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New Sony PSN Internal Testing: Finally Something Happening

May 7, 2022 | Tim Ollason

With regards to the Sony PlayStation network being down we have brought you various reports about it. We have informed you regularly of any updates that Sony provide and pull any information out of it that we can such as the fact that they have had to completely re-build the infrastructure which undoubtedly takes time to complete. Now we have some more news for you.

It seems that the new Sony PSN is getting some internal testing which we are sure you are thinking “Finally Something Happening” from Sony. They have had to step carefully and more than likely hold of proceeding as they are trying to identify who exactly compromised their network with the authorities and also how.

Recent reports would suggest that Sony were pointing the finger at Anonymous because of a couple of files Sony found on their servers with ANON slogans on it but they have straight up denied it was them. The worry is that Sony will launch their new PSN and then this happens again straight away, if that happens then we can see many users switching over the Microsoft rival in the Xbox 360.

An update on the PlayStation blog from Patrick Seybold yesterday said that they have begun a process to start restoring the service through internal testing of the new system. He also says that they are working with a variety of ‘outside entities’ to confirm the security of the new system and verify it before bringing it back to the public. I for one hope that Sony have brought someone like GeoHot in although it is the most unlikely but if they hadn’t sued him in the first place perhaps they wouldn’t be in this mess.

Could this be the beginning of Sony PS3 online gaming again soon? Are you already thinking of moving the Xbox 360? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Jose

    I'm not think of buying a xbox
    I already did


    im on my way to gamestop to pik up an XBOX

  • Nick

    PSN will figure it out!! Just wait

  • Steven

    Luckily I have a 360 and PS3.. The 360 has always had most of my time anyway so I don't feel to concerned as to when PSN will be back online.

  • Michael Simpkins

    Ok so it just came to light that Sony was not runnuning outdated or unpatched servers, Other tha an attack of old POST IT notes pretty much everything is all clear right? SO what is the hold up now? Surely, with everyone at SONY "working around the clock" shouldn't at least something be up? Even colored pictures thier kids gave them or something. I mean at least put up a new update saying hey with all the people employed here with above average intelligence, this is the newest time we think it will be ready. Seriously Sony, you were actually appearing to get your head out of your proverbial ASS, starting to communicate with you customers and then, NOTHING. DISAPPOINTING, DISHEARTENING, PLEASE SONY GET YOU SHIT TOGETHER

  • Joe

    psn will always be better than xbox. im not trading my ps3 for an xbox,

  • klaidasb

    im still waiting, and wait what ever it takes!!!

  • jay

    giving it another week then switching over to my xbox, this has literally gone on long enough. even microsoft bounced bak from the xbox shit faster than this.

  • psn is the best

    what ever it takes or how long it takes for psn to comeback on i will always be waiting screw the ****ing xbox 360 **** if i traded the ps3 for an xbox 360 it will be like giving a buguti for a bike

  • yo!

    Why the hell would i buy a piece of shit console just to keep playing online?, i mainly play fighting games where Xbox controller stinks like no other. il just wait till PSN is back online. i dont realy use online for the fighters either, plenty of offline peeps around to play with.

    online is just for the days i aint abel to get offline buddies to play with,

  • wazzap

    ps3 4 ever