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Facebook: Osama Bin Laden Malware Circulating

May 3, 2022 | Tim Ollason

With the popularity of Facebook and world events that happen all the time the people that add malware to the site are being clever about how they advertise it. We have seen quite a few in recent times such to do with Miley Cyrus, a Twilight game and Charlie Sheen but the new one is a much more recent event.

The latest Facebook malware that’s circulating is to do with Osama Bin Laden’s recent death and as’s Jackie Cohen says it hasn’t taken long for the malware to start appearing. The malware has a picture of a terrorist corpse that is part Bin Laden part someone else and there are some obvious Photoshop lines if you look closely, they are pointed out on this link.

We would urge you not to click on anything to do with Osama Bin Laden’s death as there are a few going around laced with malware and by clicking on it you are only helping it spread. The news of this first broke through Zscaler and their author has pointed out that the malware file is called XvidSetup.exe and when the download occurs it adds the adware tool called hotbar.

As things stand 19 out of 41 antivirus engines currently block the file equating to 46% of them, unfortunately you can expect to see these exploitations for just about any global news or historical event so use your Facebook with caution. We would urge you to hit the share button and inform your friends of this to try and help prevent people from clicking on it and stop the spread. If you have been unfortunate enough to have clicked on it already then click here for a quick guide on how to remove any unwanted liked pages and malware from your profile.

Have you seen this already? Let us know how many times you have seen it throughout the day in the comments section below.

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