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White iPhone 4 Undressed: New Sensor & Camera Noted

May 2, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
White iPhone 4 Undressed: New Sensor & Camera Noted

After a lengthy wait for Apple’s white iPhone 4, the device has finally settled onto the shop shelves, and with its arrival comes the inevitable dissection process. We had already heard reports about the new devices upgrade in sensor software, but now we have pictures backing up our findings.

As shown through the crew at Apple Insider, the stripped down iPhone obviously bears a strong resemblance to the black model, but with a couple of key changes.

Firstly we can see that the 5MP camera that resides in the rear of the device, is noticeably recessed further back, this modification is said to alleviate light interference. Also with the changing of the camera comes another addition which we previously reported on.

A new proximity sensor has been install that looks totally different to the original, but what has made Apple change it? Previous iPhone 4 users suffered with screen turn-on’s whilst taking a call, this sensor change could be Apple’s solution to this problem. Unfortunately there has been no technical explanation given, so as Slash Gear stated it could just be a cheaper version of the original being used as a money saving exercise.

Along with the new modifications there has been suggestions that the white model packs a bit more in the thickness department to that of its black counterpart, a point that was picked up by Phil Schiller via Twitter. However if you browse through Apple’s technical specifications, everything seems to be equal.

Tell us if you have taken charge of a new white iPhone 4, is there a noticeable difference in the cameras picture taking ability? Or have you suffered with proximity issues as found with the black version?

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