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ASUS Eee Pad Transformer: Supplies Run Low, Speed Up June

May 3, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Tablet devices are becoming the norm these days, and as their ever growing popularity unfolds, some manufacturers are struggling to meet the demands of the new found slate lovers. Apple is one company that knows the feeling of supply shortage after their iPad 2 ran into difficulties post launch.

Another player in the tablet game is also experiencing problems according to Engadget. ASUS with their Eee Pad Transformer, are said to be limiting their monthly figures to 10,000 units, which is a far cry from the proposed 300,000 per month that the company were forecasting.

This drop has been put down to problems sourcing the components needed to manufacture the tablet/keyboard device. A report by Netbook News states that supplies are due in very soon to the Taiwanese firm and therefore we should see a vast improvement in stock levels by the end of June.

Of course this means that the Eee Pad is in great demand, hunting around for stores able to supply will be the name of the game for those wishing to secure one.

As we already know the ASUS slate performs its tasks through a 10.1-inch display powered by Honeycomb, with the option of the keyboard dock to aid typing ability, turning the tablet into more of a netbook style unit.

Prices for anyone lucky enough to find an Eee Pad Transformer start at £380 for the 16GB WiFi limited model, with an extra £50 to be added on if you wish to have the keyboard attachment.

Are you looking at getting the ASUS tablet, or have you been in the right place at the right time and already managed to get your hands on one? Let us know.

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