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iPhone 5 Interest Far Outweighs White iPhone 4: Your Thoughts?

May 8, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Apple’s White iPhone 4 version as many of you will know recently released, well some 10 months after it was initially supposed to. For some, you may have been lucky to pick your handset up straight away with others having to wait up to 5 days with shipping times.

Since the end of April when it finally made an entrance, we have given reports of it possibly being thicker than the black version, therefore asking the question of whether both versions held the same internals, news of a new camera, sensor and so on.

So with iPhone 5 rumors of release still prevalent and nobody exactly knowing when the handset will officially arrive, many are still quite willing to wait or that’s the news from Gary over at PR News. From an interesting article over on, its quite apparent that feelings towards the white are mixed with one fan expressing his disappointment with the white releasing so close to the next generation.

Others have been happy to stick with their iPhone 3GS and wait for the iPhone 5 as the 4′s design to them is not appealing.

The difficulty people have is that the iPhone 5 has still not been officially sighted, we don’t know what the specs will be although we have reported on what many of you would like to see included, Debbie here spoke about what features will no doubt be left off and so on.

Tell us what situation you are in? Have you purchased the white with the intention of buying the 5, or have you just skipped the paler version altogether?

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  1. Lex says:

    I bought a white iphone 4 at my locAl verizon store the day it cane out, right when they opened. And nobody was even there to do the same. Seems not many people even knew it was out. I love it. I love the iphone 4 design so much i have a black and white version. The sleekest classiest looking model produced imho. I think years from now ppl who havent bought the iphone 4 will regret they didnt and buy one anyway to add to their collection. And yes, i will buy the iphone 5 when it comes out despite the fact i just bought an iphone 4 the same year. Apple products are THAT good ladie and gentlemen. I am spoiiled with ios and even tho its farfrom perfect. Ive yet to try any other os that comes close.

  2. Samantha says:

    I’m eligible for an upgrade on verizon and I’m holding out for the iphone5, I’ve waited 2 years for a verizon iphone, now why would I buy a phone that’s almost a year old? I might as well buy the first droid that came out last summer! The problem is technology in phones accelerates so fast that a phone you buy this month will be old even 4 months from now. Anyway, point being I wouldn’t buy a nearly 1 year old phone if it was an iPhone or not, so I will wait :)

  3. Jake says:

    I'm due for an upgrade in June and currently have a painfully slow blackberry. Not quite sure whether to buy the Iphone 4 next month or wait for the Iphone 5. The thought of buying a year old phone doesnt really appeal to me. Thinking of waiting for the Iphone 5. PRAYING that its released in the summer. Come on Apple please dont make us wait. :)

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