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Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: Better For Money?

May 8, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

For many of you, no doubt the decision to purchase a laptop can be a difficult one to make. With so many to choose from on the current market, a large proportion of you end up with a MacBook from Apple. I have to say that being an Apple fan myself, I have the MacBook Air and Apple Mac and its a job to find something as good as the both of them. Just recently, the Pro model was refreshed with the Air due to have one in the coming months and in an interesting article over on Cnet, they have taken the 13-inch models of both and compared them to see what you can get for your hard earned pennies.

With not much in it in terms of price, the Air being retailed at £1,122 and the Pro at £999, can the deciding factor be easily reached? The two models were delved into looking at how they score in terms of connectivity, design and how easy it is to carry the both of them around, performance related, storage and the big question for many is the battery life?

If we start off in the order above with connectivity? Both 13-inch models come with two USB ports, headphone socket and an SD card slot, but the one real difference is that of the new Thunderbolt port inclusion seen on the MacBook Pro. This is something the Air lacks. The other features that it wins on are that of the FireWire, Ethernet and Optical Drive, so the winner here is that of the Pro.

Moving onto the Design and Portability features? Both laptops win in terms of look but its the sizing that the Air claims with the number one spot. Its smaller and weighs less making portability of the Air much easier. The Pro edges out just in front with design features such as the backlit keyboard and glossy display bezel.

If we look at the running power on both models, the Air includes a 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor compared to that of the new Intel Core i5 series processor seen on the new Pro model, so this alone gives the latter yet another ticked box.

Storage for some is one of the key factors to making a purchase decision. The Air comes complete with a 128GB or 256GB of solid state storage, compared to the Pro 320GB or 500GB storage with an upgrade to 750GB hard drive, with Cnet’s choice being that of the solid state over the hard drive, making the Air a lot faster than its counterpart.

Last but certainly not least is that of juice power? Cnet were keen to try and test out both machines using the same experiment. Using a High Definition video clip which was played, resulted in the Pro lasting slightly longer than that of the Air, but if battery power for you plays a detrimental part in deciding, then the two cannot really be forfeited.

For us the decision choosing one over the other is a difficult one to make, Cnet’s choice would be the MacBook Pro 2011, what about you? Give us your opinions and why?

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