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After PSN Back Up Online, PS3 Needs Brand Building

May 10, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Sony’s PSN outage still remains down and could be until the end of this month. We have reported twice, but from different sources that this remains the case and with Sony gamers still disappointed, angry and even refusing to go back to Sony, it begs the question can Sony come back from this?

From when the PlayStation Secure Network first went down until now, comments from our readers have filtered through. The main gripes the majority of you share, is that as well as the service being down for this amount of time, Sony were too slow in telling its customers the possible attack of their personal information. In an interesting article over at, they talk about this very item and news of a survey carried out by YouGov as to how this has affected Sony’s reputation.

Sony was initially ranked third in terms of where it was positioned as an electronic brand, now since the outage, the statistics are somewhat different. Other brands such as Apple, LG, Dell, Samsung and others have all edged their way past Sony to gain a higher status.

If we then compare how the PlayStation 3 (PS3) gaming console is fairing amongst its competition, indications are pointing to a drop. YouGov reported that it has fallen from a score of 16 to a -9.8. Within the same period, the Wii console rose from 21.3 to 29.1, with the Xbox 360 which we know many of you have turned to in the crisis, scoring 13.9 with a drop to 11.5.

Amongst some 5,000 who were surveyed, the main issue that Sony will find difficult to come back from, is the trust that has been lost between customers and themselves. This isn’t to say that every gamer will automatically ditch Sony, some are still more than happy to forgive and wait for the service to resume.

It seems that gamers feelings are still mixed according to a gaming site In a recent poll of 11,000, 51% of consumers had been left with a “bad taste in their mouths,” with quite a high figure of 49% saying that they really didn’t care much for the Sony brand. In a brief statement from the site they said, “This is a huge negative blow for Sony in terms of opinion and the brand. Every time they miss a weekend, things are going to get worse. However, Sony can recover. The long-term reality is, once they get this fixed, it will be a matter of Sony making good. People pretty quickly are going to bounce back.”

On the subject of Sony’s reputation now being tarnished, we asked our readers 2 weeks ago, whether you think this will affect people’s thoughts of the new S1 and S2 Android tablets due to surface possibly at the end of the year?

Give us your thoughts on the whole situation? Firstly the news of an end of May service? Secondly your feelings towards Sony and thirdly do you honestly think the downtime will affect future device releases?

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  • VagrantLFC

    Where has this end of May come from, there has been no comment on when its back online! it true every day that goes by let alone weekend with the service down is hurting Sony's fan base. I think they need to reward the loyal customers with more then 'a free game' they should offer most games on psn for free for a month to really gain interest back. i for 1 will see how its pans out, BUT will never put my details on PSN network again thats for sure!

  • robert

    i will be selling my ps3 and gonna buy an xbox because sony are shit and are always gonna suck they need to fix this and fix
    the servers because they suck tooooo!!!!!!!!11111

  • Kevin

    Herpa Durr!!!!! Imma sell my Playstation and all my Playstation games just because PSN was doing for almost a month!!!!!

  • carl

    already bought a xbox . sick of the rubbish sony was putting in its blogs .. making refrences to the tsumami in japan and how it deal with that . ps3 and games on ebay . why wasnt there a plan B
    why wasnt their security people already buliding a standby network with the intension of making it stronger anyway .

  • Steven

    How about sending their loyal customers a brand new shiny PS3 Slim when all is up and running? I feel like my old PS3 has been abused and misused… haha! Just kidding… well I'm about the 'abused' comment at least. A new shiny PS3 slim would be nice!

  • treadstone

    At the end of the day people will stick with Sony because the matchmakers are free. What people wont ever forget is the unthoughtful lack of communication from Sony. There are a lot of angry people out there and Sony have to really make good with this after the situation is closed. But as always some people will never be happy no matter what you give them.

  • Louis

    They say the end of may everything will re restored right. well didnt sony also they first they will put online gaming on then later on the psn store will be back on. so even though they say end of may that i guess only means everything will be back on soooooo hopefully the online gaming will be back before that fingers crossed ……….Playstation for ever

  • Dale

    i personally am a bit disappointed in sony for not keeping my info more secure but this could happen to any large company. i however know that sony will do its upmost to make it up to us all for standing by them. why would i want to get an xbox? why would i want to get an inferior less powerful console with far less good exclusives just because i cant go online for a few weeks? i also have never REALLY been that worried. i have always had a thought that it WAS anonymous that did this and that they just did it to damage sony (just like they promised) and that they were never going to use the details. i mean, what better way to damage them then this? they have achieved their objective and then some! but, i will never abandon sony, i have had just so much joy out of the playstation brand for the best part of 15 years. i am a hardcore gamer and the sony playstation 3 IS the hardcore console to have. END OF!

  • Matty2Fatty

    At this point in time I'd say Sony are very fortunate to have opted to load the PS3 with a BluRay player. I say this because the BR player is the only reason I havent exchanged mine for an XBox.
    The news that Sony will be offering some freebies was a positive gesture , however a few mini games and PSN+ for month seems insignificant compared to the risk Sony have exposed its customers to with it's sub-standard security.
    On the back of that we now have the senario of Sony handing out reboot dates like confetti at a wedding.
    We all know how inept sony are at hitting deadline's (just look at the GT5 debacle ) which leads me to believe that this will continue past May 31st.

    I checked out the exchange price for a 320gb PS3 yesterday… £150, we can expect that price to plummet the longer this PSN issue continues.

  • haaris mahmood

    you twats you wasted our money. this is seriously not funny you sony noob !!!!!

  • disgusted psn user

    Customers are not happy with sony. We have lost a lot of faith in the company they treat there customers like second class citizens. We as gamers would like to know the truth as wot is going on. not just a few updates here and there giving imformation as and when u feel like it. We as ur customers want to be treated fairly so get ur finger out and give us more info. i personaly think sony cant recover from this.The trust has gone.

  • john

    to me this seam to be a pr chernobyla for sony that think thay are to big to give there customers the informason thay deserve but your not whith out us u are nothing i for one have lost all tust in sony and think that sony will never get over this

  • boyd_dale

    i have got an xbox nw i really respected sony flor all the wonderful stuff they have had but two weeks with offline as killed me and nw they want me to wait another 3 ur mad i crnt deal with it my life ruined without online im sorry but xbox ur my calling card R.I.P SONY/!!! u have lost a valuiable customer and thousands willl have read this and thought the same nicwun!.

  • Ash

    Well sorry to say that I sold my PS3 because of this and bought an Xbox 360 and I have to say Xbox is 10x better than the PS3… I guess the newest isn't always the best


    Just ordered my xbox and put my ps3 on ebay. well done sony your great. NOT

  • cypher191

    The main annoyance I have with the PSN situation. Is that Sony do not update their users with progress with the restoration process as I type this the last PlayStation blog update was three days ago (7th may). Its especially vital when the “end if this week” relaunch target passed by. This also appears to be the most frustrating element to the majority of psn users judging by twitters #psn trend. The lack of information has apparently resulted in many users switching to Xbox custom until Sony begin to treat their users as valued customers, they will continue to lose loyalty and custom. It is fast becoming the case that the welcome back package WILL NOT be enought to quell the dissapointment caused by this unprecedented lack of respect for knowledgeable consumers.

  • thomas moore

    i dont care how long it takes ive been with sony since it come out had a xbox couple of months then got red ring plus u have to pay keep the good work up sony i no its going to be better than it was . if they all want to go xbox let them ive spent thousands upgradeing my ps3 never going to change

  • PSN iRAW_KraY_ZE

    i personnaly think that the people tht have left sony and gone to xbox need there heads testing. if every1 has forgot xbox was first to get hacked then every1 will eventually forget sony wa too. PS3 never asked for the attak on them as u will never be asked to get robbed on the street. they are trying to get us back up and running. maybe find a new hobby guys, take your mind off computer consoles, go get a bath wash the grease of ur backs and have a little life while its down =). end of month is fine by me, want it back as strong as ever no more hickups is better rather than turn it on too soon and happen again.

  • aaa

    they mentioned it 7th of may….

  • zax

    lucky for me i don't play games online so take all the time you need sony .

  • rob

    geek get a life

  • tony

    look guys if you have sold you ps3 then you 100% stupid!!. psn if free and always will be. xbox you have to pay. wht the hell. anyway when psn comes back it will be better and they will be able to regain there reputation that for sure. i will never sell my ps3 cuz it is the best comsole out there until the next generation of soney computers come in. if you have sold you ps3 then you you have not been thinking of the future. you are twats!!!

  • bennyboii

    +why is every1 moanin bout psn it will come back up and bigger and badder than ever especialy xbox. xbox are crap and i dont c why ever1 likes them so much wat do they have 2 show ps3 is brilliant and every1 should jus stay with them

  • ThisIsAJoke

    This is a joke its been down for almost a month i've just got used to it, i'm definetly getting the new xbox 360 and i'm only keeping my ps3 because most of my friends have one and amazing games like uncharted, killzone infamous & resistance… xbox 360 here i come halo, gears of war… i have lost of all my trust for sony because of awful customer service, lies, laziness (before it went down and now) and cheap offers that won't make up for it. I'm a casual gamer and i feel sorry for all the PS3 die hard gamers… the new XBOX will sell better than the PS4 now because of this i don't care how they market it… by the end of may it'll probably just get hacked again… have the hackers even been caught they could just hack it as soon as its online maybe they're planning it. tut tut


    I honestly think that sony is not takin it seriously yes they are making a new sercuity just to make the network more secure but why not secure on the first place now i am worried that my credit card will get hacked and my wallet is empty they should make it better letting go GEOHOT ( iphone and PS3 Jailbreak Cracker) so you can use your PS3 system freely. i currently bought the Xbox but im not going to sell the PS3

  • Drizzy

    I dont consider myself a hardcore gamer. I play 3 games on my ps3 which are black ops. nba 2k11, and mortal kombat. Now some people are saying they are moving to xbox because they cant play online and cant wait for sony to come back. Take this as a blessing in disguise. Go outside and do something better with your time. You wont die without online gaming for a month or even 2.

  • you suck robert

    You are pathetic. Who cares if psn is down. Why can't you get a life and stop wasting other peoples time you awful disgrace to humanity. If you are purchasing an X-Box just to play online that is very sad

  • banjomilitia

    They want to give us Playstations plus? Who gives a sh*t! I don't download games. I play black ops. If its not fixed by next weekend im buying an xbox. and thats something i never thought I would say. I use to hate xbox. I was die hard PSN fan. Now…. I could care less.





  • fucksony

    I laughed at all these ppl buying xbox and selling ps3 but yesterday i bought a xbox and today im selling ps3,Fuck sony you suck.

  • woozle wuzzle

    Just imagine how many niggers are crying for freebies over this outage.

  • pistolped

    blah blah blah sony are fixing things as we type .it will be stronger and better just get on single player and plat those dust collectors.

  • john walton

    sony should hang there heads in shame this has gone on far too long they should have done what they promised and restored the services bit by bit like starting with the online gaming as long as the ps store and all the other stuff was off it would have made a lot of ps3 users very happy and it would have taken the presure off the date,s they have been dishing out for a full restoration …ps3 for life i think

  • Jordan

    Wanna hear a joke? SONY AHA

  • h8poorfanboys

    C there are alot of silly lil poor fanboys who cant afford a 360 thumbs down my comment u pathetic lil fanboys ull still be poor and a loser

  • pistolped

    why type COME BACK PS3 as your name as you have already dumped them for a dont want them back tut tut

  • Kamil Wolosowicz

    i dont understand why u ppl complain bout this.Sony gave u nice free service since they relese ps3 and didnt ask even a penny for it.and even if hacers would take ur money they could do it other way so u even wont notice.bout outage it can happend to any company they (Sony) have run smooth services from beggining whitout any major problems and now servers could not b able to stand from some reason cuz is 100 milion users around the world and its happend.i hope they fix soon so all we can enjoy online again.if they fix i bet it will work another 4 years without problems. if u guys cant wait buy x-box and pay monthly for wasting ur live.use it as nice apportunity to go out and find a girflend ;D bye ill b wating

  • Kamil Wolosowicz

    yea haha.pimp urself and find a girl.

  • David

    Why do you need them to fix the servers? You just stated your selling your PS3, so will have no interest in the PSN.

  • Bradley edmonds

    I think sony need to just try and get the gaming side of psn bk online
    Just too get some people off there backs. Then concentrate on the store sony can recover from this wat i dont get is y it took a attack by a group of hackers to make sony think about increasing the security in psn it should hav been done before the ps3 was released then people wouldnt b worried about personal info being stolen.
    Also these xbox tratiors will b back in november when uncharted 3 comes out and gets rave reviews. The ps3 is by far the best console theres a reason it came out a year after the xbox.

  • nick

    they know what they are doing if they would of said 6 weeks down time in the begining we all would of left and gone to xbox 360

  • Birminghamboy

    @ boyd-dale Your obviously some sort of JUNKY ’i can’t deal with it my life is ruined’ get a grip!!

  • lil_toonj

    i don't get what the big deal is? this hasn't affected my trust for sony, i'll be keeping my ps3 and i'll be waiting for PSN. Do you people really need to play games that badly? if so i don't think the problem is with sony, its with YOU, you have no life. its not sony's fault and they are fixing it, blame your hacker friends that want everything for free.

  • Jonathan

    Well I think the people that are ditching ps3 are stupid because when its back up they will be running back also

  • http://None Scarab01

    I belive sony will deliver.loyal member to psn.

  • buzzhard

    All the people saying they are leaving sony are kidding themselves, they'll all be back. Sony's products are better bottom line, and that's what sells.

  • david

    so i herd its goin to take up to a nother 7 weeks (thats form some 1 inside)

  • David

    Well, I hope the hackers are caught and do some serious Prison time, then maybe the other prisoners can do a bit of illegal intrusion on them.

  • Corey

    All you who r going to sell ur ps3 cuz of this Is sad. Go have an actually life instead sit around all day, just have patience, take a break from the gaming world! Ps3′s are easily better than xbox’s anyway! Waste of money to buy an xbox!


  • chris uk psn cmc31

    Well said ;)

  • XBOX 360

    Xbox, is a,lot better than ps3.
    i had ps3 fr4iends got xbox, and i am fair to say that i was impressed by its capabilities. i LOVE the xbox. it actually has 3 core all individual to maximize the gaming experince. ps3 states it has 8. FALSE. it has 1 core split into 8 partitions. This means xbox is far more superior.

    I SOLD ps3 3 months ago. Bought xbox same day, and never looked back.

    Sell your ps3 xbox may be £35 for live but its worth it much better commuinity free indie trials ;) .

    I leave you with my
    kind knowledge


  • chris uk psn cmc31

    GET him told m8 LOL :P

  • David

    And you will still be illiterate.

  • Jake_In_The_UK

    Can't believe how sad some peoples lives are!!!! OH NO!!! no online gaming for a couple of weeks ARGH!!! must swap and buy an xbox for a couple of hundred £ then buy 12months xbox membership for yet more £, but wait i remember xbox being hacked hmmmmmm, such a sort memory some people have. Will be keeping my PS3 its simply the best gaming console, best graphics, best games and oh wait a blu ray player suck on that Microsoft!!!! Unfortunate i can't play COD and fifa online but you know what i've done i've been out of the house to meet real people and not just other fake online friends :-)

  • まくいく たぶんこ

    PSN is the most unreliable piece of shit I've ever used. They never accept your credit card details, different countries have different apps and games, some cards only work for certain countries etc….And now a security breach? WHAT THE FUCK? I've made about 3 PSN Master Accounts just so I could get my card to work, in the end the country doesn't have the FFII I wanted (being USA). PSN has wasted enough of my time, and now the money I have imported is at risk? Unreliable, Unsecure.Complete Shit

  • Simogen - Gaming since 84

    I have been gaming since 1984 and can say without a doubt I love gaming. But seriously what is the big deal about being off line for a few weeks?? get a life…….. and as for buying an Xbox!!!! dont be so bloody daft why would you want that lame horse. So far as trusting Sony, Do you do your banking online? Nothing is stopping these hackers from getting into those systems if they really wanted to so you cant blame Sony for being hacked. in summary - get a grip people, online gaming will be back soon enough so just calm down!!!

  • badonkakadonk

    it'll be worth it, i'm stayin loyal how can you blame sony for this, sure they could have secured our info better but they still would have got to it nothing is unhackable and just because you pay for your online dosen't make your console's unhackable it just means microsoft dosen't want to pay for it's customers to play online but still people choose to follow and inferior console to that of sonys.

  • Slippered_Soul

    Last time I checked a PS3 cost more than an Xbox 360, dumbass!

  • ashfoxx

    I think when PSN comes back on, the celebrating will be a world-wide event of happiness. So much so, gamers everywhere will turn it into an annual holiday. Of course, this holiday is similar to Lent, in that you have to give up something from your games (such as playing online or playing fps games) from late April, until whenever this WONDERFUL Holiday will happen! Of course next year will be easier becasue at least we will have more than a rough idea as to when we can play again.

  • ashfoxx

    How original. No seriously, I haven't heard that one before.

  • ashfoxx

    Just give it time. The poison always takes time to kill you.

  • ps3 or death for me

    you lot are sad selling a hardcore masterpiece of gaming equiptment because you ain't been online for some time and deciding to buy that piece of shit that would fall apart without ducktape to hold it together BRILLIANT!!!! less assholes for us i guess.

  • Paul

    You need to get out more. Oh you should also try using subtitles in games… Just might improve your spelling… Moron comes to mind.

  • jay

    I have Bought an xbox due to the way Sony has treated its customers. i know its not there fault it was hacked BUT the way they have updated us and kept lying through there blogs has pissed me off and for that reason i bought xbox. I will still keep my ps3 as i think exclusives on PS3 look better and play better but for cross platform games i will buy on xbox for the fact servers are better u get what u pay for. And in the eventuallity that any thing like this happens again i wont have to worry about missing any online gaming action.

  • Paul

    Because he is a liar… I bet he does the same regarding penis size…

  • Paul

    Poorfanboys… Is this your boyfriends pet name… How nice for you both…

  • Jeff

    This sucks as the PSN went down on my Bday and had just got new games to start playing online and feel more annoyed with the lies sony have spun saying it will be this date then this date and still no service.i no sony are making the network safer and more secure but they havent.
    I have been out an about and taken advantage of the sun in the UK but enoughs enough WHEN WILL IT BE ON.

  • chris

    xbox sucks you cock wad, i hope it blows up in your face you stupid traitor.

  • friggennoobs

    Then you obviously weren’t as die hard as you thought you were

  • Dirty Harry


    I followed the light to XBOX and never looked back all my mates are on it as the PS3 is what the french say LA SHITE

    got my Xbox about 5 mnths back when i won it in a compatition and then got 12mnth xbox live and i am far more impressed with xbox than the PS Shite

  • devilou22

    I myself am very annoyed at psn being down but like Drizzy wrote it is a blessing in disguise we have had some wonderful sun and me and my partner have spent loads of time together. In the mean time of it not being on you can always complete trophies. Sony will come back from this i had an x box and moved up to a ps3. One thing i hope this will fix is the modders, cheaters and well the biggest one the hackers. Good things come to those who wait.

  • mike

    The playstation 3 is obviously not the best console thats why it gets hacked. You pay for xbox for its amazing online services if you get a problem online ring up and the job will get done 99% of the time in 5-10min. Sony with its free online… so now do you see why it was free? little security and all your personal data in a hackers hand. Lets see how long your psn stays free now that sony has to update their security.

  • @marcojoho

    I am Brazilian, here everyone is angry at the carelessness of Sony for your customers, two weeks later the president has to apologize, this service is lying about your back, do not think sony deserves my trust and I'm really looking go to xbox live
    one word for you sony: Disappointment

  • Savage Turbo

    Suppose Sony had disclosed every single piece of information right from the beginning, it would still lead to the same level of outrage from the community. Even if their PR department had handled everything perfectly it wouldn't change the fact that this is a lose-lose situation for them. I actually agree with the decision to wait before informing us. True, they could've handled it better but there's no purpose in releasing incomplete information that would put everyone in panic mode. Also to those who claim they're selling their Ps3 over this, your just wasting your money. You've already given Sony your money, so it doesn't prove anything other than your own fickleness and inability to move past the "Console Wars" mentality.

  • mike

    what i dont "c" is your reason in thinking why xbox is so bad?
    And yes psn will come back bigger and badder just to lose a few more customers if they dont get it right this time

  • mike

    putting aside someone has your credit card details. not a big deal at all…

  • buzzhard

    I cant wait till the same thing happens to xbox so we can all laugh at these ass clowns…

  • Paul

    Enlighten me with your ungoogled knowledge of what a ‘core’ is. Also if you reply use a writing style that doesn’t make me have to translate idiot to English. Finally how is life without a Blu-ray player. Not reading those game disks in highspeed Blu-ray must have quite an impact on your upscaled DVD gaming experience. Futhermore you must have a very exciting life if you feel you have to promote the gaybox on a webpage for PSN users.. XBL will be the next to be hacked then sad sexless idiots like yourself will move to PS3 and really enjoy gaming.

    Kind Regards,

    Paul (Loyal PS3 Customer)

  • mike

    dont be silly

  • mike

    hardcore masterpiece thats been hacked and gives out free credit details

  • Clint

    1. Sony didn't actually realize or care how their infrastructure was maintained; or lack thereof. You cannot run an open source O/S like RHEL with Apache without security updates, viable security software, WITHOUT even a simple firewall. They should've had a neon sign saying "Enter Here". And obviously they attached the DB in the same careless way.
    2. Every Production, QA, and DEV pipeline should have been segregated behind different front end servers / appliances; even on different network segments / VLANS. This assumes they even had a viable team managing their environment(s).
    3. Lastly, I believe that they are stuck in a quagmire in which they are so far behind attempting to build a new infrastructure, that the various security teams are finding holes in every internal test, keeping them from forming a realistic "Go Live" date. Hence, the incorrect information given as “updates” in relation to an ETA. I compare it to building a house on a faulty foundation and having an epiphany after 2 weeks of wasted effort. I think they are finding this out finally.

  • mike

    1st: Xbox great gameplay control good graphics, working online servers and great customer service (but a monthly subscription)
    2nd: PS3 ok gameplay, great graphics (more of a media device, poor online and poor customer service)
    3rd: Wii Great gameplay, ok online gaming (poor graphics, and customer service can be bad)

    Xbox still seems superior to Ps3 all you blind sony 'fans' if a console costs more money it doesnt mean it'll be better

  • Tunefrk

    I'm not a hardcore gamer, and Xbox has failed me already with red rings. But if PSN is not back soon i will get another Xbox (it's just 100 quid) and my ps3 is going on ebay.
    It doesn't matter for some of us who is providing the service WE JUST WANT TO PLAY!

  • Tom Lievers

    Is the Playstation Network down? im having problems logging on to it.

  • mike

    have fun not having online then ^^

  • cheekyvimto

    Hmm after a good read of the blogs, my biggest annoyance is lack of communication from Sony, Even if there is no new information to pass on they have a media department whos job is to keep there customers informed and show a little respect to how we are all feeling, to those guys who say get a life and get outside, i think your find we all do just when your sat in the evenings watching your soaps we are playing games in fierce competition with real people,( well we were. lol ). to the XBOX brigade id say read more news, Sony are not the first major compnay to be hacked this year, id imagine due to the millions of pounds hackers can make from selling our details to other internet companies to spam us to death, there are a few major companies being probed as we speak and one will be xbox im sure, so better the devil you know.

    Back to the article id just say Sony sack your PR people, Customer Services Dept. And there directors because you really are giving a poor service in customer care, all people really ask is to be informed every day of the progress, you will find then most people wont be on forums dissing the Sony name!!! Shame on you

  • Mark James

    i just sold my ps3 at a local shop got £60 for it. they said its becouse they so many ps3 in thats y they only pay £60 for it and thats a 250gig slim

  • mike

    hey at least the xbox fans will know what will be going on rather than being lied to several times.

  • dln78

    I was on holiday when I received the email from Sony telling us all there had been a breach. I was frustrated with the mail, as they tried to play down the fact that our card data could of been obtained, but were not positive. This was only touched on slightly. I have now had many frustrations with Sony as I am now on my third console due to multiple failures, my friend had purchases on his account that he never purchased, upon calling Sony they didn't do anything to help him find out why his card had been charged. This could be completely unrelated, but when I read the email from Sony, the first thing I did was to check my registered credit card and it had been used without my authorisation. coincidence, Maybe.

    I already have a ps+ account, will I be able to claim compensation for the missing weeks I have been unable to log in, as this is why I paid a subscription.

  • paul

    SONY,what are you doing?do you realize the longer this outage goes on,the more people are going to go and play with the oppositions poorer console,the price of the ps3 will hit rock bottom,i paid 500 quid for my fat ps3 on the day of release,only to wait 2 years for a decent racing game gt5,I am a die hard fan of the ps franchise and have owned ps 1 2 and 3.I have also had an xbox,the ps3 runs circles around the red ring of death machine, anyone in there right mind would not leave psn to go and play on the most hacked games console in history.
    Please make this a safe place for gamers, take your time get it right,but most of all lets get the psn back up or you may loose the most important element of the gaming community your customers.

  • Rome

    I already turned to xbox! Sony messed up and will have to deal with the consequences! Its ridiculous!

  • The Truth Hurts

    In case you all didn't know, xbox was hacked 2 times…look it up estupids!!! I guess a lot of people switching don't like the sun or something. Its better we do away with the xbox ones, I just hope that console doesn't get hacked into again…wait yes I do. You all will be back from xbox and psn will be accepting you with open arms not charging you a dime unlike xbox.

  • disgusted psn user

    I,M a sony cutomer and i am not happy with the lack of info. I would never get a xbox as they had the same trouble and was off for 2 weeks


    they said they would give PS3 users an entire year of Playstation Plus for free, 1 million dollar compensation which means any money stolen below 1 million dollars will be replaced, 50 dollars worth of credit when it comes back online, an extended warranty, one free game of your choice (below $30 im guessing), and i think a free XMB Theme of your choice

  • Isaac

    seriously you noobs need to quit bitching. play something on your comp because you obviously have one. I have Xbox and ps3 and there is nothing wrong with Sony maintaining a FREE online network. Microsoft makes shit. Just to let you in on it that little secret, also you pay to play 65 dollars a year and you get no bluray, no chat services, no internet browser. AT least don't sell your ps3 before you even know what your getting with Xbox.


    you should have kept the ps3, it will be worth the wait, you get a free game, a free XMB theme, one free year of PS plus, and 50 dollars worth of store credit. u traded all of that 4 a stupid xbox.


    Exactly i hate my stupid xbox, it was cool until i got my first red ring, now its just a night light


    no you get any game they have on the store and you get a free XMB theme too

  • Stormgorg

    dont get an xbox, u will be sorry, im kinda pissed about this but im not going back to my stupid xbox. im trying to convince people to stay with PS3 so i have people to play with when it comes back online, you get like a free game and a whole year of PS plus

  • Shane

    Mike, you can keep your crapbox with it’s red circle of death. I still have a 40 gig ps3 ( one of the first to come out ) and it still runs like a champ, all while I’ve gone through 2 crapboxs and they did just that, they crapped themselves. In the long run the x-box cost me more, it costs more than the machine to have it shipped back and forth when it dies than to just go buy a new one. Plus the monthly fee that is not refundable when your box tales a big ole deuce. Ps3 still rules because better gameplay, better graphics, crappy but FREE network!!

  • byebye binladin

    Due to Sony's intervention I have discovered the following over the last weeks…
    1) did you know we have over 6 solid full hours of sunlight outside these days? 2) i was very upset when I learned my dog died several months ago, but I failed to notice until only recently when I finally decide to refill his dog bowel 3) another big surprise when I showered today to notice i seem to have gained 20-30 pounds and a second chin, its hard to see my chumpy now! 4) I've seemed to forgotten how to masterb@te, thanks Sony for making this new & exciting again : ) 5) I've had time to pay months of over-due bills and got my water turned back on (thus the shower) thanks again Sony, 6) my parents also sent a big thanks Sony for unplugging me as they are ecstatic to hear my voice since I now have time to answer the phone. they have called off the missing person search, 7) if PSN continues to be down I might, stress, might even go out some evening and attempt to gain intercourse with a mildly attractive female, 8) and thankful for all this free time to wonderful things like type this message, maybe I'll try to find a job today : ). 9) anyone have any stats on the sudden in United Statues GDP increase productivity over the last couple weeks…hmmm?

  • pon

    sold my 15 xbox 360 and got a ps3 ha! ha!

  • haha robert


  • Birminghamboy

    It's pretty clear to me now that all the people leaving PS3 for an Xbox can’t spell…this gives me great confidence that I have made the right decision to stay with a far superior group of online gamers.

  • memyself&I

    I bet the number of x box live users has greatly increased & will increase a lot from mid april-June
    I don't understand how Sony cant understand that every day the psn is down the more customers they are just giving away to xbox live. Wake up sony. bring back psn now

  • Eric Fth Hairston

    I study network security and I dont think people understand networking and how massive the PSN network is. To rebuild something like this takes time, planning and a lot of money. The hackers only targeted Sony because they have already ripped thru the Xbox. The PS3 hardware is way far advanced than a Xbox so this is something new for hackers being that they just recently jail broken the PS3 as of late last year. Sony keep up the good work you can never keep a good dog down!!!

  • Playstation3Rules

    Im never switching from PS3 I have had all three systems sence I was a kid. Hell I kind of want to thank Sony for having the psn down for this long. It gives the people a break and sence its free and continues to stay free then I dont care. I am a loyal playstation user.

  • cblock

    If it in fact takes until the end of the month to recover, Sony is going to have to implement some type of benefit that is going to "wow" the loyal customers. They are going to have to offer something that makes the people that are switching to Xbox, as well as normal xbox users jealous. For instance, not one free game, but lots of free games (popular games, not junk). OR something like, free map packs for BlackOps, and free DLC for Mortal Kombat, since these are their biggest games on right now.

    I am a loyal playstation user and have been since the original playstation. I was the guy that battled Xbox users when they talked "smack" about the PS3. Now, I am just embarrassed. I have been going to friends' houses to play Black Ops on their Xbox, and have considered purchasing and Xbox. I don't want to, but think about it… They aren't really offering me any reason to stay. I simply have to get used to a new controller; that is the only downfall. The Xbox offers maps first, most of the competitive gaming uses the XBox, etc.

    They have been taking too long to notify the consumers (their bread and butter) about what is going on. And they obviously aren't trying to do any better with this, because there is still a lot of speculation as to whether it will take to the end of the month or not.

    "WOW" us Sony. Make it so that I am glad I stayed. A month of Playstation Plus is a ridiculous idea. Plus is not something that most of your true users use anyway. I don't and like I said, I've been with you since the original playstation. That is more of a marketing effort to pump up their DLC. That sounds more like a cell phone company using a promotion to pick up business, rather than a multi-billion dollar company trying to save their image.

    I don't think I'm alone is saying, "WOW us Sony! Make us happy that we stuck it out with you through something that you could have avoided", or you will lose even more customers in the long run.

  • cblock

    And remember, the power is in the hands of the consumers. It always has been; most people have forgotten this.

  • wesley

    Idiotic statement considering PS3′s “OK” gameplay has 99% same games as Xbox… more exclusives on Sony… go play Viva Pinata

  • William Dickens

    First of all,

    How do any of you expect Sony to look at you than more than second class citizens when very few of you seem to possess the ability to type proper grammar? " psn if free and always will be. xbox you have to pay. wht the hell." " to me this seam to be a pr chernobyla for sony that think thay are to big to give there customers the informason thay deserve but your not whith out us u are nothing" "i personnaly think that the people tht have left sony and gone to xbox need there heads testing. if every1 has forgot xbox was first to get hacked"

    And so on. It's ridiculous. I wouldn't take any of you seriously either. How about a comment in proper grammar, with no "texting" shortcuts?


    While I understand this may take some time, due to (hopefully) thorough testing of the networks' ability to be hacked, would it not be possible to restore the "online gaming" part of the network earlier than the deadline? This way, all of us can play online with our friends, which would stop a good seventy percent of the complaints, and this would allow you more time to focus on the demo/purchases/news/online storage part of the network. Of course, if this isn't possible, I understand. I do feel the free month of Playstation Plus will not satisfy all of us who haven't been able to play a lot of our games for nearly a month. Some of us do not have a fast enough connection to download demo's and original PS1 games. Some of us do not need the online storage, nor any of the other features Playstation Plus! offers. I recall reading somewhere about the possibility of allowing gamers to select 2 game titles of 5 total, and that would be nice, as long as there's at least one good game in there. That's all I have to say of the matter, and thank you for your time.

    The Grammar Nazi.

  • Birminghamboy

    Cool, I'm gonna go and buy loads of second hand PS3 then hahahahaha …it will be back!!

  • RideZeLitenin

    Well this sucks. Not smarticus. Changing to the smarticus network ;P
    No, why would you leave a console just because the online infrastructure is down for a couple weeks?
    Shit happens, people. Deal with it.

  • Eric Fth Hairston

    I study network security and I dont think people understand networking and how massive the PSN network is. To rebuild something like this takes time, planning and a lot of money. The hackers only targeted Sony because they have already ripped thru the Xbox. The PS3 hardware is way far advanced than a Xbox so this is something new for hackers being that they just recently jail broken the PS3 as of late last year. Sony keep up the good work you can never keep a good dog down!!!

  • farbrorblau

    I owned an Xbox 360 before but never activated the online acount. Activated it last week and changed most of my ps3 games into new xbox games. Have been playing Bad company 2 online and enjoyed every minute of it the past week :)
    Take your time with all this Sony cause i simply dont care about your f-in company after all this waiting. I now have a verry expensive bluray player next to my xbox.

  • Dirty Harry

    Get a grip there is more chace of me trading my xbox in for a PS3 LOL

  • Dirty Harry

    Like ya style LOL

  • yodigity

    Why does everyone say xbox has better gameplay? I’ve played both and honestly xbox controls don’t respond as quick as ps3. Plus the whole avatar thing is a little childish don’t you think? Maybe if you’re like ten or something it might be alright. Anyway call me a fanboy if you want but I’ve played both and made my decision so suck a <===B xbox.

  • mike

    atleast xbox doesnt lie like sony and from what ive seen xbox got it sorted out pretty quick

  • SKIP

    Damn they spend so much millions of dollars for them not to be able to tell us when they will be up. F@#$ i put my ps3 on ebay i'm moving to XBOX LIVE i knew i should stay with XBOX. Damn well i learn my lesson don't trust PSN with your personal info. F@# THeM

  • RobbiePatten

    ps3 is down so what?.. go out and do something with your lives dont just change to xbox because u cant play online for a month or 2 ? play a offline game ? or dont use it for a while u lot need to get out more !


    the PSN is UP UP UP thats right UP YAY———————by the way did i mention only on the moon its working HA HA

    still havt to laugh otherwise i will cry oh well got holiday now for a couple of weeks so can forget about it but SONY KEEP UP THE WORK TILL ITS SAFE


  • David

    Sony needs to get sued up the ass! I'm making sure I dont spend thousands of dollars every month on them anymore. That money will now go to Microsoft.

  • Birminghamboy

    Tell that to Mark James he got £60.00 for his PS3 hahahahaha

  • SmokeyG

    Your a loser. Sony doesn’t need customers like you anyway.

  • trafford

    is that right cos im keeping my ps3 so do you get all of that

  • SmokeyG


  • terrance ferguson

    this iss bullshit all i did was play he ps3 all day everyday now u take it a way this just fucked me whole routine now im lost i wanna sue for pain and suffering yalll got me hooked like a crackhead and then just took my dope away

  • Owlman

    All these whiners are just making me laugh my head off. "Oh, I got no online for a whole month, boohoo, gonna buy an xbox cus sony sucks because they are like the first company to get hacked ever its all their fault."
    Pfft, whatever, QQ some more. I'm keeping my PS3, playing games offline happily, and being patient with Sony, because I know things will be up again eventually, and when they do, all of this offline business will be a distant memory.

  • nan

    Spoiled brats, there once used to be a time where you couldn't play ANY game online, on ANY console. This could happen to any company! Why not try doing something, lets say… OUTSIDE! Having psn down is not a life and death situation… it is incredible how low loyalty and understanding has come.

  • klova

    I'm disapointed in Sony, being as reputable as it is/was i expected better from them from this attack. they are taking a long tiem to bounce back and my patience is wearing thin. im not switching to xbox360 just yet, but if by the end of may the system is back up at least to the point that i can play my game online, then im going to trade it in. simply because ebing left w/o an online service for over a month is unacceptable to me and i would prefer xbox over that.

  • ArmaDylan

    Imma wait for ps3 to get their sht together. This was a once in a lifetime hack and it happened to Sony. It sucks that they did not keep us updated very well, but I’m still a fan. I believe! Go Playstation!

  • fijitech

    aint dat a bitch!!first they said services should be up n running by end of da week and now by end of da month!!!!

  • klova

    ive played all my single player games. only games i got left that i want to play now are online games like DC universe. i had just bought the game before the outage and now im about to lose my entire free month of the game. i expect to be backpayed for that with another free month.

  • walata

    when psn is going to come back

  • ethum

    hay sony are only trying to get rid of the people that hack tha playstation and the people that try to ruin our fun im not gonna change to exbox im just gonna keep my ps3 its not ther falt its just the stupid people that try to hack the thing and also thay better have it back on im bored to hell


    Why would you buy an xbox to pay for online in the first place. It seems pointless, soon PSN will be up and running so we have just got to be pationt. IS THAT SO HARD

  • Eddy

    *2 free games from a list of 5, 1 month free Playstation plus, some free download content, and up to $1million insurance if you lose anything due to the hacking.

  • Paul

    I believe in French its merde…

  • Paul

    Ha not likely… It is a Microsoft product your talking about.

  • deepbizz

    well i am happy i couldnt give a monkeys left nipple if the network is down woop dont b so greedy 10 years ago u didnt have online play, go on go change to xbox ule soon regret it, their machine is outdated and just as vunerable as playstation, i have all the trust in sony to make good ,and plus they have the most sophisticated console on the market and always will, ya know ya jokers who go to xbox good cos ure just the annoying muppets who ruin my online gaming experience, get a life man if u aint go a ps3 go out interact with real people in the real world bet u got vitamin d deficiencies cos u aint been out in the sun since u got online, oh and just to add correct me if im wrong wasnt xbox down for 3 weeks when halo 3 came out lol lol lol , atleast sony told us and trying their hardest to make us all happy , cmon guys giv them a break the hackers did this, like they could do it to ANYONE! and they will mark my words

    psn:deepbizz add me only if ur a true ps3 user

  • bob

    everyone wat is a matter with u just have no f****** patience im with sony all the way even if it takes a year to get the psn bak all of u dont hav no patience think bout it wat if u were sony and u were getting all these comments saying sony are s*** im getting an xbox and all that. sony could speed it up and we could of had psn by last week but they could get hacked again. it's better to be safe than sorry!

  • brian hagar

    may 31st psn will be back !!!!!!

  • hack

    xbox is trash, terrible system, but at least its up and running at the moment, it shouldn’t take a month to get psn up and running, more like 2 weeks tops!

  • Jesse Crittenden

    everyone has no patience!! wats so good bout xbox?? well come on tell me??!!?? sony are in a difficult situation at the moment.. wat would u do if u were sony and u were dealing with all of this

  • eracer480

    I have over 120 days played online on the COD series….on ps3……well im willing to lose my rank and everything to go to xbox…i know i know xbox sucks…and ya its $50 a year for online…thats ok its a small price to pay to be able to mob online when i want to. Sony your digging yourself a grave and people will remember this.

  • ace

    Sony does charge for lame auto updates that should just be a normal option. Totally ridiculous they charge for such a basic option.
    Them getting hacked will hurt them and rightfully it should.
    Shows they put little effort in customer security and only care about how much $ they gain from thier unimportant customers.

  • klova

    but at the same time, if im at home one weekedn and i want to play game online, now ps3 has been down close to a month… yea might as well make that tript o gamestop to get a xbox instead unless they fix it this weekend

  • d79

    LOL, anyway guys its just a matter of time and da PSN will be back soon ;) )))

  • Paul

    Mike I can see your a little bit confused… Just to clarify it wasn’t the console that was hacked it was the network.. I take it you are a gaybox owner?

  • Botty

    Omg, I can't believe that people cant accept having a few weeks break off cod?

  • psn liamr3

    lets not forget that 360 was hacked in 07

  • xeonix2001

    my whole thing is they had warning of the imminent hacker attack and the playstation "SECURE" network didnt think to make a backup… do any of you remember the amazon hacker? no? its because amazon made so many backup servers so that if they got rushed on black friday they wouldnt crash. and the hacker ended up only knocking out one of the servers. so if sony ever THOUGHT they were the king in gaming they lost that right. online shopping malls have better networks. either they make my pockets bulge with fatty sony stocks and/or games or xbox wins the race my friends. not one company out would take the warning of a hacker witha grain of salt but sony has some balls of steel for calling him out like that. although geohot is tha one behind it i have to give him credit, he took on goliath as he would be david and won. just a lil ha ha to all the giants out there… youre not invinvible. no one is.

  • Botty

    aww, could you not accept having a few weeks off black ops?

  • Botty

    You sad, sad person

  • Botty


  • CHAZ


  • Black*Star

    so everyone is upset because ya cant play black ops online? seriously? wow i find that kinda sad. there is a door that leads to outside. go hang out with friends see ur girlfriend/boyfriend and have fun. its way too nice outside to stay indoors just to play 1 or 2 games…whatever happened to single player games..its kinda sad really. ah well get an xbox if that desperate. proves how pathetic ya lives really are. ah well :P i own every system and my xbox has been replaced 3 times cuz of the red ring. im too afraid to turn it on now lol. but ah well now that the psn is down i been doin alot of productive stuff with my time. so ya all do the same okay?

  • Willard Rube Jackson

    When all is said and done Sony will have to rebuild their machine the current machine's security has been compromised with the release of the root key. Back in January of this year a bunch of extremely intelligent programmers/hackers called failoverflow crack the PS3's root key.

  • vulcan

    sony are tits they are gonna looooooooooooosssssssssssseeeee a lot off punters i can use my sons xbox so no need to buy one but if they dont make good by the end of the month then i am for the off and will get my own xbox get u r finger out sony

  • Willard Rube Jackson

    Unfortunately Sony may never come back online with the current machine configuration. No matter what I'm not buying an Xbox!

  • Black*Star

    ummmm if thats the case how come a lot of multi platform games on the 360 are more the 1 disc while ps3 is always 1 disc? Castlevania lord of shadows was 2 disc. star ocean 4 is 2 disc. final fantasy 13 is more then one dis. while all games on ps3 is 1 disc plz explain how that is Superior to me. and dont forget the high failure rate and having to pay for online and doesnt even have an internet browser.

  • Unlucky

    Wait until you get bored of it and you try cancelling Gold membership, Wait, Shit, there isn't a way of doing it.. Oops! Haha!

  • Anthony Saenz

    I believe in SONY after what it has done. I can truly say that I have been outside more and have not played as much. Yes I still believe PS3 is the best cionsole but a little time outside wont hurt you. PSN will be back. We have to be patient.

  • mike

    well all customer support i get is really helpful and normally get the problem solved within 15min so from my experience i think xbox live is a really good service

  • mike

    had an xbox arcade for 3 years not once have I seen the red ring. Obviously you didnt handle your xbox very well.

  • mike

    Talking about the online mainly tried it terrable experience but thats what you get if you want it free…

  • mike

    thats what rehabs for if you got a problem

  • Willard Rube Jackson


  • Double Aught Code

    Lets face it. As far as simple hardware aspects …Sony ROCKS!!! I dont know among us has had the chance to experience their NX series of TV's with 3D but I have family that think the 3D is on without it being on or them wearing the glasses

    My PS3 is a mad dog running powerhouse that didnt need a whole new $150 periphial to do motion/gesture oriented gaming (Kung Fu Live from Virtual AirGuitar). Would love to see more interactive titles like this one!

    If they come out with some better end user protections; such as packet filtering on the consoles themselves, golbally disable incoming/outgoing chat, more blocking options for their message system (to enhance PS Home Enviroments) …just to name a few. Also, some update to the 'zero'ing mechanism for the PS Move Controller, it seems to "drift" when held "centered" …maybe just the games.

  • ANDY

    You are a bitch i play ps3 and xbox they are both fun but xbox you gotta pay to play and they break FAST!!! i got a new slim cuz my fat pro model went.but i have been playin that so stop bitchin cuz ps3 is better but xbox is still fun.

  • Willard Rube Jackson

    Xbox has 720p resolution not 1080 like PS3 and no Blue-ray player you have to pay to play online and you have to buy batteries for the remote control… thanks but no thanks! I'll play he Wii before I buy an Xbox.

  • chrisdejour

    you people are ridiculous, and lack grammatical poise and spelling aptitude. Furthermore, we are not being treated as 'second class citizens'. morons

  • beatingu

    i had two x box 360's both broke in under half a year, everyone i know is at least on their 2nd or 3rd 360 i had one ps3 since it came out. the lesson there is you get what you pay for

  • Willard Rube Jackson

    When all is said and done Sony will have to rebuild their machine the current machine's security has been compromised with the release of the root key. Back in January of this year a bunch of extremely intelligent programmers/hackers called failoverflow crack the PS3's root key.

  • Nathaniel

    But it's sony's fault they are a giant organization they should have put a hack free system when sony first started

  • @truesaffa

    I agree!

  • Anthony barnes

    Come on all you gaybox 369 fanboys you all know your console is crap ps3 rules and I’ll be as patient as saint cos I want Psn to be as secure as pos not like gaybox 369 wich I might add is hacker heaven

  • Chidlren…

    Whoever is responsible for this isn't going to stop with Sony. Just think for a minute and get your head out of your asses and ask, "Whats Next"? . Xbox Live is what. Don't be surprised in a month or so if your precious Xbox live is doing for months.

  • kouram

    I believe that psn will be up before the 31st. The way i see it Sony gave a date that they know that they will have the network fixed. By now they should know what really happened and how long it will actually take them to fix it. They gave a date allready which they missed because of what happened to SOE according to them. To me it appears like those servers are created for two different operating systems and they cant co-exist and each one has different people for maintenance repairs and these kinds of things. To me PSN shouldnt be affected by SOE ( i dont know much but thats how i see it i might be wrong).

    So this is what i think about this. They missed the deadline and they found an excuse on SOE most probably it was hacked as well but their servers are down only for 1 week now so they want to make angry PSN users turn on the hackers because they were about to get their servers back and the second attack made them miss the deadline.

    So now they give that date knowing that there is 0% chance on missing it so the can come some days earlier and saying that we worked very hard and effectively to get you the network back as soon as possible so they will win some points ( not much compared to what they lost allready)
    through communication games etc

    So i think psn online gaming will be back earlier. They sayed that the full psn service will be back by the end of may but what they mentioned b4 was that online gaming will be online before some other services like ps store, qriocity and maybe more are online.

    This is maybe a wild speculation and nothing is real but maybe with this move they removed all the weight from the shoulders ( greek expression) meaning all the presure that they had knowing that they will be able to reach the deadline. Think that the time till may 31st is 3 weeks from now and from the day PSN went down is 3 weeks as well. I cant possibly think that after 3 weeks they are still halfway.

  • fgdhsgldksjefhk

    this is some bull psn is on in japan but not in us or europe **** this

  • You Gay

    FYI… Your grammer sucks.. Wht is spelled what… Seam should be seams… Informason should be information… I can go on and on.. So go back to school you retard

  • lew

    pureeee suck sony! so pi****sed off really am all these shity dates getting fired about and not even true or if it was we'd be all laid back killing and racing online the way we like it for it to be down 3 weeks and still going its disgusting!!!!! i keep looking at xbox's but amount ive spent on a 250gb i dont know were to sell smash bin but i am sure to of lost alot m8s on it and cant even play with now half ARE X BOX USERS FUKING SONY!

  • lew

    pure die hard fan i was hate fatty x box controllers but more this drags on is pi**sing us all of alot ive lost so many mates to x box and stuff i cba with the ps3 no more such a screwwwwwwwwwwwwww up sony

  • You Gay

    For your sake I hope it never comes back on… You hypocrite

  • dipwhilegaming

    lets all just calm down have a nice skoal mint dip and wait it out cause x box sucks you have to pay for online and wouldnt you rather buy some skoal!!!!

  • dipwhilegaming


  • dubs

    LOL xbox 360 is crap even if psn is down

  • dipwhilegaming


  • Steve

    How about we stop attacking Sony and pick a fight with the pricks that hacked the network?? If my home is broken into I don’t blame the house!!

  • poo poo

    thank you i hate people like this that really dont have a life i wish sony would come back quicker though i go out wid friends and family and when i get home im soo bored thats the only reason i play ps3

  • Carter

    why would you sell your ps3 this is not sony's fault. They may have been slow on getting out info but they wanted to make sure they got the details right.. Go ahead and buy a xbox. All it will do is feed microsoft's greedy needs. The facted that Sony was hacked was a deliberate and harmful attack. It caused more problem than it fixed. I personally prefer ps3 to xbox any day.besides not only is the ps3"s hardware and software much better than mircosoft's excuse for a gaming console you call a xbox. SONY ALSO DOES NOT MAKE YOU PAY. I, myself would not mind paying. So in conclusion i would rather just wait it out. besides the ps4 will be out in a few years. so screw you sony's haters. Sony will recover.

    PS I dont care if you thumb this down.

  • Carter

    have fun with the lower class gaming buddy. Ps3's hardware and software is way better. not to mention the graphics.

  • Niggger

    Sony offers a way higher standard than xbox. besides have fun with the red rings.

  • chevyzman

    whats interesting about all this is i have been a ps3 fanboy for years now i have owned one side litterally day one i got an original 60 gig still in my closet cause the yellow light of death took it over and i now have a 120 gig slim for myself and one for my 5 year old son and have been playing playstation itself since the first came out way back when a friend of mine had his first month or so after release i was amazed at what the system did compareds to sega and nintendo but as of last week i purchased my very first 360 and doubt the ps3 will get much use after this and it isn’t the fact that it has happened that really bugs me what pisses me off the most is sony is suposed to be one of the largiest electronics and technical companies on the globe and they have miss handled this as if they are takeing notes from bp itself delay deny and cover up and with as large a company as they are they now say it will take over a month to get this system back online fully i have had issuses with sites and products in the past but after i have shelled out the amount of money to a company that i have to sony they can’t do a little better or a little faster to give back then i personally will not purchase another sony product and that does even include the sony tv’s and laptops i already own won’t be replaced with sony products and that is all there is to it

  • J1325


  • Anthony barnes

    Red ring of death nuff said

  • Danny

    Wow you guys. Its interesting that you cant find something to do for one month while Sony tries to make sure that you can all play your games for free and without worrying about someone trying to buy Cuba with your credit card. If you are really stupid enough to go out and pay 200$ for an xbox to play, then you probably should spend more time reading a book or something. I mean you should take the positive side of this. For most of us, school will be out in about a month, so why arent you idiots taking this time to bring those lowly D's up to B's and those 1.5 GPA's up to 3.0's? All sony wanted to do is protect you and they are working around the clock to try and get you back online safely. They could have just as easily left it on, said nothing, and gotten everyones information stolen. So really? come on now… go get a tan, kiss a girl, do something. If you are really that much of a basement, closet gay, gameplaying freak that you cant live without killing someone online for a few weeks, go buy a shitbox and play, because we all know that when Sony comes back with Google Chrome and ingame cross chat and all the other features, you will all be running back to harvest the new features, and will be riding sony's dick just like before

  • LowLife420

    Man All you lil boyz keep sayn yall gonna switch to capbox. Go right on ahead..Yall suck big ones n e way. I been with sony since they dropped ps1 and i will stay by their sides. Better games,Better game play, graphix..BlueRay. Media,Web Browser, Live Chat…and all that for free…you get none of that from sh!tbox and you pay $60 a game then have to pay to play the online portion of the game…i even have mag which is online only and i aint mad atcha sony…sony could have done a lil better on keeping us informed but it aint the end of the world…so all u loyal playstation fans add me when psn is back up…lowlife420…

  • chevyzman

    so personally i have been a ps fan since back in the days of the original ps1 and have only owned playstations and a nintendo64 hell i was dedicated enough that even when my first 60 gig died in january only 2 months after it came out and they told me that since i didn't have the reciept i couldn't prove i didn't buy it in the last year eventhough they only released the damn system 2 months earlier so they couldn't keep my warranty i still stuck by and got another 60 gig on ebay when that one died after 6 months i went and got another one i now have 2 120 gig slims one for me and one for my kid and until yesterday i have never owned anything xbox now i have 2 360's personally they have handled this as if to follow the bp rule book on how to delay deny and cover up and i have had enough with all the money i spent on this company and they handle this in such a shotty nature i will never replace an item in my house tv's gamesystems laptops not a thing with sony

  • Mike

    If u switch to xbox it just goes to show that u have no life and cant live without videogames. True psn players will truck threw the month, hopefully, and just game when its fixed… Psn is probably gunna add new shyt with the new firewall, so cuntbox trash60 will probably get its ass raped in the long run.. Stay loyal psn players.. Dont turn to trash

  • lowlife420

    ALL TRUE PLAYSTATION GAMERS ADD ME…lowlife420…when psn comes back..F!@K all you lame ass sh!tbox fans..and all you that have left sony for the sh!tbox…SONY..better game play, better games and graphix..web browser, live chat, blueray,and a media storage…(and with the use of external hard drive the size of you storage is limitless) and all for a cheaper price…SH!TBOX..poor game play…no blueray, almost no media works.(exept the crap u PAY for from microsoft) then you pay$60 for a game and then have to pay for the online usage of that game…boooooooo….i have been wit sony since the FU!*ing walkman….and i will continue to buy and support all of sony….not just the PLAYSTATION

  • Ps3 my savior

    ummm no yu dont get any game you get a choice of 5 and pik 2

  • 1337M3rK

    Anyone wanna buy a brand new ps3?? lol 160gb hahaha package deal $500 with cod:MW2 & Black-Ops

  • sebastion

    eff you sony. ur lucky you have a br player. im still getting an xbox, their sh!t wasnt hacked!

  • OK dumb a** get your facts straight
    1. 2 free games out of 5
    2. 1000000 dollar pay off if you got stolen from
    3. 1 MONTH plus a day added every day its offline


  • chevyzman

    i don't care about the game play…..i care about the way we as customers have been treated the entire time you really think they didin't know the scope of what had happened from day one why do you think thye shut the network day… is one of the largiest tech companies out there you don't think their IT dep. knew that our info was compramised by the hack on day one the knew it they just were hopeing to keep it covered up and maybe it wouldn't be that bad then when it was they were like a little boy with their hand in the cookie jar looking at its customers with big google eyes going but it was just a few crumbs then after a little bit they were like well maybe it is a little more and finally after it all hit the fan then they say sorry for your loss now deal with the system down for over a month…….don't feed me crap and tell me it is filet…they should have handled the situation much better for the welfare of its reputation and the well being of the ppl that pay their sallaries aka the customers……personally i will never buy another sony device not a one i will keep my ps3 and use it till it breaks but it will not be replaced

  • joseph

    lols man how about they give us all an s1 droid tablet XD!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • TheMileHighKid

    It seems as though this is a ploy to kill two birds with one stone, A Hacktivist group that threatens the paychecks of snobby sony CEO's who's only concern is your $ signs, and a free aging service that is full of bugs and never well secured remember Y2K PS3? I have 2 PS3 consoles a 40GB original fatboy and my PS3 slim on my LG 47 lcd tv I miss My PSN and hope I'm wrong but I think the SONY EXEC's could give up a few hundred millions in my anguish and disgust I love My PS3 and will never buy an XBOX B/C Bill Gates is a criminal and stole his first OS from Apple

  • TheMileHighKid

    I retract the statement about Sony's EXECS
    Last month, Sony (SNE) announced plans to halve the pay packages for Chairman and CEO Howard Stringer and his top lieutenants

  • God

    After reading a few comments that people wrote on here. I'm glad some of them are buying xbox's, now all these foolish people will transfer from a real system to xbox and corrupt the xbox community and stay away from all the real gamers. I personally enjoy free online gaming and when I'm not playing games, I'm watching Blu-rays. So to those leaving, farewell, but before you come back to sony, pick a side wisely, 2 face people are annoying.

  • darren

    iv started playing on my xbox because of the problems with sony the xbox is rubbish i cant wait to sony to sort this problem out come on sony

  • hobbes

    For some of us, this was one of the few times we could play… I work for a living, not much free time, the last 2 weeks I had a vacation and Easter weekend, but my free time is up this Thursday, so let people complain about it and stop assuming you are better and know what the heck peoples lives are like. In the next , ohh, 11 months when I'm working 65 + hours a week and have no time to play online, I will be sure to tell you to stop playing online and go outside and do something. Think things through before you open your pie hole!!!

  • hobbes

    Ok, so you looked in a thesaurus to put down some nice big words, this doesnt mean bull hocky! Do you realy think the corporate moguls didnt lie to us on purpose? It takes 3-5 weeks minimum to do all the programming and restructuring necessary. I'm probably not quite as good as their guys, but even I was aware of this shortly after their second post in April. Think about it, they knew if the original post said " will return in about a month" as aposed to 1-2 days, then 1 week, then 1 week, then 1 week, then coming days (dont you see a pattern), well they knew more people would abandon the ps3. They are a corporation, they are in it for profit without liabilities. They dont mind lying, think I'm wrong, then you dont know much about corporations….. now go and correct all of the grammatical and punctuation errors Ive made.

  • hobbes

    would you buy a TV if you couldnt pick up tv signals to watch tv? nope. just like I wouldnt have bought a ps3 if I knew I couldnt play online for free… it is part of the package dip poop. The biggest issue is Sony lying to everyone about up time. They knew it would take 3-5 weeks minimum, even I was aware of this, think about all the programming and restructuring necessary, maybe you dont know much about these things, as I'm sure Sony was hoping. They want to keep people on, so 1-2 days, then 1 week, then 1 week (see a pattern)then 1 week, then coming days, sounds alot better than around a month or more. If you think I'm lying or trolling guess again, this is my most honest and forthright opinion.

  • hobbes

    most of you huh? well I guess it doesnt mater for the rest of us then. Some of us work, and this was one of the few times we had extra time to play… over the next months when I'm working 65+ hrs week maybe you will give me back my free time so I can play? Oh and free? funny, my neighbor bought a tv the other day, but he's not picking up signals , so he's going to buy an antenna, I should stop him and tell him to be ok with watching a blank screen since the major broadcasting is free. Waite, he wouldnt have bought the TV if there wasnt free television programs to watch though… hmmmm. I think my eyes have been opened.

  • martin


  • nufc

    it wants to

  • Drizzy

    Are you telling me that in your free time the only thing you can do is play a online game? I think not. This is a huge world and im sure you can find other things that interest you. Oh and also what does letting people complain do? Do it make PSN come back faster? Does make PSN give us free games for a year? No it accomplishes absolutely nothing so who bout next time you try and share your opinion think it it through mmmk?

  • Bman

    They are fixing them….Idiot

  • xbox = win

    funny that you think real gamers play ps3. Its that funny that its not. Get your eyes checked you poor blind fool.

  • Does it matter

    this guy is a true PS3 player im with him less nobs on PSN woohoo!

  • iHave@Life

    wow your all so sad taking this way to far like yea ok ps3 is still offline no biggie i can still survive without gaming but im not gonna sell up and blame sony omg guys seriously you cant live a couple months without a gaming console thats week.
    i still love sony EVAN THO MY CARD DATA WAS TAKEN AND TODAY NATWEST BANK CALED ABOUT FRAUD , my card has actually bin used to buy stuff on the internet again no biggie so i just cancel my card order a new 1 and the banks refunding my losses thank you.
    seriously guys and girls get a fucking life go outside.

  • iHave@Life

    Dizzy thank god some1 else has a brain these people are so lame, i wouldnt brand my self as a gamer its a bit of fun to play games and iv survived just fine if maybe better without the option to sit in my room and die allot on a screen.

  • iHave@Life

    psn for life nothing will change that.
    im glad the true gamers are staying i love the fact all the noobs are quitting on psn itll mean less retards online once its fixed love that.

  • iHave@Life

    i wouldnt worie to much about your card data.
    i could be wrong but basically yesterday Natwest bank called me up regarding a fraud threat and it turns out my card was being used to buy things online so the bank said they would cancel my card send a new 1 out to me and refund my moneys so yea its fucked up that it acually happend to me.
    but like i said im getting refunded and a new card so really nothing changes only thing that changes is my pin number witch was my 4 lucky numbers lol i think i need 4 new lucky numbers coz those wernt much luck.

  • xbox is cheap ****

    too right bro! :P

  • jesus

    people that switch to the egg box 360 are the people you play against that take you out on games like f1 2010 and send messages like ha retard go and switch but you will be red ringed within a month. people that stay with sony know that ps3 is the superior console thats probably been hacked people that swich suck b***s and f**k dead pigeons.


  • Drizzy

    Lol nice job bring some humor to this it made me laugh

  • nick

    of course it wouldnt be the houses fault. it would be the owners faul for not putting enough safety to prevent it.

  • Mr K

    to all the moaners moaning about the lack of communication from Sony about the psn, it seems that they want to swap from a ps3 to an xbox 360 lol its a pity that when the xbox got hacked did microsoft let all their customers know what was happening when they went offline for 2-3 weeks when they got hacked? NO they didn't and to think it took the hackers 4 months to hack the xbox 360 after its release plus if you knock it in any way you get a laser burn upon your game disc so c'mon get a life and just do the single player modes on your ps3 and rank up those trophys…. :)

  • xbox = win

    enjoy your rubbish service then

  • xbox = win

    Yes because 90% of the f1 2010 fans after pretty low on the IQ scale.
    Played the xbox arcade for 3 years not once have i had the red ring.
    And that was mainly with the first models fool

  • 360 rules

    LOL!! pissy station 3 is the console fags & lames those who join the all great future of gaming (360) we welcome you ps3 is dead and gone! those who still likes it suck balls

  • Mikey

    Well back to steam lol.

  • dickdaniels

    You tit, you have errors in yours! No capital letter after a full stop at the end… A comma and the word ‘and’ twice in the first sentence, don’t judge others bellend

  • Tom


  • http://idonthave SFaa7__UAE

    Now i play xbox 360 fuk the ps3

  • blue

    You guys need to understand that Ps3 shut down the online for your own benefit as our card details would be at risk stop bloodly going on get over it

  • prayas

    GUYS in my country uk psn is back it was on from saturday.