YouTube Live Streaming Record Smashed By Royal Wedding!

The Royal Wedding has been the biggest talking point and excitement so far this year and it certainly lived up to expectations today. An estimated 2 billion people tuned in world-wide and YouTube’s live stream figures went absolutely haywire!

YouTube Live Streaming Record Smashed By Royal Wedding!

Google’s video sharing site streamed the event live from London, with countries all over the world watching in joy as Prince William and Kate Middleton became husband and Wife. YouTube claimed that they had over 300,000 concurrent viewers at 6AM ET, with an expected 2 million internet viewers by the time the event had finished, Mashable has reported. The Royal Wedding was broadcast live on all major TV stations across the world, with the US taking a very big interest.

The other social networking sites besides YouTube are also packed with people wanting to send their congratulations and find out more details. The Royal Wedding is currently trending on Twitter and so is likely to be at the top of the trends chart this weekend. The other hot contender is the PSN Outage which has been another huge talking point on Twitter. We also saw Google dedicate a special Doodle on their homepage to the Royal Wedding.

If you were unlucky enough to miss the magic moment we have embedded Will and Kate’s kiss for you below, courtesy of the BBC. If you watched the Royal Wedding live like we did then we want to hear from you on how you feel about it. It seemed like the perfect day for our future King and Queen of England, would you agree?

  • nads mamintal


  • Sharmin Alam

    Congratulation to both of u darling….wish u a happy married life and hope till the death both of u will holding each other and live happily.

  • Azhar Bhatti


  • Diversityiskey

    The new Princess very beautiful!! The wedding was wonderful and it was lovely to see royals from different nations…I noticed however that the only royals not invited were the black royals of Swaziland…why is this so? Other than that…it was wonderful!!!