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GeoHot Not Behind The PSN Outage: Offers Sony Condolences

April 30, 2022 | Tim Ollason

The Sony world of online gaming has certainly been rocked over the last 10 days. When we first heard about the PSN down everyone thought it was pretty much an unscheduled outage and that it would return to normal service but when that didn’t happen people started to wonder what was going on, unfortunately the outage continues into this weekend.

A couple of days into the outage, Sony finally came clean and informed the world that there had been an ‘external intrusion’ into their PSN and as a precaution they had taken the network down to contain the threat. Of course they don’t know what has been taken and what hasn’t (in terms of credit card details) and they have now had to re-build the entire infrastructure. With all that in mind there were a lot of people looking to the well known hacker GeoHot in case this was his doing but GeoHot has said he is not behind the PSN outage and in a way has offered his condolences while slamming Sony at the same time.

The guy has every right to, especially when you look at the way he has been dragged through the courts by Sony after exposing the Holy Grail, the jailbreak code of the Sony PS3. He has written a long blog post that talks about how he is glad that he doesn’t have a PSN account and that he feels for the people whose data may have been stolen.

He goes on to say that he isn’t crazy and isn’t involved in this in any way and that hacking your home device, running a homebrew and exploring your device’s security is cool… hacking into someone else’s server and stealing their data is not cool. He mentions some other interesting points and I still think that Sony should have hired this guy to sort their security out; he could perhaps have prevented this outage from happening.

GeoHot finishes with a couple of things, he says firstly that the perpetrator is clearly talented and will have either a load of cash or a jail sentence and bankruptcy coming their way and that he would love to see a write up of how it all went down. Well we certainly hope to have that as well so head over and read what else he had to say on this link. In the mean time, head to the bottom of the article to watch and listen to his rap, it’s pretty funny.

How much longer do you think the PSN will be down for? Who do you think is behind all this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • noel

    Respect Geo!!! Makes full sense there! I think micro are behind it

  • stuart

    wat a tos*er stick to hackin

  • UncleMuncle

    Please, can everyone try and chill out? If you use a computer, you're data is free to access by anyone who wants it bad enough to take it… End. Of. Chat.