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Sony PSN Outage Continues: Time To Go From PS3 To Xbox 360?

April 29, 2022 | Tim Ollason

So let’s just recap on what we know in terms of what Sony has told us, firstly the PSN went down on Wednesday the 20th we were all outraged and thought that it was perhaps some kind of unplanned outage and when the service didn’t resume within the next day people started to wonder what was going on.

This is the point where people began to learn that Sony’s blog has been providing regular updates on the situation and revealed that the PSN had been taken down because of an “external intrusion”Basically it got hacked! This has caused Sony to react by analyzing the case and re-building the entire infrastructure. We are now into the 9th day without the PSN service and as the PSN outage continues we are wondering if it is time to go from PS3 to Xbox 360.

One of the unique selling points for the PS3 is that the PSN allows you to play with other gamers and friends around the world for free, however this situation has started to prompt thoughts of a paid secure network much like that of the Xbox 360… But why take the chance? Why not just switch over to a tried and tested network like Xbox Live?

Whilst many gamers have been patient about the outage and there has been a lot of support for Sony over on their blog, there’s also a flip side to the coin, there are a lot of angry people that cannot feed their Call of Duty addiction! It may also have affected the sales of a couple of newly released titles that were due out in this timeframe with Mortal Kombat 9 and another big one in Portal 2.

Sony without a doubt are going to come out of this worse for wear even though they couldn’t necessarily do anything about it and who knows, now this has happened their security might be a lot better when the service is resumed. Personally I think they should have hired GeoHot rather than drag him through the courts as Sony would have had so much more to gain. Firstly they would have the guy that was able to find the holy grail of the PS3 and will possibly know Sony’s security systems better than their own staff and they also wouldn’t have the raging support network that are now behind GeoHot including the hacker group “Anonymous” (They have claimed not to be behind this attack).

Onto the big questions in this situation, has the lack of security on Sony’s network made you want to switch to the Xbox 360 and the Live network? Tell us your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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  • Rome

    I have truly thought about it, but I seriously don't want to buy everything all over again and start from scratch. Also, the PSN being free is a major selling point. I'm personally waiting until May 6th! If it's not up by then I'm going to the darkside!!

  • b19ste

    i wont be swopping over to xbox live happy to wait for psn to come back on line

  • Jed

    I think a lot of people are overreacting to this. Sony made the best move in terms of security by shutting down the network until they know what happened and can fix it. They will most likely come out more secure forever. There are tons of great games to play in the meantime. It’s nothing to throw away a console for.

  • Ryan

    No. Nothing is hack proof, so moving from PS3 to Xbox 360 because of this is ridiculous. You will be no safer on LIVE than on PSN.

  • Alan C

    I already have an Xbox anyway, but I'm giving serious consideration to getting rid of the PS3 after this mess. I know that it isn't really Sony's fault, but that doesn't help me feel any safer about sensitive information being in their hands. Plus the PSN was already slow and temperamental; I'm not optimistic about its new, hastily cobbled-together incarnation.

    I think a lot of the damage to Sony's reputation will come down to how they compensate their customers. If they offer free credit for PSN downloads or a period of free subscription to the PSN+ service, or something of that nature, they might be able to minimise the damage to public confidence. After all, people like to feel entitled to free stuff, and as a gesture of Sony's good will and regret I think something like this would go a long way.

    To be honest, though, this would be an expensive option and I don't see Sony taking it. I forsee no form of compensation to PSN users, and anticipate a corresponding plunge in popularity.

  • Colin

    Well I purchased a PSP GO on the day the network went down. So I have had a £125.00+ 'doorstop' for the past week - Knew I should have purchased a Nintendo 3DS, at least I could have played with it!!!!!!!!

  • B-Man

    Christ almighty why does this article even exist!!? Its a waste of web space.

    What a bunch of prima donnas!! Fuckin weak excuses for human beings, catch your selves on - "im gettin rid of ps3" "im moving to xbox" all becuase some clown has managed to hack into a network? wake up you think Sony are exclusive to this? No. Banks, Facebook, Twitter you name it everyone is at risk EVEN Microsoft! It just so happens someone has a hard on for Sony.

    Sometimes I think I could do time for murder when I see and read stupid comments from brain dead people and lazy journalists

  • gue$t

    Why would I swap over to a network with an inferior console? No thanks.

    Everyone is massively overreacting to this. They already said that they hope to be back up by approx. May 3rd. Boo-hoo, people have to live without video games for a few more days.

    If you own a PS3, chances are that you didn't buy it because of PSN. You bought it because it's the superior console, and is more forward-thinking than the 360 and has a TON more potential.

    Guess what?

    Still hasn't changed.

    So anyone who trades in the PS3 for a 360 over this is a dope.

  • Dan

    Yeah im gonna chuck my console and spend like £500 on the less powerful/reliable xbox and games just because psn is down for a week. Seriously if this has really affected you then you need to get a life

  • Ali

    Ps3 is for kids, xbox is more realistic because when you pay for something, its a serious matter. The reason why ps3 got hacked is because everyone can join in for free and they dont take any charges.

  • killer k

    if sony compensates us for this huge mess i might not switch but im a cod addict and black ops already sucks!

  • ski dub

    xbox get the call of duty maps first now ps3 is giving away my imformation fuck that xbox here i come

  • Bob D

    I have both consoles, and can tell you 100%, xbox 360 is the way to go if you want to play console games online! There is absolutely no comparison! It's only logical, Microsoft charges an annual fee for xbox live so they can afford to provide a far superior( and SAFER) experience! The black ops map pack even comes out a month earlier on xbox 360. It all boils down to budget. If you can afford it ( not really that much more anyways) you won't regret it! If you're stuck with the ps3, you have my sincerest condolences, you bought the wrong system and all you can do is wait! Good luck dudes!

  • crunchy

    bob you don't own a ps3, your just an xbox fanboy

  • Kovu

    Actually, I'm thinking of committing 'virtual suicide'. I haven't been playing online for months and am a bit frightened of the 'cloud-computing' mentality that is rising in computer and gaming world. I've always expected something like this to happen, and, well, I'm not sure if I want to support those centralized online services anymore. PSN being the only one I use, it would be a good way to get rid of this all.

    Changing to Microsoft? No. This bullshit would happen to them as well, it's only a matter of time.

    I may or may not let Sony delete my account, however, I wouldn't delete my PSN account just to create an X-Box Live one. I'd rather keep what I have on my PS3 now and continue enjoying free bonus contents.

  • thatguy

    To all the idiots who think they will receive some type of compensation, think about it… it’s a FREE online service, so sorry, you’re not getting shit.

    No one cares if you haven’t played CoD in 12 days. Try going outside, breathing normal, non-musty air, or playing an off-line game. Sick of hearing people saying they want something from Sony for this minor set-back. You haven’t paid for online games through Sony for 5 years, so who gives a shit if you don’t have online gaming for 2 weeks.

    Stop bitching and get a life.

  • Ryan

    Did you seriously just say that.
    You do know there are more kids on the Xbox 360 than the PS3 and the PS3 is much more powerful and realistic
    I bet your crappy Xbox 360 cant be linked up with other Xbox 360's to make a supercomputer like the PS3 can
    So before you even post on this subject, do your research

  • Ryan

    yes because microsoft had to give them alot of money to get exclusive content

  • Ryan

    actually were getting a free month of playstation plus and a select number of games for free

  • PBOW

    Be patient and online will be back up. Play a single player game. I've beat Dead Rising 2, god of war 2, and god of war 3 while this was going on.

  • dan

    i once had an xbox until my free subscription run out and that was it with me and xbox. why would you pay for xbox when you have ps3? i think it was an xbox fan that hacked our server. i would piss it happend to them soon.. and the reason why xbox have the maps first is because you are so far up activisions arse all thats left are is their feet.. btw black ops is a huge let down

  • Spidey

    Are you stupid? XBL isn't "tried and tested" they've been hacked before on numerous occasions.

  • Alex

    Xbox is horrible anyway at least people want to hack the PS3 not the xbox isnt even worth thier time

  • jake

    then why didnt xbox live lose 2.2 million credit card information you dumbass

  • Retard ^

    Why hack crapbox when you can hack the holy grail, that is ps3?