Royal Wedding Excitement Measured: Twitter & Facebook Statistics

This has been an amazing day of celebration as over 2 billion people across the globe shared the experience of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Even though the crowds are still massed outside Buckingham Palace before the evening reception, we thought it was time to take a look at the Royal Wedding according to social media and Twitter and Facebook statistics.

The news has been unsurprisingly about the Royal Wedding for much of the day and we have already told about today’s Google Doodle in celebration, and given you a magic moment video of an exuberant verger cartwheeling down the aisle of Westminster Abbey. The excitement has been reflected in the staggering figures coming from Twitter and Facebook about the Royal Wedding. According to the Mail Online the subject of this special day dominated Twitter and Facebook and at its peak there were 67 tweets per second on Twitter, and 74 Facebook mentions per second.

On Facebook, mentions about the Royal Wedding in the U.K. alone totalled 268,777. Trending topics on both social networking platforms included terms such as Westminster Abbey, Prince William and of course, Kate Middleton, and Jerusalem, the name of the hymn that was very significant during the wedding itself. One hashtag that proved popular was ‘proud to be British’ and during the ceremony itself there were 10,600 references to ‘that’ dress, just from the U.K.

Social media sites and online resources were swamped with traffic, which was also evident in the U.S. and other countries, and the BBC live stream was so inundated with people wanting to watch the ceremony that the website buckled under the pressure and eventually crashed. No doubt we’ll be hearing much more detail about the figures and statistics surrounding social media and the Royal Wedding over the next few days. Did you take to Twitter or Facebook during the Royal Wedding ceremony? What do you think of the extra dimension social media gives to events such as this? Let us know with your comments.