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Galaxy S II (S2) Storms the Market: Outselling iPhone 4

May 5, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re enthusiastic about the Samsung Galaxy S II (S2). Among our numerous posts we’ve given a review roundup, told of deals available, and also mentioned latest features such as the Gorilla Glass used. Although this much-talked about device has not yet hit the US we hear that it has stormed the market in South Korea where it is actually outselling the Apple iPhone 4.

If this is an example of what happens elsewhere, then Samsung has one enormous hit on its hands, just as we, and many others predicted. We recently told how Samsung has a sales target of 10 million units of the Galaxy S II this year and that figure could well be attainable going on these early figures. When pre-orders became available in South Korea over 200,000 were sold over 5 days. When the iPhone 4 went up for pre-order last year, only just over half as many pre-orders were received although the iPhone was only debuted on one carrier there, according to a report on Electronista.

Although Samsung is a homegrown company in South Korea it doesn’t take away from the fact that the Galaxy S II has grabbed the attention of the smartphone market there. Over on Pocketnow sourced from the Korea Herald, Anton D. Nagy reports that as well as the 200,000 Galaxy S II’s pre-ordered, there were another 120,000 sold in the first 3 days after release. Once the Galaxy S II goes on sale in the US it will certainly be interesting to see how the sales figures compare to iPhone 4 sales there. However, if early indications are anything to go by that 10 million target set by Samsung looks realistic and the Galaxy S II may even outsell the original Galaxy S which sold over 14 million.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you waiting for the Galaxy S II Android smartphone? Do you think the S II will be as successful internationally as it seems to be domestically? Why not let us know by sending your comments.

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  1. XtotheDD says:

    Man, I'm waiting for this to come to the US. Will DEFINITELY get it if on T-mobile/Verizon/Sprint….not so sure about AT&T…although rumourse seem to point that way :(
    When are you coming to the US , O Galaxy S 2 ???

  2. Richard says:

    Well, I have one (in the UK, got it Sunday) and it's definitely quite awesome. I'm still in the seriously playing with it stage but it feels more like a small (but powerful) computer than a smartphone.


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