Samsung Galaxy S II (S2): 3 Million Pre-Orders In A Month

Samsung will soon be unleashing its answer to the forthcoming Apple iPhone 5, with its Galaxy S II smartphone. As we already know the Galaxy will be a direct challenger to the Cali groups efforts, and with specs to make other devices blush it is sure to be a hit.

According to Ubergizmo, Samsung aim to hit 10 million sales by the end of 2011 and with the figures in for the current pre-order takings this target seems easily achievable. If you take into consideration that in South Korea alone buyers have placed their money down to the sum of 200,000 units already.

Coupled that to the 3 million pre-order sales taken globally, and it doesn’t take much working out to see how well the Galaxy S II will be received. Its namesake the Galaxy S touched the 10 million sales in 2010, also as the available countries grow so will the sales.

Samsung just needs to make sure that it is fully stocked to cover the onslaught of sales once their device has been released.

Its no surprise that the big G is set to do well, with reviews from the likes of Engadget claiming it to be the best Android smartphone yet. With its Super AMOLED Plus 4.3-inch display and Android 2.3.3, it will be a struggle for other manufacturers to compete. Tell us if you are on the waiting list for the Galaxy S II?