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Newt Gingrich & Presidental Bid: Announced on Facebook & Twitter

May 9, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Newt Gingrich & Presidental Bid: Announced on Facebook & Twitter

Here at OSM we’ve been noting the growing use and impact of social media in politics for some time. The Presidential bid for 2012 is really heating up now and today we have news that Newt Gingrich, former House of Representatives Speaker, has announced his presidential bid, and he did so using Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve already told in recent weeks about President Obama’s campaign for 2012 and the significance of social media and part it will play. We also told how Tim Pawlenty announced his presidential exploratory committee on Facebook and then more recently told how Facebook and Twitter could help Texas Congressman Ron Paul with his campaign. Newt Gingrich announced his plans today using social networking giants Twitter and Facebook, where he also asked supporters to watch his interview on Fox News on Wednesday evening.

The news was announced concurrently on Twitter and Facebook according to Radhika Marya over on Mashable, sourced from the Associated Press. Gingrich’s Facebook post read, “I have been humbled by all the encouragement you have given me to run. Thank you for your support,” before adding that he would speak about his presidential run on Fox with Sean Hannity. Gingrich’s campaign headquarters had already been opened in Atlanta, a campaign team put together and money raised in recent months.

Mashable also informs us that Mitt Romney also launched his presidential bid, this time using YouTube so it really is evident that social media is having an increasing part to play in politics. What are your thoughts on Gingrich’s presidential bid or the role of social media in politics? Let us have your comments please.

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