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PlayStation Network Status And Affects on Cloud Computing

May 10, 2022 | Debbie Turner

The Sony Playstation Network fiasco just rumbles on and in our recent posts we’ve written about Sony needing to rebuild the brand, shown an image of why the PSN is down, and also asked if consumers still trust Sony, a question which arose when Sony asked users to trust them in a recent statement. Now we are turning our attention to how the PlayStation Network status might affect cloud computing.

Since the PSN hacking and outage many people have expressed concerns about cloud computing. The PSN security breach which has led to millions of users having data information stolen and credit cards possibly compromised, is being used as a reason to see a collapse in cloud computing but is it a valid argument? David Linthicum over on InfoWorld makes some good points about why the PSN network status should have no effect on cloud computing.

Linthicum points to a Reuters article which implies that the Sony hacking has been really bad for the reputation and image of cloud computing and tells how some cloud service providers are seeing companies trying to renegotiate their contracts to cover themselves against future security breaches or service disruptions. Reuters quotes Garner cloud security analyst, Jay Heiser who said, “Cloud computing companies have done a good job convincing customers that their data is safe, even though that may not be the case.”

However Linthicum feels that the logic of this argument against cloud computing doesn’t add up and points out that the Sony breach occurred because Sony didn’t secure their data properly, rather than it being a fault of cloud computing per se. It’s also stressed that Sony is not a cloud computing provider and its problems cannot be laid at the door of cloud computing, but should simply be blamed on bad security. He also makes the astute observation that because data, including credit card information, may have been compromised from a laptop that is lost or stolen, does that mean the user should never use a laptop again?

Likewise with Sony, why should the future of cloud computing suffer because of this security breach? It certainly gives food for thought. We’d like to know if you’re more doubtful about cloud computing because of the Sony security breach, or whether in fact you lay the blame entirely at Sony’s door? Let us have your comments on this.

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Comments (25)

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  1. deft1 says:

    why have a venue for us to comment if your gonna hold it back!!'s frustrating enough with sony your site bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!..fuckin greedy corps and their actions are dispicable!..

  2. tackster says:

    Nothing could make me be more against and doubtful of cloud computing than I always have been, regardless of the Sony breach. If you do not have your data protected, secured, and stored on a physical device which you can control access to, it is not safe. In other words it is in someone else's hands, which inherently means it is in everyone's hands.

  3. Len says:

    Honestly, I could care less. Sony messed up. Big deal.
    Guy got fired for not doing his job right. Sounds good.
    People hating on all of Sony because they won't bring the online back up sooner? Suck it up.
    You would rather have the online back for a small amount of time and then let Sony get hacked again, instead of letting them fix it completely so this will not happen again! And for the other people hating on Sony: Xbox people: Microsoft was hacked back in 2000 so be quiet. If Sony goes out, then Xbox will be the next hacker attack and Microsoft has the Same type of security Sony has. No difference. Nintendo fans: no one cares about you guys.

    • Christian says:

      and sony was hacked back in '06 too

    • Tim says:

      "Nintendo fans: no one cares about you guys." Awesome.

      • Dan says:

        haha its true though Tim, and i have playstation as well, but idc about the outage, people need to calm down, its not like the users passwords and emails are attatched to their accounts or anything….. nattt, people are dumb, which more than likely means that every single account that those persons had, may have gotten hacked within the 2 plus week long outage.

  4. chrischrischris says:

    Ehhh?? who gives a fuck about cloud computing? we want online gaming back. n bollox to sony im sick of the bull shit. i have been reading these forums everyday for 3 week now? n what for? LIES. if i want to read lies i would read The newspaper. it least there interesting, and yeah fuck it i am switchin for a 360 who cares about paying for online? at least they are reliable.
    all i use my ps3 for is online gaming anyway. which i can do on the 360.
    so yeah bye bye sony you shit shit guys.

  5. John says:

    Its Gartner, not Garner.

  6. TonyBeast says:

    When it’s the damn network gonna be up????

  7. fake bin laden death says:

    come payday im getting an xbox…F this

  8. Fishstix FU PSN says:

    Me too i allready bought one from craigslist for 200 bucks anyone wanna buy a PoS Useless PS3?

  9. Joe says:

    Date Proposed according to Finicial organisations is 31st May. Also rumoured 2 free games will be offered as compensation.

  10. 360 owner says:

    Quit crying playstation owners you never paid one cent to play online. What do you except from a free service? Sony don't owe you guys shit.

    • Fastdriving says:

      That is a nonsense statement. Nothing in this world is free. The cost is built into the system purchase and the games. When whatever platform advertises a whatever function for whatever price, the entity should back up what they say.

  11. reek1000 says:

    I dont think it’s a cloud computing issue.Just incorporate federal government type security to insure these things dont happen again. Yea it may cost but it’s better to have the best to reinstate the trust in the consumers.And while some people are impatient and jumping ship from the PS3..let ‘em because WHEN PSN FINALLY GETS RUNNING AGAIN AND GIVING ALL THEIR FRIENDS AND EVERYONE ELSE FREE STUFF WITH A BETTER SECURITY INFRASTRUCTURE,THEY’RE GONNA CRAWLING THEIR WAY BACK OVER 2 THE PS3 FOR ALL THE HANDOUTS.

  12. james says:

    Hello, Sony needs a backup plan for future outages.

  13. Tim says:

    I agree with Linthicum, you cannot blame all of cloud computing for Sony's incompetence. You do realize that if Sony had bothered to ENCRYPT all of their users' information, none of this would have happened. Plus, cloud computing CAN have high levels of security, just Sony's cloud didn't. And to all of you who say to heck with PS3 and that you're buying an Xbox 360: good job. Peace.

  14. cacaman says:

    cacaman in the house :D caca poo poo pee pee shore ha

  15. Crash n burn says:

    I don’t think Sony has figured out how to get it back online. Who says

    They got control of the network.we should be mad at the fact that they

    Had no firewall to protect our info. Or if someone really hacked them wouldn’t you

    Put the network back up and set a trap since they got all these agencies and government people get in the mix. Maybe they just went cheap and something broke that they chose not to have a back up for cus they want to save money either way they are full of crap. Our info is out there already so turn it on with no more store for now

  16. E-Virtguru says:

    Private cloud all the way. Don't ever pay money to hand over your customer database.

  17. Mr. Bandicoot says:


  18. Riteshb222 says:

    ps3 for xbox? bullshit.. i like my ps3 and can wait for a more reliable psn to be back online.. all those switching ps3 to xbox are just bluffers. they are showing their frustration, dats all..

  19. nuno says:

    i had xbox and now ps3 im tottally happy with ps3 mutch easier to use if the network is down too bad nothing u can do right ?get a live everyone seriously

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