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World With No Twitter: Just Imagine (Infographic)

April 30, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We are all aware of the ever-growing impact of Twitter on our lives as its presence continues to grow. Have you ever imagined though, a world with no Twitter? We’ve come across a great infographic which shows, in a light-hearted way, what it might be like.

Even in the last couple of days we’ve told about the latest top 10 Twitter trends, celebrity tweets about the Royal Wedding, and Royal Wedding excitement as measured by Twitter and Facebook statistics. We also told earlier today about how Twitter now has 200 million users so its popularity is evident. News of this ‘World Without Twitter’ infographic comes to us from Jessica Meher over on Hubspot Blog and looks at 10 possibilities on life if we’d never had Twitter and you can view it below this story.

Just some of the things that might happen in a world without Twitter include having less excuses to be more productive at work. Work-wise businesses would have one less thing to worry about, namely what their employees might be tweeting. One really good insight is about how asking people to ‘follow you’ would seem slightly sinister in a world with no Twitter, as well as making the asker seem egotistical. An idea that really made us chuckle was that Charlie Sheen might simply be known as being included on a list of celebrities that “went off the deep end.” One we could add is that many of would still be wondering what a hashtag symbol was for.

For the other insights into a world without Twitter check out the Hubspot link above. Meanwhile we’d love to hear your suggestions on what you imagine a world without Twitter would be like, or maybe your life has managed to escape Twitter? Let us know with your comments.

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