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Apple MacBook Air Refresh 2011 Features Wanted

May 5, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Now that the refreshed Apple iMac has been revealed we’re even more eager to hear what’s coming for the refreshed MacBook Air 2011, expected in the next month or so. The last MacBook Airs have been a huge success for Apple and we thought it was time to take a look at some of the features that are most wanted for the 2011 upgrades.

Last month we posted an article about whether some of the MacBook Pro features would arrive on the next Air, such as the latest Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt technology. The fact that they’ve just appeared on the latest iMacs announced this week seems to apply that those at least, are a done deal. We noted that other features we thought could appear were an increase to 4GB of RAM and possibly a higher resolution display.

Our readers had their own ideas what they’d like to see too. Among the features requested were a backlit keyboard, a longer battery life, improved graphics and enhanced viewing angles. Over on ZDNet, Jason D. O’Grady (like myself) uses a MacBook Air and his wish list for the refreshed version includes Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt like just about everybody else, a backlit keyboard and socketed RAM. O’Grady makes the point that this would enable the RAM to be upgraded by users which would seem like a good idea.

We’d really like to hear from you further about what your wishlist for the MacBook Air refresh includes. I’d like to see one Air with a bigger display (not that I want to splash out again already), but what feature is most important to you? Why not send us your comments to let us know.

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  • suzi

    matte display

  • Dylan

    Damn I just bought a new specced out MBA 11". Guess it will be going on ebay soon!
    I think thunderbolt will be there, as well as a sandy bridge. Also expecting a return of backlit keyboard. Have a feeling they will be quite a bit better.

  • Andreas

    3G is a must - I want the iPad in the shape of a notebook

  • T Dot


  • Frank

    Sandybridge and a backlit keyboard will do it for me. Higher resolutio display not really an option in this form factor.

  • Roland

    3G, 8GB mem support and a Higher res screen would be awesome

  • thxx

    1080p screen please!

  • scum

    Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolt, backlit keyboard - those happen, and I'll be buying day 1. 4GB of RAM is plenty for me…

  • joe

    matte display, Sandy Bridge, backlit keyboard -

  • Sven

    i3 or i5 chips, better ethernet connection (how well does the adapter work?) 4GB RAM, either better battery or external-connected spare (shaped like a bar of EU-standard chocolate, easy to slip into pocket!) I'd accept the lower case being slightly thicker (2mm) to get a bigger battery into, a little goes far. No use for a backlit keyboard, use a USB light when needed, or a tiny Coleman aaa-battery torch clipped to the seat in front or something, but mostly do without. Get a better seat!!