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Twitter Exceeds 200 Million Users: Growing Nicely

April 30, 2022 | Tim Ollason

Twitter is quickly becoming one of the largest social networks around; the number of users signing up to the service is pretty impressive although it doesn’t quite match that of Facebook. Facebook currently has more than 500 million users signed up more likely to be around the 600 million marker now but Twitter is on their tails.

We recently read a report over on by Todd Haselton that says that Twitter has exceeded 200 million users which means it’s growing nicely! He also mentions that of those users more than 70% of them are international which is pretty astounding.

One of the people reporting the actual stats is Marshall Kirkpatrick of where he also mentions that around 25% of tweets come from Japan. They also mention that Twitter adds around 500,000 users per day which is pretty impressive and will hopefully keep on growing.

Whilst the numbers matter it’s also important to remember that popular events such as the Royal Wedding also encourage people to sign up. Obviously with the number of users rising the value of the social networking site is growing too and at the last count it was valued at $7.7 billion.

Do you think that Twitter will eventually over take Facebook in terms of number of users? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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