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Will Apple Move To A 3D Display For The iPad 3?

May 5, 2022 | Tim Ollason

As you probably already know Apple simply decimated the competition after they re-ignited the tablet PC market with the release of the first generation Apple iPad. This pretty much showed other manufacturers the future and now everyone wants a piece of the tablet PC market. But there’s one question in our minds…

Will Apple move to a 3D display for the iPad 3? We are already hearing about other manufacturers that are perhaps trying to get one up on the competition but Apple are generally the trend setters. That is why there’s so much anticipation and hype around their iPhone 5 that we are hearing is due in September.

The truth of it is nobody outside of Apple really knows what’s going on or what is coming, look at the way the new Thunderbolt peripheral hit us, nobody saw that coming. As for the iPad 2, there was no official confirmation or acknowledgement from Apple until it was available. We are seeing the odd tablet entering the market such as the LG Optimus and Apple will no doubt be monitoring the success of it when it enters the market.

Whilst we were thinking about this we also noticed an article over on MacRumors by Arnold Kim where he talks about the recent trend that has seen 3D technology rise in popularity. We are now seeing 3D TVs, 3D movies and of course, 3D gaming with the Nintendo 3DS. It’s certainly not beyond belief that Apple will go ahead with a 3D tablet PC. In fact… RCRW are all but confirming it, they have been told by a few sources that it will happen. Personally, I think we should just wait and see what Apple has up their sleeves. You can check out all the rumors that we have reported on regarding the iPad 3 on this link.

What do you think? Will the iPad 3 have a 3D display? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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