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Samsung Galaxy S II or Apple iPhone 5: What’s On Your Wish List?

May 2, 2022 | Tim Ollason

The mobile phone market is simmering nicely with many different handsets surfacing from different manufacturers such as the HTC Sensation, a mystery phone from Motorola and of course the release of the Apple iPhone 4 in white. Now we are seeing a massive rise in popularity of two other highly anticipated handsets.

We are looking at the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Apple iPhone 5 and we want to know, which of these handsets are on your wish list? The Galaxy S II has some pretty impressive specifications with an 8 megapixel rear facing camera, a 2 megapixel front-facing one and a dual-core processor running at 1.2GHz being amongst them. Are the specs alone going to be able to topple the hype of the iPhone 5?

Apple generally lead the market like they have with the iPad 2 and they plan to with the new updated iMac’s but the iPhone 5 is entering in completely different circumstances. Android handsets continue to rise in popularity and we expect that to make a serious dent in the sales that we see of the iPhone 5 which is due in September.

Early reports say that it will have an upgraded camera, upgrades all round and notably the inclusion of the A5 chip similar to that in the iPad 2. We just want to make it clear that Apple generally don’t let on any details of their devices and pretty much everything we believe about their forthcoming handset is pretty much built on speculation and expectancies. Still we are pretty sure it’s coming, we are also wondering if it will be released in white or if we will have to wait another 10 months from its release date for that!

Given the choice between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S II which would you choose and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • @G_I_A_

    Galaxy S II is obviously a generation above the Late 2010 Iphone4, but I expected a few surpries by Apple on the months to come =)

  • Sylvia

    Samsung Galaxy SII. iphone have the capability to release good phones but they are not. Apple have taken away basic functions that phones could do years go such as bluetooth, media management and video calls. They are over rated and they only make small adjustments with their phones every year. The stupid issue about them not wanting to use Flash is annoying. Yea they look nice and stylish but personally, I wouldn't recommend it.

  • GothicX

    iphone 5 is definitely going to win galaxy 5…apple products never fail…=)

  • Nick

    Samsung Galaxy S II! I'm In complete agreement with Sylvia's comment. Apple seems to be going backwards, not forwards with their smartphones. Don't get me wrong - they're still excellent phones, but Samsung just seems to have the edge specwise. Granted some of their software (Kies comes to mind) sucks, but there are always ways around that.

  • Joshua

    I’m pretty sure apple knows what it’s doing , i bet it has something up it’s sleeve , look at last year , we weren’t expecting the retina display it wad miles ahead of the other competitors so I’m sure they will have something new to flaunt when this new iPhone appears , just wait until iPhone 5 comes out and then make your decision ! Apple always has something magical to introduce !

  • Ayushi

    I agree with Joshua.Apple just surprises everyone with atleast one great unimagined thing in its new phones. Yea I know it doesn't support Flash and doesn't have 'Live wallpapers' and etc etc,.but surely the iPhone 5 has got to have bigger touchscreen and better camera..!

    So it is worth waiting for the iPhone 5 ;)

  • Stephen

    You're forgetting that Samsung are due to release the S3 with 2Ghz processor around the end of the year….

  • jack

    If apple want to be the world best smart phone leader they have to change their mind as the world is changing to a small device that can perform everything. I mean a iphone that can play flash, can be used blooth, with fm radio and compatible port for other non apple device.

  • Sid

    Apple have the potential to be the rulers yet their arrogance comes in the way … If they continue to keep their noses held that high, they’ll definitely lose their market to android … Google is set to conquer the world with android and now the chromebook …