HTC EVO 3D vs Nintendo 3DS: Phone Over Console?

3D in TV’s has settled into our lives already and while the glasses addition may be an issue for some, there is no doubting that optical treat whilst adorning the 3D eye-wear is a small price to pay. Unsurprisingly the compact gaming world wanted a piece of the action, therefore Nintendo released its 3DS with the major selling point being its lack of glasses use.

Now it would seem that the mobile world wants dibs on the 3D craze, and we wait in anticipation for the release of HTC’s EVO 3D, a handset that also boasts a headgear free experience. But as Gotta be Mobile questioned, will 3D on your smartphone bring the same issues that have hindered the games console?

We are of course talking about the headache and sickness reported by some users of the 3DS, also the fact that to get the full 3D touch the console has to be held directly in front of you. Nintendo battled the problems by including a 3D dimmer switch to tone down the three dimensional effect. They also warned that usage should be limited with regular breaks.

Now the HTC obviously comes in as a phone first with 3D capability second, this could be the saving grace for the device. Whereas the 3DS can only offer game play and nothing else, users of the EVO 3D can choose to email, phone, text or surf the web in the convention 2D form, or when required switch to 3D gaming or watch a video clip.

Lets not forget that the HTC offers dual 5MP cameras capable of 3D shooting along with a HD 4.3-inch display. There is also the addition of 3D Android gaming with the likes of Splinter Cell 3D. Pricing should come in at between $200 and $300 when it hits the shelves sometime this summer.

Give us your thoughts on 3D in smartphones, will it offer all the best bits of 3D gaming but with the added bonus of being your mobile handset? Or will it end up being something to impress your friends for the first hour or so before it becomes just another handset sitting in your pocket?

  • umm ya fail

    oh ya let me touch my screen to play fruit slice thats in 3d so i can get finger prints on it which will ruining the 3d effect cause im touching the darn screen lol.

    lol Fail. your viewing screen for the 3d is also the touch screen which will ruin the effect not to mention finger prints ect blahblah. only good thing would be taking pics due to the better reso, other then that it fails quite hard trying to push 3d on a touchscreen phone.

    why do people try to compare hand held consoles with a phone? cause the gaming on a phone will never be as good as a hand held console. sure fruit slice and angry birds is fun for a few mins which is also why there so cheap but your not gonna get any mutli million dollar budget games that are worth playing on a phone.

  • giddi

    the 3DS will, with the upcoming update, have an awesome browser to surf the web. You can also listen to music on it, and watch movies.. not only gaming.

  • dinner

    3DS obviously pwns that shitty phone.