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Apple iPad 2 Draws Huge China Crowd: White Takes Precedence

May 6, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Apple’s iPad 2 finally reached stores in China on Friday, expectant buyers flocked in their hundreds to secure one of the WiFi tablet devices. After such a long delay customers were hungry to get their iPad 2 fix, with scalpers swooping in to lessen the wait for those queuing.

Earlier on, Apple’s Online Store went down before restarting with the new iPad 2 and an estimated shipping time of one to two weeks. According to AppleInsider unofficial counting showed that the white model was favored more that its black counterpart.

Queues were also said to be bigger than when the original iPad was launched, but this could have been down to the fact that rain washed out last years introduction.

Added to the throng of buyers, scalpers gathered to offer the device with a $30 mark-up. With China’s grey market rife, it is possible that Apple has chosen to shorten the time between its product releases to cut back on its affect. When you consider that there was a four month delay with the first gen iPad before its China release, and less than two months between the U.S launch and China’s first sighting it does seem like Apple wants to tackle the gray market.

As 9 Computer Store mentioned, organizing the wave of customers, Apple’s staff used a wristband system to ease congestion, with overnight waiting rooms supplied for those hardcore queuers. The ruling meant that you collected your wristband on arrival, then if you left, your band was then taken from you only to be returned providing that you came back within the hour. For those taking over the hour a new band with a different position in the queue was issued.

It will be interesting to see how well the white version iPad does compared to the black, and will we see similar crowds when Apple releases its iPhone 5? Tell us what length of time you would queue for the latest Apple device?

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