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Free Xbox Live While PSN Down: Microsoft Incentive?

May 10, 2022 | Tim Ollason

While the PSN remains down as it has for some time now many people have been toying with the idea of a switch of hardware from the PlayStation 3 over to the Xbox 360. There have been simply comments by the where people are letting rip at Sony over their security being breached to the point where they have had to rebuild the entire infrastructure.

This brings us to a report that suggest free Xbox live while the PSN is down as a Microsoft incentive, this would be a great marketing idea for Microsoft as they could claw more of the market share in the gaming world. They could make a lot of money for the sake of 3 weeks free gaming.

Someone else that seems to think this is a pretty nifty idea is Desire Athow over at where he has compiled a report detailing the prices of Gold subscriptions for the Xbox Live at £29.97 at Amazon. The number of people that must be thinking about the big switch is certainly increasing and if Microsoft can go the extra mile and entice more people then it can only be a good thing for them.

We are intrigued to know from PlayStation 3 players that if Microsoft offered you free gaming for the expected duration of the PSN downtime, would it seal the deal for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • cabo

    hell no it wuldnt seal no deal for me……i mean if its only for the duration of the time that the psn is down what is the point i will end up having to pay sooner or later and not only that i am a loyal sony customer

  • John

    Remember when TV was free…

  • Nelson

    the change will b easier if microsoft take your ps3 and offer you the xbox half price!!

  • TheConvert

    Already made the switch and enjoying it, It seems PS has lied again saying it “will be a few more days” in anticipation of microsofts incentive…PS liers have lost my trust and loyalty and im glad to be gaming while a lot of losers are clinging to their “get a life” fanboy speeches.LOL

    no regrets!

  • baba

    ps3 netwrok will up by weekend no point in switchin 4 tha xbox will endup puting the price back up anyway so peopel will still have to pay and that means the peopel that switched will end up comin bk 2 ps3

  • Adam

    I would need a years free to join, personally I think online gaming should be free. That’s the only reason I never bought an x box in the first place. But with only a week left of online gaming being down I can wait. Ciao adz

  • Paul

    This is pathetic, I have both consoles and will always pick the PS3 over the 360 and can't think or see one good thing of the 360 over the PS3!!! And as soon as the PSN is back up and people realize how stupid they are thinking yay I can play online (FOR A PRICE) the better as then they will all run back to the PSN!!!

  • Crowsy

    I would need a better incentive to change consoles although I would be willing.

    Offering 1 years worth of free online gaming is just not enough, I am still stuck with the ps3 and the many games I got, what do I do with them? I can't afford two consoles.

  • CoolBRo

    i would NEVER switch to a piece of crap like the XBOX 360

  • JasonA

    For any user wanting to switch from PS3 to Xbox360, they will automatically get FREE Xbox LIVE Gold for one month the moment they create a new gamertag on their new console. Microsoft has been doing that for years.

    Microsoft should maybe promote/inform the PS3 communities somehow through campaigns that they will get free Xbox LIVE for 30 days on their new consoles…

    I have both a PS3 and 360, and I will never make a purchase on the PSN ever again - ever!!

  • Bozz12

    I wouldn't switch unless psn never came back on xbox blows the big one

  • Jason

    I bought an xbox360 already, free gold sub or not. All I ask from a gaming system is the ability to compete online when I want. Sony cannot provide that right now. It remains to be seen which system I use, or use more, if the PSN ever fully comes back online. I’ve always, always been a ps3 guy but without a network ps3 is dead to me.


    “No matter how many deals or updates, Xbox will never be the same!”
    “The avatars on Xboxlive downgrade compared to PSN’s PSHome!” 3 weeks compared to forever! “which deal will you take?”
    I’m waiting for my “Welcome Back Package!”
    And PSN is getting cross game, chat, Video chat, Text chat!
    “A word of obvious advice!”
    The hackers were obviously after personal information such as: Credit Card Numbers.
    PSN was already hacked. “if the hackers getaway home free with this one, who will they go after next?”
    Xbox live is open.
    put two and two together. “Nothing is impossible”

  • nearly had enough

    Although I only play online two or three times a week for a combined total of 6 to 10 hours my move is nearly sealed. I’ve bought and owned every playstation ever built and have had numerous arguments with friends between the two consoles and I love playstation but my patience is wearing thin. i feel sorry for those that use Sony as their only entertainment source, it must be Hell for them.

  • rgt

    everyone is saying that xbox will offer free online but its only for a limited time. PS3 offers free online and its not limited

  • nick

    psn is always free so who gives a crapp about xbox

  • yepee

    A Futureshop employee told me you get 3 months free when you get an xbox!!!

    You have to use a different user name for each month!!!

    so guess what?



    NOT!!…I'll stick with my PS3..regardless of PSN being down is a far better system. People who got their info hacked and have actually suffered, I do feel sorry for, but stuff happens *shrug* It can happen to XBox too. And there's no way Bill Gates would do that anyway…as stated…you already get 30 days free Xbox live. [Been enjoying beating my neighbors on LAN for the past few weeks anyway.]

  • Nick

    sony dissapointed me but i didnt really lose much personally, and i didnt lose any money on this. microsoft can not convince me, i am my own person and i prefer ps3 thru thick and thin. i will not be bought, i am not a pawn. i think for myself. i have real life friends so i dont need to rely on xbox live to "save me" from psn. plus, xbox will only be free for a limited time as rgt said, and ps3 dosent extort me into paying for my own internet twice. i pay to have internet, i will not pay to use it as well. this xbox plan is a low blow. i do not support people who stoop to levels such as this. stay strong sony followers. and to anyone to wants to nitpick at anything im stating here, ill say in advance that you need to go back to your bridge cause youre a troll. i have an opinion and you hate it and that dosent change what i think. i am not a sheep and will not be scammed and extorted by microsoft. too bad you already have haha.

  • Isaiah

    Well, this whole things sucks but I'm not just going to buy a whole new console. I already have too many games and I am satisfied with my PS3. I think PSN could be improved but I thoroughly enjoy myself with it. The 360 is not really worth having to pay to play online. Xbox has some great games but so does the PS3. So I'm gonna stick with what I invested in. It's not the end of the world. It's gonna be back with better security anyway.

  • BigGunz72

    I am actually one of those people that did actually go out an buy an Xbox360 due to the PSN being down. I bought it early, but I did search the web to see if Xbox was offering any incentive. Nope. But when I joined Xbox Live, the 12 month subcription only costed $35.00 (US), which is less than $60. Other than trying to learn the controller for Xbox, I think I will stay with it even when PSN returns.

  • Isaac

    I have both as well. people need to go buy something on steam while you wait for PSN to come back up if you HAVE to get your weak fix. You obviously have a comp. seriously when you complaining fuckers have dealt with Microsoft for as long as i have you don't care about a FREE server going down for awhile. The new Xbox should have come out in 2006. They have released so many piece of shit hardware products for that console its ridiculous. You have to buy a wireless adapter-$100. you have to buy a crappy Microsoft only mic while Sony lets you use any blue tooth device. My first Xbox got the ring of death the first month iIhad it. The new Xbox granted is a very good machine. But its waaayyyyyy to fucking late. Microsoft has nickel and dimed me to death and they only make piece of shit products. They bought bungie after halo came out and made halo 2. Every halo game after that sucked. yeah ty for reading all that.

  • Barack Obama

    No it wouldent, ….. XBOX CAN GO SUCK OUT O____O

  • RealTalkBrah

    Who would want a gaybuttseXBOX 360? All the ppl on there are 14 and under and are just horrid at everything. Talkin shit with a .64 ratio in COD, talkin shit in any sports game then quitting on the reg, just pure n00bage all around with MICROweinerSOFT. Hopefully Playstaion can get this debacle over and done with we need our online back!!!

  • wxyz123

    I would get an xbox if they give a free year of gold membership and trade in ps3 for a better price than game stop would, then i would definitely be more leaning towards xbox… come on microsft you’re my favorit drug dealer got microsft office pro, got windows seven (which came with my non sony laptop) first one is always free right??? Look at the home pc market! Microsoft everything!!!

  • Marshall


  • Marshall

    How do you know it’s coming this weekend

  • terran236

    What are you all poor? Just own both. Each has great exclusives.

  • Chaos

    I have been a loyal Playstation fan since the PS1. Decided to buy an Xbox and within the first week, it blew up. Karma was telling me not to abandon a company that worked well haha. I won't let something like this security breach deter me from Sony. This is the work of some sad individual(s) with nothing better to do than hack into hard working corporations files.
    Microsoft will not get my business. One little hitch like this is not enough to make me want to leave Sony and all they offer. Plus, this event has brought to light that Sony did not have a top of the notch security system in place and they have now been working rapidly to implement one. Not to mention, this 'offer' is only for the duration of PSN being down. I'd much rather wait with a company I respect and keep using FREE online than to sellout and go to a less worthy company for like 3 weeks free online. Sony For Life! =)


    Before buying the ps3 i had a xbox 360 that actually broke my games, while i was playing them so never buy an xbox 360 my friends, NEVER!.

  • DAVE


  • Guest

    In my household we have 2 ps3`s and a xbox 360, despite the xbox having more games the kids and myself have always preferred the ps3, this last 3 weeks or so has been very annoying , last night my son asked if we could get black ops for the xbox360 , we have 2 copies for the ps3, i am very close this morning to buying a copy, game machines are for playing games and considering most of the ps3 games require a internet connection to make the game more interesting, the ps3 have only been switched on for 5min each day to see if the network is back up.

    Once the weekend comes if it aint up, im pretty sure i`ll buy black ops for the xbox, who knows then….

  • Nadeem Vance

    To all those sayingthat Xbox costs money and PS3 is "Free Forever", you're kidding yourselves. With the cost of downtime, the cost of Infrastructure upgrades, the cost now of higher maintainence and more proactive monitoring of security and potential costs from customers and developers/partners all looming, do you really think PSN will remain "free Forever".

  • u3 baby

    1 game uncharted 3 ;-)

  • MrHongKongDave

    I’ve bought every system on release since the master system 1 (spy vs spy on card was awesome!) However like many others I have been let down time after time by Xbox 360s, in the first month alone I had 2 core units and a premium! Plus having to buy a pad charger??? A wireless network adapter??? An online subscription??? New wireless ms headset??? A separate HD DVD player??? Just to unlock all its feature. In total I’ve sent back 4 for repair and bought a new one for Halo Reach, which after completing have never picked up the pad and played on the 360 again. Another MS bull game! The PS3 runs almost silent, plays 3D Blu-rays (Samsung 55LED 7000) 3D games, must own exclusives, have enjoyed the accuracy of move, free psn (lol), wireless everything built in! Oh and the pads charge by USB. Played Kinect round a friends house, he was trying to get rid of it for £60 what crap it is! Another pointless add-on for xbox! I think you know what I’ll be doing! Gaming is a big part of my life but Sony are an 80% share, MS 19% Ninty 1%! It’s the wife’s WII honest. Can’t wait for NGP…

  • jamiester2

    Why would they go after one of the biggest companies?…… erm well I gess they could ah well….. I prefer my xbox any way :D

  • sean hatton

    no it wouldnt be good ano it would make more money for microsoft but what about the people who pay for xbox live already why let ps3 users have it for free give us xbox users a refund and let us have it for free then

  • Ste

    Take your ps3 and offer you the xbox ayt half price i would need 2 360's to cover them taking my ps3.

    You know since the average price for the ps3 slim is like £250 and for a 360 elite your looking at £120 max and your losing a fucking blu ray player.

  • dicky

    who in their right mind would buy an xbox and pay for online gaming when ps3 is free 0_o

  • anthony

    I own both and no you don't have to buy wireless adapters for the xbox, no you don't have to buy a M$ headset and mic's and you don't have to by a M$ controller to play games. If you want to play online yes you have to pay, but it's not a lot infact its less than 10p per day! is that a lot of money? srsly less than 10p per day LOL come on a game costs more than an xbox live subscription.

    I am no way a fanboy of any console, Im a fan of gaming, but this "ill never buy an xbox over a PS3" is lame from some of the reasons i been reading around the net. I will say that xbox live is much better than PSN may be because you have to pay to play online? more than likely this is true but for a small price to pay its worth it (less than 10p per day)

    both are good systems both have their strong points PS3 has blueray the 360 has Xbox live you have to buy or rent a blueray DVD to watch a film, whats the difference to paying a small price to have a much better online gaming experience without as much lag as the PS3 has?

    as i said i own both both are good and any gaming fan will own both consoles and will not care if PSN or xbox live is down we will be able to play on both systems. so sony and xbox360 fans fight amongst your selfs true gaming fans are laughing at you both because if someone owns them both then they don't really care.

  • fenno

    i have owned a ps3 since launch day and i have NEVER had any problems, i also own 2 xbox's 1 for my twins, 1 for my youngest. My youngests Xbox has been sent away for repairs twice because of the ring of death, the twins Xbox has also been sent off because ofthe ring of death, but they have had thier account "HACKED" into twice and as their account is hooked up with my credit card the sh*ts who hacked the account raped my bank £40 first time and £160 second time but after eventually getting this sorted out with microsoft they admitted to me they knew that hackers were using COD MW and COD MW2 to fleece gamers accounts.Which is like admitting live isnt that secure even tho softasses like me pay for it!!!

  • @AjayCloud

    No way i'm sticking with ps3 i'd still have to buy the console and i've always played playstation.

  • Nig

    Been with xbox then went to Sony ,

    I will wait for Sony thanks ;)

  • J

    Sony have stated it will remain free.

    Charging for online games is stupid in general

  • REJ

    GEARS OF WAR 3 8)

  • PS till i die

    But it's not free is it because you got to fork out 150 quid for a xbox first so how is it free????????

  • Dave

    They didn’t lie u retard they got hacked again so they had to delay it again.

    Would u rather It came back now and happened again?

  • Dave

    I’m staying loyal to Sony.

    Whats the point in getting an xbox with 3weeks free online if u have to pay for it eventually?

    Sounds like a shit idea to me lol.

  • Adam

    nick its because your poor that is why you have a ps3 because its free xbox is for wealthy people unlike ps3 you poor cunt!

  • chris

    mate psn is shit how could the whole maintance get hackked, and by the way your chatting shit about how it is free coz it is shit online and because u are poor

  • Adam

    Xbox For Life, Xbox could never get HACKED like ps3 did, some crap console and network!

  • Timbloke

    I would rather bleed through my eyes while eating the scabs off a dead whore than own a GAYBOX..
    Ps3 is down not out…..

  • Jahbalon

    I had xbox, love gears, then switched to ps3. I have been tempted back to xbox, but now I have the sharpshooter and killzone 3, I’m not trading for kinect that’s fir sure! Kz3 is the future of fps! Fanboys that say live is better then psn are on crack, there us virtually no difference, except cross game chat but who gives a f? The fight is better as well, kinect is for babies, move is better.

  • cgreek

    i have been with PLAYSTATION from the time that the first PLAYSTATION came out.i played with xbox, nintendo and i even played the ATARI when it first came out in the 80's!!!! i played with every console there is. SONY PLAYSTATION is the best and i wouldnt change it for nothing.patience to all of the PLAYSTATION owners

  • Theybothsuck

    I originally bought the x box. 8 months in and its red ring time for me so i send it back in and 90 days later I receive a new x box from them. Within 4 months of that I have red ring once again and that was it in the garbage it goes. I didnt even have the patience to deal with that bs again and I purchased a ps3… this bs…..ever ending…

  • Ps3Loyal

    I'v heard rumours of PSN getting Steam put into it too, Its a free feckin service what do you want for nothing huh? Brilliant Console and has a blu ray player worth like 200 quid and your only paying 250 quid, Sit down and STFU

  • James Mcfarland

    Your loyal to your platform being pc wii ps3 xbox doeesnt matter I will and always be a sony player, biggest thing is console I don't need to buy an attachment to make everything wireless or to connect blah blah blah…….. I can't fathom the idea of paying to play online and also paying again to play certain games on top of that, I already pay 60 a month for internet

  • hodgy

    I share your thoughts and did exactly the same!

  • hodgy

    May 31st at the earliest, google it.

  • Ben

    Absolutely not I have a 360 an still prefer to wait. Other thing these (kids) arent thinking of yea go switch your ps3 for a 360 oh an now you gotta pay even more for th same game just for the xbox y’all sure did show Sony didn’t ya.

  • Ben

    Xbox had been hacked before

  • IP.G33K

    Havent you notes that Sony Really dont care dude They shut it down and took them 24 hours to tell there player or games that there info all over the place wtf i like Xbox Man All About paying money Oh Big Whoop If you look at the price of a Ps3 YOur playing for new Xbox and Xbox live(No lag Over miliions peolpe to play with only thing sony got on xbox is it's free ohhh free every things not free and most time when you get something free there no that good of severs

  • Paul Stephenson

    well iam still got my ps3 but if its not on by the 31 of may i defo getting a xbox because they lie all the timee !!

  • loulou89

    how do we get xbox live free ,,i just bought 1 ,still own my ps2 though:)

  • Adam

    All you guys bitching about how the PS3 is free and we have to pay for Xbox Live… ever heard the term you get what you pay for?

    I'm more than happy paying the price of a game each year for a reliable, secure service with all the extras that come with it (inside xbox videos, gold member deals etc).

    For the record I used to own a PS3, I tried it, I didn't like it. The online was terrible and I never felt part of a community like I do on Xbox Live. Plus the past 3 weeks while you've all been twiddling your thumbs I've put countless hours into a plethora of online games, suddenly I don't feel so "stupid" for paying for my subscription.

  • Ninurta

    F*** NO!!! The down time is but a fly in the mead! Let’s just pick it out, wring every drop from it , and go back to fragging the masses online!

  • ecroo09

    ive learnt my lesson with an xbox oh sorry 5 xboxs ive had a ps3 for 1 half years now and its never broke its still in perfect condition no way im ever buying an xbox again there just awaste of space having to get them repaired all the time.and microsoft are abviously very sly and pathetic and quite desperate

  • Brandon

    I got both.. which do you think i use more? It rhymes with "day nation tree".

  • Jde

    Psn is down ….. WOW xflop360 was down a few years bak but even though ps3 has been down for longer its way better dan xflop360 they are just trying 2 offer free online xbox because they are trying to celeberate for ps3 being down for quite a while. SONY VS MICROSOFT…..? Mcrosoft is something 2 do with computer thing and still you have 2 pay for it wow! all of you that have a xbox you know you want a ps3 you might just not be able to afford it or you already have an xbox (Not being rude) PSN IS DOWN BUT STILL BETTER THAN XBOX! ILL NEVER MAKE THE SWITCH IF XBOX WAS FREE! TO BUY PSN IS BEST 4 LIFE

  • eamon

    NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im a loyal customer to sony i would never switch to xbox after all yhe bad things i said about them lol but really paying for online are they INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bak_Stabbr

    Trade the system and games in for the 360, genius.

  • Bob

    Made the purchase for Xbox love it and plus I get the new maps for black ops. To me having both is best for all solutions.

  • Fienix

    Wow, you sure showed you're much more mature than those kids u were just bashing

  • Luke

    Don't most people own both systems by now? Oh thats right fanboys do exist lol. Lame

  • Eric Carter

    "One of the biggest companies?!"

    They went after Sony, you idiot, you think they wont go after Microsoft? Everyone hates Bill Gates, im surprised Sony got hit first.

  • PS3 4 LIFE

    The ps3 is obviously better than the ****box 360.
    The ps3 has blue ray 3d FREE ONLINE built in wifi adapter recharchable PAD and i dont have to give vill gates my money so he can spend my money on trying to make the zune better than an ipod.

  • zack

    someone feels stupid*baba* you obviously dont know what your talking about

  • aspec201114

    i sold m ps3,but will not buy xbox done with gaming.does anybody think with all this money sony is losing out on,you think psn is going to free forever!its only a matter of time.

  • MrHongKongDave

    With so many games coming out exclusively on PS3 this year I doubt many will leave.

    Will also be buying Gears 3 on 20th Sept!

    Good year for solo games any way!

  • Nowe4eva

    I think I can probably be the only person that's glad the Playstation Network is down, it literally couldn't have come at a better time, I'm currently studying a lot since I have my summer exams starting next week, so, no PSN means no distractions = Better grades. (:

  • Joshua

    I'm Playing Oblivion

  • MajorLeagueGaming

    Yes. I also remember console TV's, and back then if you said "my console", people assumed you meant the huge woodgrain-covered tube tv. Now it is synonymous with video game systems. Strange. Speaking of, I still have my Plug and play pong console from the late 70s. Its is in COLOR!

  • MajorLeagueGaming

    How embarassing, your fanboy is showing!

  • MajorLeagueGaming

    Agreed. Prepaid cards for me from now on too. Call this a learning experience for all involved.

  • MajorLeagueGaming

    They went after Sony because they pissed off the entire hacker community, including Anon. Not smart. MS actually hires scripters/hackers and buys/sponsors many of the hacks, particularly from the recent Kinect open source (pc) projects (which will be used to bring Kinect to PC applications). Who do you think the hackers will attack? The people who respect their work and pay them, or the ones who slander them and sue them? Im thinkin the latter….

  • MajorLeagueGaming

    "Sony followers" is this a new religion? A golden calf? Sounds serious! You know its just a game console right? I have both consoles because I love gaming in general. All games, all genres, especially the old 8 bit platformers. You sir sound like a raging fanboy, and unless you dont have a job, or arent old enough to have one, theres no reason you shouldnt own both. If you are a "real" gamer anyways. If you're just a shill Sony fanboy then please, by all means continue your nonsensical rants, but understand your console bias is incredibly juvenile and pedantic to us adults.

  • MajorLeagueGaming

    MS MIC-I dont use a MS mic. I use the Madden headset with the HUGE earmuff type speakers. Its awesome, but about $160. They have others though, some from about $40 up to $200 depending on the style and size you like. Agreed the stock MS mic is shi*t.

    NEW XBOX?-The Xbox 360 DID in fact come out in 2006!

    WIFI- Included in the new slim 360

    Halo-Agreed there man. Halo 2 was great, but everything after was crap. You sir have a point there!

    Nickel and dimed-Yes. They are a pricey company. Its MS after all.

  • MajorLeagueGaming

    How embarassing! Your fanboy is showing!

  • MajorLeagueGaming

    Free 30 days of gold membership with every new console. And year memberships are available for as little as 29.99 on amazon.

  • MajorLeagueGaming

    Just because you dont have PSN atm doesn't mean you can come in here and talk smack man. Be a little more mature next time bro. By the way, congrats on getting Osama.

  • snagalfoos

    I paid $650 for the 80 Gb when it first came out + $60 for an extra controller and $60 for 1 game…so thats $770…how is PSN free???…lol

    I think i just paid for about 4 years of gaming…that just ran out on april 20th 2011…

  • Nadeem Vance

    It may very well remain free for a while, but eventually they will make the premium service the norm. You cannot maintain an infrstructure to support Millions of players any number of which could be playing consequtively on a free basis.

    Not unless of course you are making money hand over fist on the core products to cover the costs, which amounts to profiterring as many of those buyers may not ever want to play online.

  • landerson61

    i have 3 words to sum up this PSN downtime……..SINGLE PLAYER GAMES. to be honest i'd rather save my £200 over buying an xbox and spark up the love for some good old single player campaigns. or go out and actually socialize with real life people. whichever im in the mood for.

  • Nadeem Vance

    Yes, it may very well remain free for some time, but "Forever" is questionable.

    To be able to maintain such an infrastructure longterm with it's associated costs can only be done Free on the basis that they are generating the neccesary revenue elsewhere such as from maintaining high prices on the consoles themselves.

    That's fine except that many PS3 users may not "Ever" want to play online in which case it amounts to profiteering from the masses to provide a "Free" service to those that which to use it.

  • Tabby wabby

    Well all i can say is if y wont 360 go buy one -i'll stick with PS3 a far better system the name Xbox Don't even sound cool and when you look at a Xbox it look's as if it's been stamped on lool
    Even the Queen has a play station , eat that bill Gate's

  • Neesom

    Notice its only an idea, and 3 months free is great anyways…..

    But can you people seriously not talk to each other in PSN unless you're in the same game?
    I had a PS3 for a week, until i kept getting some error code so i couldnt go online (in 2009) so I got an xbox.

    Best choice I ever made :)
    Oh and we get those COD maps about 6 months earlier than PoorStupidNoobs

  • OBgyn Kanoebi

    Does anyone realize that your talking about the old 360. The new one has no problems that I know of. I own both systems and I remember owning about 7 different psx systems and 4 ps2s before the slim. Now I will say my ps3 is solid but please every generation of system has issues be it one company or another. Sony used to blame you if system broke if you owned anything that was third party for your system and would make you pay for the fix even if hardware bought had nothing to do with the issue at hand,they just voided your warrenty then and there. Hey does anyone remember flipping your psx upside down for it to read disc, or blowing in the nes to get to play a game, or ps2 not reading blue dvds or any dvds, or the time sony didnt produce enough memory cards for the ps2, or the trey not opening right on ps2, or maybe you had to void your warranty on ps2 because the only available memory cards were mad cats because of the shortage mentioned above. My point is company has had problems with there systems at one time or another you just have to be old enough to remember it.

  • kenn3898

    PSN Still down with no end in site. If your like me and you rely on the PS3 for Hulu then this means your TV programing is down as well. Now is the time to look into Free broadcast TV. Mohu makes an incredible Indoor Antenna and it only costs $44. Most people are unaware that it's now possible to receive FREE High Definition and Digital broadcasts over-the-air (OTA) using a simple antenna connected to your television set! Go to to get your 5$ Off - Promo Code for the #1 Selling Indoor Antenna on Amazon.

  • jamiester2

    Alright, alright calm down! anyway I said 'I gess they could' and Bill Gates has given a lot of money to charitys. And yes I know the thing about Microsoft and Apple.