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Facebook Sees More Osama Bin Laden Malware

May 4, 2022 | Tim Ollason

The recent death of Osama Bin Laden has been met by different social networking sites with some similarities and some differences. The similarities are the joke the jokes that are going around with Facebook pages and fake Twitter accounts being created but there’s one problem… Malware.

We reported yesterday that there was a gory image going around Facebook and we warned you that this is malware and the steer clear of any Bin Laden stuff on Facebook. Now unfortunately Facebook has seen more Osama Bin Laden malware popping up. This time we learned of it through where their author has added an article.

The new one that’s circulating looks like a wall post and it says that whoever has clicked on it (for our example’s sake Joseph) in this case “Joseph commented on BBC News”. Below that it has the same doctored image that was spoken of in our previous article with a message saying “BBC News – Osama Bin Laden Death Video!” and below that “Video: Navy Seals raid Osama Bin Ladens hideout and Execute him!” There are also some more messages that get attached to the malware, you can see them below.

Now the first thing you should notice is they are claiming to be to do with the BBC, since when did the BBC advertise anything like a live execution… Never in my recollection, the closest they would have come is talking about Saddam Hussein’s killing. Now we guess you are wondering what happens if you click on it? Well, it takes you to a page claiming to be a security check.

Once you have answered the question it asks you to complete a second survey to verify that you are human. Basically once you are at this stage and you have clicked on the submit button, you need to do some clearing up. It has become the norm that if you do something like this that you go through and clear up your news feed as you have just spammed your friends with the scam message, once you have done that use this link that tells you about how to remove any liked or unwanted malware pages. We would also recommend that you run a full virus scan on your computer and if you were crazy enough to add your phone number to the survey then contact your carrier. Again share this with your friends to prevent the spreading of these scammers!

Have you seen this malware appearing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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