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BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 Reviews: Good With Bad

May 3, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With many mobile handsets to choose from, its a job to know which one to purchase? Your decision can be based upon the make, specs, what data plan retailers are offering, network being carried, price and whether you can hold out for the phones release date. One such device is that of the new BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 from Research in Motion.

Debbie here at OSM this morning reported the phone is definitely on its way, and we can expect to see it sometime in the summer months. Dubbed as being the “thinnest and fastest” of the BlackBerry line-up, the new phone will also include the new BlackBerry 7 OS.

Indications have pointed to the Bold 9900 running on T-Mobile’s 4G network and over at, they have given the handset are good hands on review, and its their conclusion that we wanted to talk to you about.

Firstly coming back to the phone’s size and weight, the overall thickness of the 9900 is that of 10.5mm and comes with a 2.8inch 640×480 pixel capacitive touchscreen with full QWERTY keyboard, giving some pretty impressive liquid graphics. Its light to hold and quick to react. Along with this the hybrid device comes complete with 1.2 GHz ARM processor, 768MB of RAM, 8GB of flash storage with the benefit of expansion to 32GB, Bluetooth 2.1, dual band WiFi and replaceable battery.

If we turn your attention to the 9900′s 5 megapixel camera, this too has been improved giving support to 720p High Definition video recording as well as the benefit of image stability. One such feature that the Google Nexus have already taken on and Apple are possibly planning to use on their forthcoming iPhone 5 is that of the NFC chip. This enables you the user, to pay for items with the quick swipe positioned over a special reader.

Knowyourmobile also reported that all on screen functions worked without lag and duties performed with the popular pinch movement. Benefits to the new BlackBerry 7 OS will include a browser with HTML 5 support, which was stated to be a good and fast service, colourful and crisp icons, with a much speedier JavaScript engine, beating off competition to the Nexus S and iPhone 4.

Downsides to the Bold 9900 include, the browser geolocation which lacks Flash support, something of which is hopefully being implemented onto the PlayBook tablet. The new 9900 screen is of a much higher resolution and for this reason, compared to past devices, problems may be experienced with existing apps.

Over at they too gave the phone a good going over! First impressions are good, although in relation to the removable battery, there is a little trepidation as to whether the back plate may be a little delicate. Taking the cover off too many times could result in the battery getting lost. Another problem encountered, is that of the smaller touchscreen. At times it was noted that a real conscious effort is needed to tap the buttons as at times the phone can be a little slow in responding.

On conclusion, the new BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 along with its new 7 OS is a phone to have, its fast, lightweight along with the hybrid keyboard/touch movement interface.

What are your thoughts on the new BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900? Does it stand a chance against Android and iOS devices?

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  • bob

    how much is the expected cost for pay as you go?