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Sony PSN Back Up In Japan: Everywhere Else Tomorrow?

May 2, 2022 | Tim Ollason

We are all aware that the PSN has been down for some time now and the updates from the PlayStation blog have been pretty much less than useful. We have reported on it a few times trying to keep you up to day with everything that has been happening from start to finish.

As things stand the latest update that has come from the PlayStation blog talks about what happens when normal services resume where Debbie Turner of OSM has revealed that there are a few services that will be compensated but asks… Is it good enough? It’s a pretty tough question as many gamers will have lost faith because of their credit card details being at risk and already switched over to the Xbox 360. Now we can tell you that the PSN is back up in Japan and want to know if everywhere else will be back tomorrow?

We read about this over at gamrConnect where they say that they cannot confirm its back up but they are hearing from numerous places that it is. Another source reporting this news is, they have a report that says Sony is restoring the service regionally and that Japan are the first up.

Fingers crossed that that we Westerners have the service resumed soon as many people have been chomping at the bit to play Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat 9 online. Not to mention people wanting to feed their Call of Duty addiction by popping some heads! Look out for more reports that it’s back up and live over the next few days.

What do you think of the outage? Is Sony doing enough for those paying for services? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Gerard23 says:

    I Have an xbox360 its the biggest waste of cash ever , it's a dust collector , i wouldnt change from ps to xbox even if live was free , the guys at sony arent really that up front about stuff but for me its somewhere i will always be , i dont care if my card details have been taken cause if they where and its gets used i will hunt that person down and cut there throat's.

    I think we need to give sony a break they are trying there hardest to get things restored for us, i'd rather they worked hard on getting me back online than spending there time updating me on every single thing they do , but i do agree that a final date would be nice ,
    Keep up the good work Sony
    PS for live Xbox for a foot stool

  2. Sk8ter says:

    i play skate 3 so i'm not very "angry". It is the same fun offline. BUT OF COURSE i want it back up. Hope it will be safe and that it is back up here in Europe at least within this week. :D

  3. jason says:

    so the ps3 will be up 5/3/11

  4. Sam says:

    Mad Psn user 1 - bro are you mad?
    Mad Psn user 2 - yeah bro.
    Mad Psn user 1 - ok i think i am to, yeah im realy mad.
    Mad Psn user 2 - yeah super mad.
    Mad Psn user 1 - wait! you got my internet back right?
    Mad Psn user 2 - yeah
    Mad Psn user 1 - ok lets go post comments on how mad we are we cant play COD
    Mad Psn user 2 - wait that would make us look like tools.
    Mad Psn user 1 - ok well lets bitch about sony PR instead,after all its all there fault.

    • Sam says:

      i am willing to bet that even with all the hating flooding the internet rite now,as soon as service is restored actual customer loss will be next to none. these people like to talk shit, and really that's all there doing, talking shit.they all fuel one another.

  5. bandon bennett says:

    for all the people threatning sony about how your going to 360 grow some balls and do it they dont care because negative feed back wont help no one cares your going to 360 just shut the fuck up because no one cares i for one i have an xbox and dont play it i play my ps3 and still are loyal to them it will take some time to get up negative feed back aint going to help them and I am glad they are doing the best they can!!! SO all the HATERS STFU now!

    • andy says:

      wow you are completely retarded. Sony will bother if people switch over to xbox because its not like its just one person whos going to switch it will be masses and Sony aren't even doing their best as now they are saying they have put extra people on fixing it because they missed the may 4th goal of brining the psn up. If they can put more people on it now why the fuck didn't they put all these people on it at the start and it would have been put back up a lot faster.

  6. Phillip says:

    so you say that it comes up today its now 10:40pm in uk and still not on come on sony just tell us when its gonna be on stop lying to us we aint gonna change to xbox we just want to know what the hell is happening and when its gonna be on

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