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Apple iPad 2 Hidden Costs To Consider: Worth Extra Pounds?

May 10, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

When reporting on all the latest gadgets that spill from manufacturers drawing boards, it is difficult to not get drawn in by the hype about the newest tech toy. We here at OSM, often talk about what is about to be released and which new device we would like to get our hands on. Obviously there are occasions where we get to try them out, but other than this little perk, its our own wallets that open when we see something that all of a sudden we cant live without.

Now one of the latest “I’ve got to have one of those” devices has to be Apple’s iPad 2. While being impressed with the Cali company’s first version that kick started the tablet revolution, number 2 tweaked the Apple slate to perfection.

However although the iPad 2 is no doubt an impressive piece of kit, as Phones Review comment, it’s also not that cheap. I mean while the US retail the iPad 2 at $499, other European countries have to stump up $700. Now this may be acceptable to some and even just passable to others, but let’s not forget the hidden costs.

ITProportal looked into the extra charges that meet those in the market for the latest tablet device. First up is the obvious one that although maybe over looked, ends up costing you every month, we are of course talking about the WiFi with 3G. Because the customer has to access a carriers 3G network, a monthly subscription is required, these of course vary depending on the chosen data plan. If the users then decide to take their treasured possession abroad, additional SIM cards or a more expensive tariff will apply.

Next up is the multitude of apps that can be downloaded, and whilst these may only be a tiny outlay they soon add up. Adding to the bill is the accessories that you choose to drape over your toy, from covers to cases, screen protectors to keyboard docks, these personalized trinkets push the cost up further.

So now you have your tablet, it is furnished with an array of merchandise and packing the latest greatest apps, movies, music and of course the top spec data plan, surely it all ends here? But wait, you will want to protect your iPad from theft and breakages, so lets add on the insurance policy to cover against accidents and any other happenings. Now you can see that the initial costly outlay can spiral out of control.

Maybe we are looking too much into it, and purchasers of Apple’s tablet are fully aware of the pricing. Why not tell us what you think, are tablets too expensive once you’ve added on all the bits and pieces, or is it down to the individual to monitor their spending?

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  • baretto

    the same could be said about a laptop that you get to access internet anywhere. you buy your laptop, then have to buy the applications you need, i.e. microsoft office, photo shop, anti virus, etc. which go for hundreds of dollars. Then a case to protect it, a data plan for your mobile internet needs and oh yeah the protection plan in case something happens to your precious new laptop. Why are you lashing the ipad 2, when it is clear all this extra costs go with every other products offered in the past?

  • Steve Arn

    You really don’t have to buy all of the extra goodies. It’s probably cheaper and more useful in the long run to buy a mobile router or tether the iPad to a phone if you absolutely need 3G.

    You will need to buy some extras like a case or smart cover, but the device works great without a keyboard, so unless you are type quite a bit you should be okay.

    You can also look at it in relation to everything it replaces. It might be possible to avoid purchasing a new netbook, portable DVD player or other similar device.

    That being said, it is by no means a cheap device.


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  • G Robert Doss

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