing Microsoft have done is as good as the PS3 and nothing Microsoft do will probably ever be as good as any comparable Sony product!
    I wait with baited breath for the return of psn.
    I hope it will be back by the end of the month but frankly i doubt it.
    It would be great if Sony could tell us, even it it's the end of June, a date is a date, i would like a promise.
    Come on Sony don't mess us around just be honest!

  4. Bucky says:

    i wish we could have cross music gaming for ps3 like xbox i think it's the only thing they have better and if PlayStation could hook us up and update that would let me play my songs in my games i would be 100% satisfied once it goes up again…come playstion!!! let 's make it happend and put all of this behind us

  5. Mike, london says:

    I am disapointed with the length of downtime on the PSN network and the lack of information is appalling it shows that Sony clearly no idea what happened with the breach and are in the process of rebuilding the network from scratch. I wont go over to Xbox yet as the resale prices for my games are sickeningly low. But if Sony want to continue as a leader then more effort is required from them to keep its long standing customer base well informed. Oh and more effort in wrestling the long list of Exclusive titles that Xbox seem to constantly have.

  6. duckie42 says:

    im a psn/ps3 person i hate Xbots i got the ps3 because of 2 things
    1) it plays blu-ray movies (the origional reason i got it)
    2) it has the highest end vid card on the market & its can play 3d movies (its the only machine that could play 2.0 BD when blu-ray came out)
    the other things whay i got a ps3…
    psn is free in the most part…(XBL is pay 2 play) psn have life like avatars & xbl has very cartoon like avatars

    i understand the DT that psn has …rebuilding a massive interstructure over night (what many ppl R wanting) is almost impossible…many ppl need to get over the microwave mentallity of getting things done

    most of the games that R multi console R built on an XBOX. ps3 exclucive games R built on a ps3 & the other consols cant handle the graphics in it…

  7. AG Crypto says:

    A possible act of passion? Question who gained from the outage, "what was in it for them" as a motive? can also have been self inflicted, self serving, security vendor or competitor did it. Also seems possible that the hackers were from inside the company, techs creating own work for themselves so they can look like the heroes, seem necessary and important to the company. Log in some overtime maybe. In any event, give a self serving, ego maniac, tech who thinks they are genius, the spotlight to save the day and they will most likely milk it, drag it on and on and on and ON for all it is worth. To be more specific, literally make a "federal case out of it." tests and more tests as to be expected by a control freak type of detail oriented guru. Another possible suspect would be a competitor. Another possible motive would be to increase game sales for new titles as all await for network to come back on and seek new thrills. A red herring established by those selling security. Techie goons create a fictional threat to convince client they need protection. Also, the blog page on SONY website seems fake as when you try to post comments it asks for you to log in and as you do it replies, "DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE" as "network is down" so makes you wonder who is actually blogging? Seems like a SHAM. Also very disrespectful with the false and inaccurate dates, seems as if the executives are stalling and could care less, seem to have no clue, no idea when it will be restored and no sense of responsibility to their customers. Most firms would fire an employee that could not meet a date of completion time as promised to clients. Or else the exec's are being held hostage by their Union of Tech's who are changing dates on them? Some sort of internal strike? Or techie walk out? Or demand for ransom/raise situation? That would explain all the inaccurate dates for restore also.

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