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Royal Wedding & the Stars: Tweets Tell of A Twitter Love Affair

April 30, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Yesterday’s Royal Wedding received a massive amount of attention all over the world and as you might expect Twitter was ablaze with people sending messages about the proceedings and for the happy couple. Celebrities were no exception and the stars tweets reveal a Twitter love affair for the special occasion.

We’ve already told about some Twitter and Facebook statistics about the Royal Wedding, along with the top trending topics on Twitter on the big day but many of us wonder what the stars had to say and the immediacy of Twitter for reaching out to fans continued to come into play for this special event. Many stars could hardly contain their excitement at the unfolding events and we’ve rounded up a few to share with you, sourced from Shari Weiss over on NYDailyNews.

Justin Beiber kept it simple by tweeting, “congrats to William and Kate,” while Stephen Colbert kept it humorous tweeting, “At the Royal Wedding, Crap, I’m wearing the same thing as Camilla.” Paris Hilton said, “Kate looked stunning in her beautiful gown. What an incredible wedding!” Meanwhile Ryan Seacrest asked the question, “are you Team Harry or Team William? ok even more important question - Team Kate or Team Pippa?!?” Miranda Lambert tweeted, “OK, I admit it…I bawled.”

Meanwhile the Los Angeles Times has a photo gallery of Twitter reaction to the Royal Wedding from celebrities. Katy Perry for example tweeted, “In honor of the Royal Wedding, I present you… My royal NAILS! CONGRATS!,” showing off a picture of an amazing nail job. Meanwhile CNN host Piers Morgan was more interested in fashion than we imagined, tweeting, “My Best Dress vote: 1) Kate 2) Victoria Beckham 3) Pippa,” and Miley Cyrus was particularly excited tweeting, “wow wow wow #royalwedding soooo romantic. FLAWLESS. =] How lucky is Kate? Its every girls dream to be a princess. Harry??? haha jkjk.” Sharon Osbourne also introduced a poignant and moving element by tweeting, “Just saw Prince William & Prince Harry arrive at Westminster Abbey. Magnificent Men. Diana would be so proud.”

If you loved the whole occasion you may also be interested in two video highlights, one of a cartwheeling verger caught on camera, and another of the little frowning bridesmaid during the balcony kiss. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the Royal Wedding. Did you take to Twitter to share what you were thinking?

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