AT&T Get Told: No iPhone 5 Release In June/July

Whilst some of you will have read our previous report about how the iPhone 5 won’t be released this summer, there are a few people who opposed it even though the information came from Reuters who generally get things right. They said that the device would be coming in September and now we are hearing more rumors that point to that month.

We read over on iClarified that AT&T has been told that there will be no iPhone 5 release in June or July. In the article they have posted it says that a customer service rep has said that Apple has informed the company that there will be no new iPhone models released in this period.

The original source for this information is where their author Eric Slivka has added an article saying one of their readers received word from an AT&T customer services representative. Whilst we are aware that you can’t always take what they say as the gods given truth, there are more and more reports piling up to say that we are looking at September. You have to remember that Apple has said that WWDC 2011 is all about the software without mentioning any hardware.

There are a load of other rumors flying around at the moment; one of them is that there will in fact be two iPhone 5 models made, one normal and the other pro. Knowing Apple they will surprise us in some way, they will have something completely unique about their device, I guess we will just have to wait and see what it is.

Do you think we will have to wait until September for the iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments section below.