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Sony PSN Outage Recovery: Twitter Gaming Fans Mixed Reaction

May 1, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With Sony PSN gamers still suffering due to the outage which occurred on the 20th April and is still set to carry on for at least another week, many of you have been turning to online social networking site Twitter in response to Sony’s conference held today. Since the start of the downtime, we have brought you many reports in relation to the subsequent cause and problems with personal information falling into the wrong hands , we asked the question if some of you would consider paying for a more secure network or if you had turned to Xbox Live and so on.

Debbie here at OSM has already given us news today of the conference, which not only came with a huge apology from Sony’s executive deputy president Kaz Hirai, but also news of a “Welcome Back” campaign offering those of you affected free software downloads and a 30-day free subscription to PlayStation Plus. Although this is of course a start in trying to win back PS3 customers, as we mentioned, a fair few of you have reacted to this by engaging with each other on Twitter.

According to, tweets came in thick and fast and were fairly mixed. Many avid gamers are keen to have the offer of “free” game downloads via PlayStation Plus. One tweeter by the name of Austin_Brown06 Austin Brown said, “oh wow.. Sony is offering free PlayStation Plus for 30 days as part of its “welcome back” program when it comes back online. SICK!

Another said, “30 days of PlayStation Plus and some free software downloads. Meh. That free software download better be any full games.” Smile250 Ace LoveStrucked said, “Can’t wait till psn is back – they’re giving one month free playstation plus xD.”

So tell us what you think about Sony’s “welcome back” campaign? Do you feel that this is enough to keep you or would you have preferred another incentive, if so what?

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  • Niko Bell

    I'm pleased myself, I am sure sony's network will be one of the most secure after this..

    what does not kill you makes you stronger,,

  • Chris

    "What does not kill you makes you stronger"
    Niko, I couldn't said it better.
    PSN is really gonna learn a lesson from this.
    The free PS3 plus in my opinion is the least they could do after everything that happened to us players.
    PS. We have feelings!! lol

  • Austen Burness

    a month of ps plus is a little miserly, should have been at least a year,remember we could potentially have lots of headaches with our details being lost,already im without a bank card for 10 days because i had to cancel the last one,come on sony show us something for our loss,nearly a fortnight no network, details potentially stolen,and you need to sack your public reations team because we have had to rely on social network sites for news,no email telephone television announcements,nothing, a month lolololol

  • Twist

    Really a whole month of pan plus. Wow sony…….let’s not go too crazy! I have enough funds to have a lifetime subscription thousands of times over. I also help under privileged kids, which includes many ps3′s for them to play, and this all sony can do for us. RIDICULOUS!!!!!