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LG And Wikitude Team Up: 3D Augmented Reality Browser Coming

May 10, 2022 | Mike Smith

Due to the great developments within the tech world the way in which we perform daily tasks has dramatically changed throughout the last few years, whether its viewing your local paper online or updating your Twitter account on top of the highest mountain in the world technology has enabled us to do so much more these days.

One of the biggest breakthroughs to come to us in the last few years is augmented reality, many manufacturers have already incorporated this within their products such as Apple with their iPhone and Nintendo with their 3DS console. The next in line to supplement this technology within their products seems to be LG and Wikitude, both these companies have teamed up and are set to bring us a 3D augmented reality browser.

AR is not really anything new and has been floating around in the background for the last few years, however the concept of 3D AR is something relatively new and LG CEO Dr.Jong-seok Park said “LG’s cutting-edge hardware and 3D API software technology now pushes this reality a step further.” You can read more comments from him in this post from Pocket-Lint.

Both companies have been working really hard on this browser, Wikitude has gathered information on over 100 million locations while LG have been working hard creating the Optimus 3D, which when finally released is expected to be harboring this new 3D browser.

You can read more on both the device and the service by checking out this post from Androidcentral, which also features the official full press release.

What are your thoughts on augmented reality? Have you used any services like this in the past? If so what are your favorites?

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