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MacBook Air Comparison From Microsoft: Doesn’t Add Up

May 9, 2022 | Debbie Turner

The Apple MacBook Air has been very much on our minds with a 2011 refresh thought to be due soon. We recently looked at a comparision between the current MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and today we hear news of another comparison for the MacBook Air from Microsoft, where the company looks at the Air against Windows laptops and asks us to ‘do the math’ but we’d suggest this is one sum that doesn’t add up.

In our recent article about features wanted for the new MacBook Air refresh, I made no secret about my enthusiasm for the laptop as I use one every day. However that doesn’t stop me from looking logically at the ‘evidence’ from Microsoft. The comparison was brought to us from Mel Martin over on TUAW who spotted the new Microsoft ads running in Canada. The campaign looks at the MacBook Air and suggests you can save a lot of money by purchasing a Windows laptop instead. While that may be true the models listed simply can’t be compared fairly against the MacBook Air.

The ads also compares other Macs with Windows PCs but the Air itself is contrasted on a chart to the Toshiba NB305, the HP Pavilion DM1 and HP Mini 210 all at around the $300 mark next to the $1049 of the MacBook Air 11-inch. We agree with TUAW who say, “the fact is that these netbooks are not even close to the MacBook Air where it counts, and to put them in the same category is silly at best and deliberately deceptive at worst.” For a start it’s true that if you’ve ever used Mac OS X and therefore prevented all kinds of malware and annoyance, you simply wouldn’t want to go back to using a Windows PC instead.

Looking at processors the chart suggests the Windows products have faster processors but in fact the Intel Core 2 Duo processor of the MacBook Air is faster than that of the other three it’s compared with. Also the MacBook Air is listed with a 64GB harddrive as opposed to the other models with 250GB and 640GB but what the chart fails to mention is that the MacBook Air has a SSD, which gives excellent performance. As well as that, battery life on the MacBook air is where it excels and yet that’s not included in the comparison. Another point is that one of the models in the comparison, the HP Pavilion DM1 weighs in at a hefty 3.46 lb, whereas the Air weighs only 2.3 lb.

So Microsoft asks us to ‘do the math’ but we figure this is a sum that’s not worth doing. Besides that, we’d suggest that price simply cannot be the most significant factor when buying a laptop although of course it’s something to take into consideration. The specs and features obviously vary according to price and unless Microsoft could show a Windows 7 laptop that had exactly the same specs as the MacBook Air at less cost, the comparison is not valid.

If you want to find out more about the Apple MacBook Air, head to the Apple product page here. We’d suggest holding off your purchase for now though, as we feel that updated models are due soon. Do you agree this is an unfair comparison or maybe you feel differently and think that the Windows 7 laptops are just as good as the MacBook Air? Let us know with your comments please.

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  1. I have no word to tell you how much crap that Microsoft ad is. The Pc's on that ad are nothing short of garbage.

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