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Spotify’s Free Update Syncs Music Wirelessly On iPhone, iPod & Android- iTunes Killer?

May 5, 2022 | Matt Tran

iTunes beware! Another hot competitor has been thrown into the market to make things even more interesting. Music streaming service Spotify has launched an update which allows users to wirelessly sync their music with iPhones, iPods and Android devices. By the way, this can be done wirelessly which iTunes does not offer.

Apple’s music manager also received another blow earlier in the week when YouTube announced that they had acquired licences to steam movies from big Hollywood studios. Apple will still have confidence, but this extra competition will most definitely cause them to break a sweat. Spotify’s challenge in particular will present a nuisance as it lets users bypass their own service when downloading and adding music, The Daily Mail has reported.

Spotify has a killer advantage which Apple has tinkered with, which is wireless syncing. This will be done over Wi-Fi and is compatible with Apple’s iPhones and iPods, as well as Android devices. Spotify’s new mobile app will be free, with users still having to pay for the premium music streaming service.

The Swedish firm also offer tracks at half the price of Apple. A song on iTunes normally costs 99p, but Spotify are offering music for as little as 50p. Bundles are also offered for extra value according to Cnet. A bundle of 10 tracks costs £7.99, 15 costs £9.99, £25 will get you 40 songs, and a bundle of 100 will set you back £50.

You must wonder now if iTunes’ users will flock over to Spotify instead, if a better service is being offered for less and is fully compatible with their devices. This looks like it will be a big success for Spotify, there is just the little matter of cracking the US. There was also talk of Spotify linking up with Google to make their music service. Will you move from iTunes to Spotify? Could wireless syncing tempt you?

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