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2011 Mother’s Day Gifts They Want: Great Tech Ideas

May 6, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Just two more days until May 8 and the U.S. will be celebrating Mother’s Day, an annual celebration of all things wonderful about moms. What could be nicer than to receive a gift that shows somebody has really thought about you? Although we know all moms pretend to love flowers and chocolates (and some actually do), why not be a little different. We have some suggestions for 2011 Mother’s Day gifts they actually want with some great tech ideas.

As a mom myself the flowers and chocolates are, of course, always appreciated, but how great it would be to receive one of the tech goodies I’ve had my eye on for some time (is anyone listening guys!). We’ve rounded up a few pointers for devices your mom will really enjoy so read on. For starters the eReader is the big device for this year and if your mom hasn’t already got one, it’s sure to be appreciated. The Amazon Kindle is $139 so it’s a little pricier than maybe you were considering but be sure we’ve got some less expensive gift suggestions too.

For something a little more unique how about an Electronic Butterfly in a Jar priced at just $20, so affordable for most. This is literally a fake butterfly in a jar, which appears to flitter around the jar when movements or sounds are made nearby. It’s really a neat idea that made us happy just to think about it and the butterflies come in a variety of colors.

If you want to splash the cash and save mom one of those bothersome chores then for $200 you could get the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner, a robot hard surface cleaner that works via GPS and cleans open areas before getting down to the perimeter of the room and furniture edges.

For something less practical and pretty cool at the same time, if you’re mom’s the sporty type she may enjoy the Adidas Women’s Supernova Short Sleeved Tee priced at $35. This is no ordinary t-shirt as it’s made with special moisture-wicking fabric and also features a zippered pocket for mom’s music player and a hole on the right shoulder for feeding the headphone cord through.

If you’re mom is more inclined to gardening than sport then she may appreciate the Black & Decker PlantSmart. This clever gizmo will work out what plants are best for any particular garden and also tell you what’s wrong if plants aren’t thriving. The price is $44 so won’t break the bank and garden enthusiasts are sure to love it.

Our final suggestion is one for those who have plenty of cash to spare and want to really spoil their moms who have an interest in all things fashionable. It’s a Louis Vuitton Damier USB Key Chain. Now don’t keel over when I tell you the price is $475, yes that’s a lot of money for a USB key chain but this really is a unique idea for the designer-conscious mom’s out there. Or of course, you could always treat yourself to one instead!

Hopefully you’ll find the perfect gift for your mom from our roundup of tech gift ideas. If you have any more great tech gift suggestions then please share them with us by sending in your comments, and if you’re a mom yourself, it just remains for us to say, Happy Mother’s Day.


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  • Alison

    Thanks for the suggestions! I know a bunch of Mom's who would love those ideas! This year I'm gonna get my mom the Samsung Galaxy Tab that she's also been wanting for some time. I know she'll be very surprised! Plus I got her a Sling Adapter from my employer and TV provider DISH Network, so she'll be able to download the free DISH Remote Access app to the Tab and watch all her fav live and recorded programming anywhere she goes on her 3G subscription. She'll even be able to schedule recordings and browse her TV guide. This will definitely be the best Mother's Day for her for sure!