Samsung Droid Charge Review: Galaxy S II Runner Up?

While Samsung’s Galaxy S II tops the charts for the company’s most desirable handsets, you’d be foolish to forget other models in the Samsung stable that can almost match the S II. After the Galaxy’s performance impressed the crowds, U.S. devotees will be hit with the reality that a long wait is likely before the device washes up on their shores.

All is not lost though, as we mentioned Samsung isn’t a one trick pony, far from it in fact. Enter the LTE packing Droid Charge, Engadget decided to take a look into the Charge and we have sifted through to give you a brief rundown of their findings.

Firstly lets take a look at the appearance and it’s Super AMOLED Plus display that matches its Galaxy S II’s brother with a 4.3-inch frontage. Although not quite in the same league as its counterpart when it comes to color adjustment and brightness, the Charge’s slim and light overall appearance still manages to shine.

When it comes to internals you wont be hearing the words dual-core mentioned, but with its 1GHz Hummingbird power, a very respectable performance can be found. Battery life tops the Charges charts with a reported solid two day normal working managed before a recharge was needed. Which due to its 1600 mAh is as Phandroid reported, larger than many of its comparable competitors.

Other areas that the Samsung excelled were in the download speeds. Maximum’s of 15.1Mbps down and 3.9Mbps up were achieved on LTE. This performance would surprise any normal cable modem, and with the added benefit of being able to connect up to 10 other devices.

To finish up we have to mention the Android 2.2 Froyo, which although slightly lacking in the midst of Gingerbread, still manages to look fresh. With a price set for $300 on-contract, the 32GB Charge comes in the direct firing line of Apple’s 32GB iPhone 4, and $50 more than the Thunderbolt. So is it worth it? Well we’d have to say yes, its definitely worth considering especially if Samsung is your bag.

Tell us if you would consider a Samsung Charge over any of the other high-end smartphones?