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Are Laptop Docks Like The Atrix The Future For Cell Phones?

May 2, 2022 | Tim Ollason

The world of cell phones is certainly heating up again with the addition of the iPhone 4 in white, the anticipation of the iPhone 5, people wanting the HTC Sensation and of course the new ideas shown by Motorola with the Atrix 4G handset and docking station.

Already only months after the release of the Atrix 4G Engadget’s Sean Hollister reports that Motorola is already promising more Atrix styled docking stations. There’s no doubt that there’s a market for this sort of unique idea that Motorola has come up with and it could go pretty far.

Motorola seem to be striking while the iron is hot as they have said that we will see multiple devices from them in the second half and that they will address the price for consumers and enterprises as well as having a broader range of docks. In effect they have pretty much made their own market which we are sure is what their intentions were.

As things stand if you are desperate to get one of these right now then you should head over and have a look at the Atrix 4G with AT&T as it currently has quite a big price drop on the bundle with the dock. Otherwise hang in there and wait for these new models that they are promising, who knows, it might be worth the wait.

What do you think of the design of the Atrix 4G with the laptopdock? Let us know your thoughts on it and if you think other manufacturers will follow suit in the comments section below.

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