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Features Of A Jailbroken iPhone: iPhone 5 Should Take Note

April 30, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Features Of A Jailbroken iPhone: iPhone 5 Should Take Note

We are all aware of Apple’s popularity in the world of the cell phone and also in the tablet PC market but have they managed to create the perfect device in terms of looks, value for money and importantly, features? If you ask that same question to anyone who has a jailbroken iPhone they will laugh at you.

As things stand only 1-in-10 iPhone users have gone through with the jailbreaking process and they are the ones that are perhaps using the iPhone to the best of its abilities. You only have to take a peek at the additional functionality that we are hoping Apple has taken note of for the iPhone 5 which is due in September.

Some of the more useful additional features include being able to send voicemail messages as emails and having the freedom to do things outside of the scope of the device. Such as the way you can add extra icons on the bottom dock or an extra panel that you can access your 3G, airplane mode or set something onto an extra status bar. Check out the video at the bottom of the article featuring Jay Freeman aka Saurik.

Apple could simply add a lot of these things if they had some kind of partnership with Cydia although it will more than likely never happen, unless they take note of the backlash on the PSN following the actions against GeoHot. There are a number of different jailbreaks but Saurik recommends RedSn0w and if you need some help with the process of jailbreaking then head over to iClarified and do a search.

What do you think the iPhone 5 needs in terms of features to be a success? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Comments (2)

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  1. Mike Hart says:

    1. A little flashing light that can be programmed so I know Ihave an SMS waiting to be read. i know this isn't knew, but it is REALLY handy to have.

    2. When composing an SMS, a character counter. not all phones are iPhones, so sometimes it good to know when your near you 160 character limit.

    3. A better camera. Forget megapixels; give us a bigger and better LENS!!!

    4. A button that does nothing. This can then be used by developers as a 'fire' button, a 'push to talk' button, an 'anything the developer wants to do with it' button.

    5. Permission from Apple for Apps to interfere with the progress of a call. Loads of valuable possibilities for this, including a legitimate version of the well-known call-blacklisting app on Cydia, recording of calls etc. Brilliant!

    OK - There's five from me!
    - Mike

  2. Ayushi says:

    Live wallpaper,more homescreens,larger screen size,better camera,SAMOLED Plus screen

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