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Another Weekend Of PSN Outage: PS3 Gamers Suffer

April 30, 2022 | Tim Ollason

We are now into the 10th day of the PSN being down and we are wondering what is happening in terms of gamers and what you are playing. There are certain types of gamers that only play online and those are the main ones that will be suffering here.

The latest update from Sony said that it may be down for another week and we have also provided you all with some words of advice to keep yourself protected. Protected from what you may be wondering? Well if you are one of the people that knew of the outage but haven’t been keeping up with it then you may not know already that the network has been accessed in what was described as an ‘External Intrusion’ and now Sony has had to re-build the infrastructure as credit card details ‘may’ have been swiped. This also means it’s another bank holiday weekend of the PSN outage continuing and PS3 gamers suffering.

Sony has been trying to calm the storm by releasing a Q&A page however this may have done them more harm than good as it basically didn’t tell us anything. Already people will be thinking about switching from Sony PS3 to their Microsoft rival the Xbox 360 and their Live network even though you have to pay for the privilege of using it.

In the meantime you may want to revisit our article that gave you 5 great gaming alternatives seeing as you can’t kick your friends butts on Mortal Kombat over the PSN or play Portal 2 online. Fingers crossed that Sony gets the network up and running soon and hopefully with better security settings otherwise the damage may end up being too much to their reputation.

Has your opinion changed on Sony since the outage began? Where does Sony go from here? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Comments (20)

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  1. Adam D says:

    Amazed that such a high profile company can be damaged so easily! Bet they'll lose millions because of this… It does make the argument PS3 or 360 a whole lot easier!

  2. rich says:

    card got hacked cancelled that orderd a new one just want to get back online now its my chill time….Hopefully soon eh!! n definatley NO to crapbox360 PS3 all the way baby.

  3. Cesar Lopez says:

    I still respect Sony. Nothings changed in my mind, I don't really play online, but after a week of not being able to sign in and get trophies I'm starting to get impatient. I miss playing Fifa online. My opinion will never change about Sony unless they start charging for online. I am a true loyal PlayStation fan and would never switch to xbox no matter what. This is where it will be proven who the real playstation gamers are.

  4. Stew says:

    Sony still have another 5 days before they beat Microsoft's 15 day XbotchLive outage record.

    Of course very few sites reported that, as it's Microsoft, and nobody wants to lose their advertising budget from the worlds biggest advertiser.

  5. james says:

    ive been with sony for the last 3 years but after this im defonatlt switching to xbox SONY SUCKSSSSSSSSS

  6. Tony Hyatt says:

    Still got my ps3 and will keep it for good. But i got the kids an xbox 360 and Gold membership for a year. i will boycot paying any moneys for ps3 addons for games they have the xbox now. bad luck sony RIP PSN for now.

  7. new2xbox says:

    Sorry playstation, I had to make the switch to xbox. In fact the xbox was virtually free. I took my ps3 and all games aswell as the extra wireless dual schock controllers to eb games and did an instore credit. With that credit i traded my ps3 for an older xbox. Turns out after hours of playing xbox that I now prefer xbox to playstation. I now own 2 of them had to purchase the new xbox with the kennect feature. I must include that xbox doesn't have the cinavia garbage that ps3 does. Worth the money worth the trade. LOL at sony " I no longer wait on you, it's you who will wait on me and my buisness". it's gonna be a very long wait.

  8. Kitten Star says:

    xbox 360 can go to hell i have a ps3 and im not thinking about wasting my money on a 360, i'll wait…this psn outage is actually a blessing so i can focus on my finals.

  9. TickerTodd says:

    I can't believe that peoplw would be as silly as to you a personal Visa or Credit Card for online use. I've always used a pre-loaded card & couldn't care less, everything is insured if you're smart enough to take advantage. I just want to play online & take advantage of the hundreds of dollars invested into MUT 2011..

  10. Dario . .. says:

    It's been more than 20 years since I owned my first Sony, a 13 inch Tv with the nubs(still works), since then I always try to buy their brand above others, I bought the PSOne, PS2 and PS3 on almost day 1 and promoted it among my friends (especially the PS3, during the 2nd console wars I got pretty hardcore), I consider the capabilities of the ps3 above any other entertainment system without a doubt, I even bought a 2nd Gunmetal PS3 just for the joy of owning a limited edition (and now to play Gran Tusimo with 2 TVs… (*¬*), We got to remember That Sony It's a Monster Industry and Playstation is but a measly part of it, I understand the actions sony has taken to approach the issue,what SONY has done in this 10 days other companies including microsoft could took weeks even months, but more important it had show me how a great part of my time a spend online racing gt or whatever, the fact is that the online community is very good at finding "friends" especially now that people have many different hobbies, is hard to find people in the real world that do hardcore gaming and thanks to PSN I manage to dug out a couple of HCracing fans in my town, and despite i met them in person most of our interaction is thru the game (since any of us own a ferrari), anyway all of this entertainment, social interaction and way of life has been provided and protected for free If all Sony says when the PSN get back Online is "Thanks for your patience" I'll say "You betcha budddy, let's race! " Cause really what all the people only want is to play with people not AI, people!! VS or Coop its the success of this generation, I even will thing less of sony if they came back with a "gift" (an OK PSN game that I'll play twice and then forget ) trying to apologize, The internet is just trying to do his thing, the only thing he wants it's HITS and it will tell you whatever you want, I guess people are Mad cause they have to live their lives full time for now and life on earth kind of sucks right now and the ones that run to buy a Xbox 360 on rage… thats even sadder.

  11. FARRi384 says:

    PS3 all the way. Like I am guna buy shitty xbox and spend ten pound a week on battaries for pads. cheep consol

  12. 2mnyNrdsinWrld says:

    I can't wait until they find these the hackers, i wonder what charges they'll face, as they have fooled around with MILLIONS of dollars and possibly more…

  13. SomeOneSomeWhere says:

    Laugh my a**off to the guy before me but ya Lotta love for the SONY and PS3 - (and all the way back) hell still own both the ps1, ps2 and p.s.p.'s (oh N.G.P. please hurry) - anyway whats that oh ya loosing faith or created a bad image why? banks get hacked you don't see everyone switching banks so whats the big deal. What just because your console in which u may or may not have stored some info on got cracked sh** happens Really big picture no one uses there cred's with them just pick em up some cards from your local shop and away we go SONY gets on the change yer F**'n screen names and sh** an hell don't even care if they found out my passed purchases and screen name New sh** new go at least they did go as far as paypal now wouldn't that be a world exclusive to get hacked. But hey before i go one thing i forgot UNLESS they were to change FREE ONLINE PLAY why why why would you go pay to play your games you own plus buy all those games again plus a new console just because information was taken. If you get screwed, got screwed by this info war then get yourself the knowledge as to what to do, not how or what to complain about. SONY didn't do anything other then get f***ed like you someone broke in stole our sh** now they have to clean up and we both have to pay (because of who though??)

  14. song_Ps3 says:

    don't switch to xbox just cause ps3 out…

  15. How about a new timeframe from Sony? I mean if people are working around the clock shouldn't the network be back up by now?
    This is most probably the GREAT DEMISE of PSN. Two class action lawsuits and Homeland Security and all kinds of Gov. Investigations, it is us gamers, the life blood pumping through their organization, that get bleed of and are the last to know any real answers. Pretty soon there won't be a choice and everyone will be 360

  16. Steven Smith says:

    The PS3 has been a huge burden on Sony. When it first came out it was not a hot seller in fact I worked at Target during the Christmas season when it launched and we had plenty of systems to sell. Even at the high price of $499 and $599 Sony was (supposedly) losing money. It took them a long time to start turning a profit on the system (after taking away many features) and then this occured which will cost them a ton. I think Sony should go the way of Sega and just become a game company making cross platform titles.

  17. Tom says:

    luv all the PS bashing, what people fail to reailise is that the hackers on the xbox don't genrally need to go after the severs, a lot of xbox accounts are linked to hotmail and other live apps which are targeted on a daily basis, and email accounts on hotmail are easy to hack,
    i have both ps3 and xbox, however i work within the networking industry and as a rule i don't have many personal details stored on either console my personal info is still very much personal, other that are less informed are more than willing to spread CC details and other info that could be of use, facebook and other social networking sites for example, no site or server is 100% safe, credit cards are covered for loss, debit cards have some insurance but basic compared to CC, ID theft poss the biggest concern here but no more than anywhere else, caution is always the order of the day online

  18. sugar plum says:

    it takin the mick sony i love playstation 1 2 and 3 but wat they hell u doin bout getin the net work bk on

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