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Foursquare & Bin Laden Death: Check In To World Without Him

May 2, 2022 | Debbie Turner

The death of Osama Bin Laden is making headlines all around the world and although you may not normally make an association between the al-Qaeda leader and Foursquare, a rather odd connection has arisen from Bin Laden’s death. It seems that today people have been using Foursquare to check in to a world without him, in a symbolic gesture.

We’ve been reporting on Bin Laden’s death and social media interest about the news for most of the day and have already told about other social media reaction, about one man who live blogged the raid on Twitter, and how Twitter has reached all time high figures with the news. Now Brenna Ehrlich over on Mashable brings us the news that Foursquare users, thinking of a world where Bin Laden no longer exists, have begun checking in to locations such as “Osama bin gonathon” and “Osamapacolypse 2011.” These references appear if you search for “Osama” on Foursquare in New York.

Over on Marketing Vox a report tells how others are using Foursquare to check in to the location where Bin Laden was found and others were checking into a “Post Osama Bin Laden World.” The report states that earlier today there were already over 11,000 tweets mentioning Bin Laden and Foursquare or check ins that were made with reference to Bin Laden that were tweeted out.

What are your thoughts on how social media has been used by people wanting to share their views on the death of Bin Laden? Why not let us know by sending us your comments.

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