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Man Vs. Machine: The Contest… Angry Birds

May 9, 2022 | Tim Ollason

We have reported many YouTube viral videos in recent times; normally they are ones that make you laugh like the Sexy Sax Man, the 6Ft Water Balloon blowing up in slow motion or the Ultimate Dog Tease that swept the nation. Now we have something else that we are sure will start to get more and more views.

It was uploaded back on March 18th but it’s a classic contest of Man vs. Machine, this time the measure is a game… Angry Birds. As many of you already know Angry Birds is one of the top apps across all of the smartphones for its simplicity and addictive gameplay, but who will ultimately win, a man or a machine?

We learned of this through an article over on where they say that a company called OptoFidelity created the robot that can now rival a person on Angry Birds. We did wonder what had happened on Judgement Day, but now we know… The robots were playing Angry Birds!

There are two embedded videos that talk about the robot, it would seem they utilized the technology that already existed for mobile phone development and use of the touchscreen and turned it into something different. Check out both videos at the bottom of the article.

What do you think of robots playing Angry Birds? Let us know your thoughts in the comments after you have watched the videos.

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