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HTC Thunderbolt Takes On iPhone 4 For Verizon’s Numero Uno?

May 1, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

If you’re in the market for a high-end smartphone, the chances are that two names will have sprung to mind. Firstly HTC and their Thunderbolt 4G, followed very closely by Apple’s own iconic iPhone 4. If we are honest either of these devices will more likely tick all your boxes, but which one is better?

Now while handset choice is always down to specific taste, and both of these models are available under the Verizon moniker providing incredible performance, the crew over at Gizmocrunch have listed 5 reasons why the Thunderbolt should be your first port of call.

Let’s start off with the download speeds, this is where the HTC can really spread its legs. With 4G LTE capability, download speeds are between 3 and 12Mbps.

If web browsing is your bag then Android offers flash support that far outweighs Apple’s Safari. The same can also be said for the Thunderbolt’s keyboard prowess, according to Video Gaming Pro, the versatilities of the Android based device over shadow that of Apple’s iOS keyboard apps. With a huge variety of Android capable keyboards and the arrival of Gingerbread, the HTC has it all to look forward to.

Next up is the Android Gmail, which obviously having been designed by Google takes a lot of beating, something that Apple’s iOS email cannot compete with. Not only will it pick up your email’s wherever, it also sorts them into more manageable lumps. Rolling onto the final stage, Notification Systems, this again is where the HTC does well.

With Google rightly taking the honors for preparing a fault free system, Apple’s own feature notification hasn’t moved on enough for it to be a real contender.

Now while after reading this, our iPhone following companions may have seriously been put off, don’t despair. The Apple iPhone 4 is a fantastic device and for some, its features and style are the pinnacle of smartphone design. But what we need to remember is that although the iPhone has held the top-spot of smartphone, there are other big players out there that are willing to take the crown.

Given the choice which one would you go for and why?

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