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New iMac Refresh Release Closer: UK Low Stock & Discounted Models

April 29, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We know that the subject that many of you want to hear about at the moment is when the new Apple iMac for 2011 will be here. We’ve been reporting on this for some time and today we reckon the new iMac refresh release is closer still as there appear to be low stocks in the UK and one international company is discounting the present models.

In one of our first stories about an iMac refresh we anticipated they would be with us some time in late April or early May and more recently we told how current stocks of iMacs are diminishing in some areas, usually a sign that a new model is imminent. Then only 3 days ago we informed readers that new models could be here as early as next week after news that Apple was to stop supplying resellers with current models this week. As Apple product launches usually arrive on a Tuesday or Wednesday May 3 or 4 looked likely.

Now we hear from Seth Weintraub over on 9to5Mac that the UK is currently low on stocks of present iMac models and that the shipping time of 2 business days that is now listed would put the time about right for the May 3 or 4 launch that we speculated. Friday and Monday in the UK are both public holidays so this would fit nicely with a May 4 release.

Another clue that new models are imminent comes with news reported by PC Authority, which tells how Dick Smith, Australia, an electronics retailer, is currently offering a 10% in-store discount on current models of iMacs. Discounts on Apple products are pretty rare so this is another sign that new models may be just around the corner. This is all speculation of course, as is the fact that most of us reckon the new iMacs will have the latest Thunderbolt technology and Sandy Bridge processors, but we do think the chances are pretty good.

You may also be interested in our previous articles on what features people would like to see on the new iMacs and also how much people would be willing to pay for improvements. Are you waiting for the iMac 2011 refresh? Why not let us know with your comments.

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  1. @CJGA369 says:

    I really hope they come out with a new iMac soon. I am really excited because I am hoping to buy one with Apple's deal where if you buy an iMac for College/University you get a free iPod Touch which has really interested me since I first found out about the deal last year!

  2. Byford says:

    I find it very strange that apple still lists the iMac on their website as 'Introducing the new iMac'

  3. I should think Apple would include a Thunderbolt connector on the new iMac.

  4. asf says:

    thats because they refresh a new mac

  5. BADDFROGG says:

    If the lcd monitor companies can produce an entire screen with no chin. Super thin and sexy. Then why can't Apple? Its 2011 the year for the Apple iMac. Time to change the image internally and externally. Time for a big push in the desktop sales. I have faith in Apple. I do not want to wait until 2012. Make it and we will buy it. Cheers.

  6. Dub says:

    Anyone know what time you can order the new Imac when it comes out on tuesday? Can you get it at midnight or do you have to wait until the business day starts?

  7. Byford says:

    interesting that when you visit imac page on apple website it says: Introducing the new iMac. Now with a new processor architecture and faster graphics.

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