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Sony PSN Outage Update: Anonymous Say “It Wasn’t Us”

May 6, 2022 | Tim Ollason

We have written various reports about what is happening with the PSN that Sony are seemingly desperate to try to restore following it being taken down after an external intrusion. Now that Sony is re-building the infrastructure of the network there were raised hopes that it would become safer and have stronger security.

Another report that was added yesterday is about how Sony claims to have found evidence of the hacker group Anonymous being behind it. There’s a strong belief that this is a reaction to the way that Sony treated a fellow hacker GeoHot after he exposed the PlayStation unlock key and added it to his website. Now the latest update in the PSN outage saga is Anonymous stepping forward and saying “It wasn’t us.”

Sony were doing a spot of finger pointing at them because they found what seems to be a planted file with Anonymous written all over it and a quote saying “We are Legion”, a slogan used by the hacker group. Anonymous has a blog post that was uploaded yesterday where they raise points to say it wasn’t them.

The first one is that Anonymous has never been known to engage in credit card theft and also that whoever broke into the Sony network is attempting to place the blame on Anonymous and let’s be honest, for this sort of thing they are an easy target. Let’s just say for a second that Anonymous didn’t do it and someone else did, blaming Anonymous is basically the perfect cover. Head over to the Anonymous blog post and have a read for yourself.

Do you still think Anonymous are behind the security breach? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Jordan Rix says:

    It is George Hotz (a.k.a GeoHot) ANonymous and Sony's fault for this, because, 21 year old George Hotz bought a ps3 and he is a fellow member of anonymous, when he came home with the ps, he opened it up and moved stuff around, and when he signed up for psn, he learned the unthinkable,……..He could buy anything for free off the PS Store, and sony sit at their headquaters looking at what people buy and what not, And when they saw, It said User: GeoHotz Item: (i dont know what it was, it was £12.99) and they saw that he got it for free and there was'nt a PS Plus discount on it, and he bought more and more stuff for free, and sony saw it, so they took him to court, Anonymous was angry with this, and charges were made against george, and he had his ps3 took off him and psn, So anonymous were annoyed by this, so they hacked sony and PSN, So….. When users like me tryed to sign in It read 'Playstation Network is currently undergoing maintenece' So, it took sony a full week to adress to 77 million users that there terminal had been breached, and Personal Information has been stolen, Like credit cards, emails, passwords, house address, but i put A19 as my address hahaha, but, other people who put there real address had been stolen, and now anonymous say it wasnt them but we All know it was, and its geohotz and sonys fault this happend and now 77 million are getting fed up, and 21% of PSN users have switched to XBL, SO THERE! ;) I do read papers and stuff you know!

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