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Apple iPhone 5 Features Rumors: What We Won’t See?

May 7, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Apple iPhone 5 Features Rumors: What We Won’t See?

The Apple iPhone 5 is as much a topic of discussion as ever despite rumors that it will be appearing later rather than sooner. We and many tech sites have reported on the news and speculation on rumored features for some time and now it’s time to take a look at the iPhone 5 feature list and decide what we won’t be seeing.

We have our own ideas on rumored features that may not actually appear on the next-generation iPhone and will link to previous articles so you can find out more on those. We’ve also gleaned some other features not likely to appear from articles over on Know Your Mobile by Richard Goodwin and eWeek by Don Reisinger. One of the possible features we’ve written about most recently was over-the-air updates but the practicalities of making this work for the next iPhone may mean it doesn’t feature this time around, although we still think this is possible.

Another feature that’s come in for a lot of attention just lately is the possibility of 4G connectivity for the iPhone 5 but it may be just too soon. The likelihood is that it would come to the iPhone 6 instead. The new 4G networks are certainly developing and expanding all the time but whether they’re quite ready to handle an iPhone 4G launch is in doubt. 3D capability is not something we feel Apple is about to jump on the bandwagon with, although there has been talk of a future iPad with 3D. It’s still early days for 3D smartphones and it’s not yet certain whether these devices will find a place in the market. Maybe later, but we don’t think the iPhone 5 will be 3D-enabled.

There’s also been talk of a 12-megapixel camera for the next iPhone but this would be such a huge upgrade we can’t see it, although we do think the camera will be improved, just not to the extent of 12-megapixels. The Motorola Atrix was released with a laptop dock accessory and there has been some talk about whether a laptop dock might come to the iPhone but we can’t see this is very likely at all. The laptop dock seems like a good idea but certainly hasn’t set the world on fire so we’ll mark this down as doubtful.

NFC or near-field communication is a possibility for the iPhone 5 that we first mentioned some months ago but Apple seems to be unconvinced that the market is quite ready for it, although we’d still say this is a possible. Also the latest Thunderbolt port as used on the new Macbook Pro and iMac has also been rumored to be coming to the iPhone and iPad but didn’t make it’s way to the iPad 2. Therefore it’s not likely to be ready for the iPhone 5, but we do see it becoming a probability at one point.

There’s a just a few of the possibilities for features that won’t make it to the next iPhone but we’d be happy to be proved wrong, and we particularly enjoy the idea that there might be new features coming that haven’t even been rumored yet. Would you be disappointed if any of the above features don’t make it to the next iPhone? If so why not let us know which one is most important to you by sending us your comments.

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